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my twin flame is married


What to do if my twin flame is married?

Many twin flames who approach us have same question that What to do if my twin flame is married?

This is because they have met their counterpart in this life when either one of them is already married or both of them are already married to other partners.

Lets take example of a real twin flame couple Tinku and Tina to understand this third party situation.

If you want to know more about this couple then you can see video series below.

When twin flames meet?

image e1659537471568

Tinku was around 35 and was well settled both financially, emotionally and family wise, but still he used to feel a kind of emptiness in his life.

He used to feel that he needs a spiritual friend who can help him in growing.

Tina was around 40. She had seen some broken relationships in the form of abandonment, betrayal and other kind of trauma.

Both of them had previous partners and also had kids with these partners.

Note that even before Tinku and Tina had met each other, both of them had started to feel that their partners are drifting away emotionally from them and it created an emotional vacuum for both Tinku and Tina.

So when Tinku and Tina met in this life time, they immediately felt at home.

Tinku and Tina started to grow closer due to the irresistible pull between them plus it was also filling the emotional vacuum that has been created by the distancing of their partners.

Initially it looked like a nice friendship and as time passed, they became more and more closer to each other.

Both of them started to loose interest in their current partners, and due to this they also started to feel guilty as they felt that they are cheating with their partners.

Why twin flames face separation?

image 1

Tinku and Tina had a strong bond due to which their existing partners started to feel insecure.

So these partners started to oppose the relation between Tinku & Tina.

As this opposition increased, it became more stressful for Tinku & Tina and everyone else involved in this situation.

Tinku and Tina were not ready to leave each other, but by each passing day, the stress was increasing.

Inner guilt and also opposition from others, plus society conditioning was creating more and more stress & restlessness.

And so, one day when stress crossed tolerable limits, they were forced to get separate from each other.

It was a situation of helplessness.

When you remember that “my twin flame is married”, you my face this helplessness.

Why one Twin Flame have to do all work?

image 2

In the last few days before getting separated, a higher master soul appeared during a regression session of Tina.

Tinku asked this question to master soul that Why Tinku and Tina had met so late in life and how this relationship will survive the opposition of society?

To this, Master soul replied that “You will find a Way Tinku and Things will be sorted.”.

Universe was giving signs to Tinku that his relation with Tina is special.

So once Tinku and Tina got separated, Tinku started to search for answers.

Fortunately, he had opportunity to come in contact with a spiritual master, and with his guidance, Tinku accepted and embraced this separation and started on the path of inner work.

Twin flame was a totally new concept for Tinku.

But with guidance from his Spiritual Master and Universe, he understood that for now the inner work is to be only done by him, until he is able to trigger the awakening of Tina through Inner work and energy work.

Tinku understood that Tina is acting under the effect of her ancestral karma and society conditioning and he can clear these karmas and conditioning, just by working on himself.

He understood that with his inner work, Tina will follow him shortly.

Note here that even if you think “Oh! my twin flame is married”, still one person from a twin flame pair can do inner work and help their twin flame to awaken.

Can I Forget My Twin Flame? 

image 3 e1659537807112

Tinku asked him self that can he forget Tina?

He knew that he can’t forget Tina, so instead of waiting, its better to continue on the path of inner work to overcome the pain and confusion that has been triggered by this situation.

He understood that it is just a test, a preparation phase for a cosmic marriage with his twin flame and inner work will heal this pain and will give him peace and clarity and he can manifest harmony with Tina.

He understood that with inner work, every thing is possible even if he was constantly thinking about question that “my twin flame is married”.

So its better to focus on his inner work.

How do you know if someone is your twin flame or soulmate?


During separation, Tinku also faced this confusion that whether Tina is his Twin Flame or not.

Although he was seeing most of the signs that were described as Twin Flame Signs like special connection, having same values, connection at all levels, time stopped when near twin flame, seeing her name everywhere, etc.

As discussed in this video, he was also getting guidance from master spirits to find a way and sort out everything,

Still he was confused as he had never experienced such phenomena before in his life and a thought that was bothering him was that “my twin flame is married”.

His master guided him that only way to get confirmation about this connection is to keep on doing inner work.

It is said that If you let your upset mind settle, then your course will also become clear.

How to Not Hurt My Partner for Twin Flame?

Tinku also had doubts that whether he is doing right with his current partner?

So he asked this question to his spiritual Master:

Tinku: “Master, is it right to seek my twin flame, while I already have a partner and my twin flame is married?”

Master: “Tinku, whether you seeks freedom from all this confusion by doing inner work or whether you seek your Twin flame?”

Tinku: “Master, my first priority is to get clarity and to get out of all this confusions.

I will do inner work to establish my self in state of being Yogasth.

Among my Twin flame and my partner, whoever is going to follow the journey of inner work to reach a state of being Yogasth, will stay with me.”

Master: “Tinku, keep on moving ahead on the path of inner work and keep this in mind that things will turn out for the highest good of all, which includes you, your partner, your kids and the partner and kids of your Twin Flame.”

Understanding Twin Flame Union

image 5

If you are separated from our twin flame, then first priority during separation is to get back into contact with them even if this thought is there in your mind that “my twin flame is married”.

For Tinku and Tina, union did not mean marriage.

Union only meant that they are able to talk or interact with each other openly without any stress or fears and no one has objection to it.

It also means that Tinku was not targeting to leave his partner or kids for twin flame.

And know this that Tinku did lot of inner work and finally got clarity and further got into harmony with his twin flame in couple of years.

His consciousness expanded with his inner work and it effected positively everyone including his Twin flame and his current partner.

Tinku’s relation with his current partner changed to be like friends, where they give respect and freedom to each other to live as they please to.

Tinku’s partner moved ahead in her journey to unite with her Twin flame and Tinku is helping her in getting ahead in this journey.

Tina’s partner also changed completely and he moved out of her life to pursue his soul mission and to clear other pending karmas.

Tina is helping him clear these karmas by providing him guidance, assistance and healing.

And now Tinku and Tina can both meet openly without any fears or stress and they are also guiding other twin flame couples to move ahead in their journey to harmony.

What is Twin Flame inner work?

There are many types of inner work, but if you are targeting twin flame journey, then your inner work should be specific to this journey.

Its good if you are already doing any kind of inner work.

But if you want to accelerate your journey of harmony with your twin flame, then you can see details of our online twin flame inner work program, which is specific to twin flame journey.

As for tooth problem, you go to a Dentist & for skin problem, you go to a skin specialist, similarly for twin flame journey, its better to do a inner work that is specifically designed for twin flame journey.

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What is Twin Flame Mirror? & Why Twin Flame Hurt You? – Top 1 Surprising Reason

Twin Flame Mirror


So what is a Twin Flame Mirror and why does your twin flame hurt you due to this mirroring phenomenon? Let’s understand this in this post.

Before we explain the meaning of the Twin Flame Mirror or Mirroring effect, let’s first talk about that, when twin flames are called Master Souls, which are very evolved souls or near-to-god souls, then how do they have any karma to be resolved?

How do we take the karma of others?

In previous posts, we understood that twin flames come to help in the evolution of our planet. They volunteer to resolve the karma of their Ancestors.

One way is to absorb karma and negativity from their surrounding, during their upbringing and conditioning. This results in shaping their personality in a certain way.

For example, a male could have been taught that his female is his property and she cannot act openly with other males.

Or a female could have been taught to seek approval from other family members before taking any decision in her life.

Why knowing past lives is important?

Twin Flames also carry some ancestral karma from past lives.

So a question can be Is there a life beyond this life i.e. was there a past birth before this birth or will there be a future birth as well?

It is important to understand past lives because in order to understand a story, you should know about what has happened before.

For example, if you go to see a movie like Bahubali part 2, then don’t you think that it will be easier to understand it if you have also seen Bahubali part 1?

Similarly, let’s take the journey of a soul. A soul takes many births and it had a variety of experiences during these births.

Some are positive experiences and some are negative experiences.

Those experiences that were of negative nature are generally very intense and they leave an impression on our personality and we carry forward them across a lifetime if they remain unhealed throughout that lifetime.

How does past life trauma affect us?

Let’s say that Rakesh was in love with a girl and she betrayed him by either abandoning him or cheating on him.

Rakesh was devastated by this betrayal.

Later he could not trust any other girl because of this experience. He lived his whole life with this wound and pain of betrayal and then finally died.

Next, he took a new birth.

As we forget everything when we take a new birth, so he forgot that he was betrayed by a girl in a previous life.

Still, as the pain of that experience was very intense and it remained unhealed, in this life Rakesh finds it difficult to trust others, especially girls because subconsciously he is afraid of getting betrayed again.

The pain of betrayal from his last birth is still in his subconscious mind. And it is a commonly known fact that we attract what we are afraid of.

This is because even though your conscious mind is not aware of it, your soul wants to heal and release the pain that you are carrying inside of you so that your soul can get free and then it can merge with the divine i.e. attain Mohska.

So what happens now is that, as Rakesh’s conscious mind does not remember the pain of betrayal from their last birth, a person, let’s say, Tina, comes into his life and helps Rakesh to remember the pain.

You can ask this question how Tina helps him in remembering the pain?

Well, Tina helps him to remember that pain by betraying him, so that the pain of betrayal that is there in his subconscious mind, can come out in his awareness, and thus he can take steps to heal it.

This may sound strange but how can someone help you by hurting you?

But understand that Tina is only acting out to recreate a scene so that Rakesh is able to remember the pain that already exists in his subconscious mind.

Now Rakesh can either choose to heal this pain or he can carry forward this pain to his next life together with other negative experiences from this life as well.

The pain of those experiences will go down into the subconscious mind with time and will become dormant.

How karma affects life?

We would like to say this don’t think yourself to be Rakesh.

Instead think of Rakesh as your ancestors, like your great-grandfather or great-grandmother.

These ancestor souls were not evolved enough and were not capable to handle the wound of betrayal.

So, You volunteered to take the karma of your loved ones, out of compassion and love and thus decided to heal this karma in this birth.

You knew that although you will forget everything when you take this birth, you will be able to find a way and will be able to sort things.

This is the reason that although twin flames are called Master Souls, which are very evolved souls or near-to-god souls, still they have karma to be resolved because they take on the karma of their ancestors.

What is a mirror soul?

So what is a soul Mirror?

In the example of Rakesh, Tina who betrayed Rakesh in this birth can be known as a soul mirror as Tina reflected back the wound/pain that Rakesh was already carrying in his subconscious mind i.e. the soul.

Usually, the person who agrees to become a mirror to us is the one who loves us most as a soul.

They volunteer to create negative experiences in our life so that we can heal the pain of those negative experiences and as a result of releasing this pain, we can get closer to union with our twin flame.

In our day-to-day life, we come across some people. Some of them are pleasant and some are not very pleasant.

It is said that all souls are a teacher to you.

They show what you need to heal in yourself so that you can move ahead on the path of your awakening.

So yes, we are saying that each person is a mirror to you in one way or another.

The mirror can be both positive and negative.

What is the meaning of the Twin Flame Mirror?

Let’s understand Twin Flame Mirror with a small exercise.

Imagine a person whom you like very much. Now think about one of his/her personality traits that you like.

Somewhere you also have this personality trait in you, even though you might not be aware of it.

Similarly, Imagine a person whom you don’t like. Now think about one of his/her personality traits that you don’t like.

Somewhere you carry an experience in your memory related to that behavior.

For example: If you don’t like that this person speaks lies then it means that either,

  • Others have lied to you in the past which created pain for you,
  • OR you had lied to yourself and it created pain for you,
  • OR you lied to someone else and then you or they felt bad about it.

So when someone reflects your negative experiences to you, then this is called the mirroring effect, and if this mirroring is done by your twin flame then we call it the Twin Flame Mirror.

Difference between a soulmate and twin flame

We can categorize these mirrors into two broader categories. One is the Soulmate mirror and the other is the Twin Flame Mirror.

So what is the difference between a Soulmate mirror and a Twin Flame Mirror?

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you had an accident and have wounds on your whole body. But you are unable to move your neck, you can only see straight.

To see the wounds on your body, you need a mirror. Now you have two options to see these wounds on your body.

Partial Mirror – Soul Mate Mirror

One option is that you are shown a face-length mirror that can only show a part of your body at a time.

Until that part is completely healed, this face-length mirror will stay there. You can focus on its healing. Once healed, the mirror will move on to the next part.

You can do the healing there and this process will go on until you heal yourself completely.

Full-Length Mirror – Twin Flame Mirror

Another option is that you are shown a full-length mirror that will show all the wounds on your body.

Imagine looking at your whole body in a mirror that is covered with wounds.

Many people will get disheartened to see themself so badly wounded and will lose hope or may get into depression.

Clearly, this option is difficult to handle.

Big terms like Karmic Twins, False Twins, and soulmates are actually just face-length mirrors.

They only reflect a part of you, so that you can do the healing and then can move on to heal the next wound.

Twin Flame Mirror

Your twin flame is a full-length mirror to you, so we call it the Twin Flame Mirror.

Your twin flame will show you all the hurts, guilt, fears, and wounds that you are carrying from past births or that you experienced during your upbringing in this birth.

Even if some 100 years have passed, You are still carrying the pain in your subconscious memory and you will take this pain with you to your next birth if you are not able to heal it.

What is the purpose of a false twin flame?

So, On our path towards Twin Flame Union, we arrange to meet these face-length “mirrors” who give us a chance to work out our issues by resolving karmic patterns before we meet our true Twin Flame.

Often these people push us to evolve and these relationships can be uncomfortably intense at times.

We in return help them prepare for their own Twin Flame Union or to learn about love.

If there is someone who does not appear to be a good person, but he/she is there in your life, then understand that the person is a vibration match to you.

By vibration match, we mean that this person is reflecting some of your past experiences.

Remember that they are somewhere helping you heal and grow.

Why do twin flames hurt each other?

Many twins ask this question how it is possible that their twin can hurt them so much?

Most of us are carrying the pain of past experiences in our subconscious.

When you meet your twin, you might feel immense love for some time, but soon the hidden negativity in your subconscious starts to create issues between you two, which results in separation.

We can also say that meeting with your twin triggers the release of all this hidden negativity that is already inside you.

Once the initial bubble love phase is over, you will not be able to stand your twin flame continuously every day.

This is why they stay at a distance from you and come back when you are ready to handle the hurts reflected by them.

People try to figure out if so and so the person is my false twin, whereas the biggest pain and hurt is triggered in us by our true twin flame.

This is their whole purpose, to show you the hurts that you are carrying and thus heal them and get free from them, so that you two can come together in unconditional love.

How to handle a twin flame mirror?

So what is Recommended way to deal with this Twin Flame Mirror?

In our inner work program, we take around 3 months before we can teach a student how they can handle these mirrors effectively.

So it means that lots of inner work are to be done even before one is capable to handle the intensity of these mirrors.

If you don’t have any idea how to heal these mirrors then you can learn higher techniques of inner work, that can help you resolve these patterns instantaneously.

This will help you heal the patterns that are being reflected by these mirrors and thus your mirrors will leave your life.

It will also change your true twin flame faster as they no longer need to reflect any patterns that have been already healed and thus they can move ahead on their path to awakening.

After understanding this, you might be able to get an idea that why your twin had hurt you so much.

Although your twin’s physical self has hurt you, your twin’s higher self loves you immensely.

We do hope that you have got some clarity.

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Why divine feminine awakening happens first? – Top 1 Hidden Reason

divine feminine awakening


Why can’t your counterpart do inner work for you? or Why divine feminine awakening happens first? or Why is mostly inner work done by a feminine energy-dominant person?

Let’s try to understand this in this post.

When twin flame will awaken?

Many people ask the question “I am awakened, so when my counterpart will awaken?”

They have even calculated that they had awakened 50% or 70%, and only 30% awakening is left.

Well, first we would like to say that the terms “awakening” and “realizing” that someone is your Twin Flame are two different things.

Realizing You are Twin Flame

Realization means that you finally get to know about the concept of twin flame following all the signs/synchronicity/ numbers etc., which leads you to a whole new idea of the twin flame.

Then you try to associate all the dots and circumstances that occurred with you when you were with that particular “person” (whom till now you only thought to be your boyfriend/ friend or husband).

You can be a female or a male (it doesn’t matter).

Divine feminine awakening

image 4

Now let’s talk about Divine feminine awakening. The term Divine feminine Awakening associates a huge meaning to itself.

Divine feminine awakening is not simply realizing that so and so is your Twin Flame, instead, it is a whole lot of very long process.

It is not necessary but, Divine feminine awakening generally occurs in separation, as both the divine counterparts have to work on their individual issues.

Divine feminine awakening is waking up to the realization that the beliefs on which you have been operating, were not the ultimate truth, or it was not the best way to live your life.

It includes anything/everything that you were doing or believing till now, which was apparently not your own but was pushed into you by the conditioning that you received from your surroundings.

These beliefs/conditioning can be different for different individuals.

You start the process of abandonment of your “shadow self” just as we need to take off our clothes when it gets dirty.

What exactly is our shadow self?

shadow self

Let’s understand this with an example.

Let’s say you are a male and you have been told by people around you to be smart and clever otherwise people will make fool of you, OR

Let’s say you are a female, and you have been trained from childhood to seek approval from others like your father, brother, or others around you. If others don’t approve of you then you are not good enough.

You have to please everyone around you to get their approval and in the process, you may make many compromises at the cost of your own physical mental, and emotional well-being.

So, the Shadow self is everything that you unknowingly become in order to fit into this society i.e. society of humans.

Your mind was conditioned with everything that you need to do just because “that is how it should be or that is how it has to be” since your childhood. Parental/family conditioning has a great role here.

In this process, you forgot who you really are. You feel like a different person. You know deep down that this is not “you”, but today you are “this” because that is what is acceptable and that is how you can feel comfortable if you want to live here.

This means for comfort you looked for acceptance and for acceptance you sabotaged the real “you”.

Now you are living but you are not happy or peaceful, which you “should be” as per the conditioning you received(including your parents).

This happens because right now you are not your real self but your shadow self or false self.

But you don’t realize this. You are so engulfed by society’s programming that you don’t even realize that you are not this.



Hence the divine purpose of the Twin Flame starts here – Transformation.

Many people ask this question to us why they have to go through this journey or why Divine feminine awakening happens.

The answer is so that you can go through a transformation.

Transformation into who you really are. You venture onto this path of taking off all your shadow selves and turn into a pure divine being that you actually were when you were born- pure and selfless.

By moving on the path of Divine feminine awakening you start to stay in a completely different state where jealousy, hatred, envy, and ego have no place in your life.

You feel divine from within. Now you feel like yourself. Now you know the actual purpose of human life. You live at peace with your inner self.

There’s no conflict between your heart and your mind. Both work together. Despite being present in this 3D world, you are happy.

You are content. You no longer need any acceptance from anybody nor do you need any partner to complete you but your partner comes.

This partner is your “divine twin flame” whom you went through so many cycles of union and separation but at this juncture, you know that all that happened was so important.

He too went through the period of awakening sooner or later and now is in a similar state as you.

At this juncture, both souls merge and despite being two, you feel one.

Congratulations, you got your union. All your hard work and inner work paid off.

That is what it is.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Before we answer “Why Divine feminine awakening happens first?”, we would like to explain briefly what is Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are very big words in themselves.

When someone contacts us that person tells us that she is Divine feminine and her Divine Masculine is not awakened yet.

We would like to add here that until we are fully awakened by doing inner work, we are just regular souls. Lots of inner work is needed to reach the state of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

In the following post, we discussed that it is not necessary that Divine Feminine is a Biological Female, or Divine Masculine is a Biological Male.

A male can be of a predominately “feminine” energy and a woman of a predominately “masculine” energy – even without this affecting their sexuality.

So twin souls can choose bodies in any combination. It means

  • The masculine soul takes the male body and the Feminine soul takes the female body i.e. You and your twin are male and female.
  • OR Masculine soul takes the male body and the Feminine soul also takes the male body i.e. You and your twin are both males.
  • OR Masculine soul takes the female body and the Feminine soul takes the male body i.e. You and your twin are male and female but the one who is male has dominant feminine characteristics and the one who is female has dominant masculine characteristics.
  • OR Masculine soul takes the female body and the Feminine soul also takes the female body i.e. You and your twin are both females.

In most cases, it is generally the “female”, whom we in the language of twin flames call “divine feminine”, comes to this realization first.

Why does Divine Feminine realize First?

So, The actual question should be Why Divine Feminine i.e. the soul with dominant feminine characteristics irrespective of its physical gender, Realizes this twin flame connection first?

Feminine energy, is designed by nature with more intuition, more receptive toward own and others’ feelings, and more caring, nurturing, and loving.

Feminine energy is designed to act as a bridge between this physical world and the worlds beyond i.e. feminine energy is more capable of feeling the presence of other worlds like the spirit world, angels, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings.

If you are dominant in feminine energy, you might have been feeling the presence of these worlds or psychic phenomena like a premonition, angels or spirits presence, etc, and it’s possible that others around you, especially men, might have called you mad.

This is because masculine energy is much involved in other things and they don’t even realize their own emotions.

They have a much stronger ego (which is not the case with females) which keeps them away from their own feelings and due to this, they keep hurting themselves even more unknowingly.

So they are always late to attain awakening. That is how the universe has designed us.

So this reality to some extent also governs this journey.


So to simply answer your question, in the majority of the twin flame cases, a person with dominant Feminine energy is the first to follow the path of awakening followed by the dominant masculine energy counterpart.

Team work

Even though right now you seem to be doing every effort, soon they will join you in this process of inner work. As they need you right now to move ahead on the path of Divine feminine awakening, similarly in the coming time you will need them to move ahead on your soul mission.

You can start your soul mission alone also, but You cannot work with full potential in your soul mission without them.

Always remember that You two are a team.

If you are not happy with your twin flame’s behavior right now then you can understand the reason behind their behavior in the following post.

We hope this post gives you some clarity.

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Should I tell my twin flame how I feel? – Top 3 Ways

tell my twin flame


(HINDI) How To Tell My Twin Flame That We Are Twins?  | Jnana Param

In this post, we will answer this popular question that discusses Should I tell my twin flame how I feel? Or how can I raise the subject of Twin Flames with my Unawakened Twin (who doesn’t know what Twin Flames are)?

Should I tell my twin flame how I feel?

Many twins ask me this question Should I tell my twin flame how I feel?

So, Now you want to tell your twin flame about this relationship, about this concept that you two are twins.

Let’s imagine a situation where you meet them or call them and tell them

“Dear Rakesh, We are twin flames, which means we are one soul in two bodies. God made us together and we separated eons ago. I am awakened and you have to awaken. So start your inner work so that we can unite.”

As Rakesh is unawakened, he might think that this is a dialog or scene from some movie.

No doubt, he might be feeling a strong connection.

As he is unawakened so he might not be able to understand the “one soul in two bodies” concept.

This is happening because this connection is not to understand, it is to be experienced.

And he can only fully experience or feel it when he is awakened.

And in previous videos, we discussed that your twin is deliberately in an unawakened state so that you have no choice but to do your inner work and thus help them in awakening.

Are you Awakened?

Rakesh might also think that you are telling him that you are awakened, but there are not showing any signs of awakening.

Because you have the shame of past experiences,

the guilt of certain decisions or actions,

the grief of experiences you went through like being mistreated,

fear of losing,

desires of playing home-home,

angry that your phone broke,

pride of having social status,

nonacceptance – unable to accept things as it is,

unable to have unconditional love for all,

unable to feel joy or peace within yourself i.e. not at joy or peace when you are alone.

Is this called awakening that you are desperate for Rakesh?

He might have heard that Awakening means being very near to god, like being established in Krishna consciousness, i.e one who is above all these low-vibration emotions, and then he might think that there are no signs of Krishna consciousness in you.

Instead, it feels like a desperate call from you to your twin that please awaken and make me happy as I am not capable of feeling happiness or love within myself.

Do you think your twin will feel attracted to you when you are going through all these low-vibration emotions?

Your Twin Agrees

What would happen if he agrees that you two are twin flames?

Would you start ‘playing the house’ with your twin flame?

Now, will you two leave your families and stay together?

Or will he start doing inner work because you told him to do so?

Why would you do your inner work if your twin accepts this?

Radha Krishna

There is an understanding that Radha had to come to the human plane by forgetting everything and had to learn some lessons.

Lord Krishna, who knew everything about his journey on earth, helped Radha to navigate through her lessons and karma on the human plane.

Similarly, Being established in Krishna consciousness means that you know everything about karma, Maya, birth and death, twin flames, and other spiritual truths, and you help your twin in navigating their lessons and karma in their life with other people who might be their spouse, family members or someone else, and you are not just dying to get married or get united with your twin.

Why he doesn’t understand this?

Remember that although your Twin Flame might be completely unaware of your connection on an earthly ego level, their soul is in full understanding and is seeking you at every opportunity.

On the spiritual planes, you are closer than you might realize, and you are always in contact somehow.

Your Twin is completely aware of your connection on a spiritual level, but often in the “still asleep” this knowledge is buried so deep under layers of earth-based conditioning and habitual beliefs that they cannot access this information on a conscious level.

E.g. In childhood, you learned the lesson that “Always speak the truth”, but with your upbringing, you learned that lying is also needed.

And now, if your twin tells you to again become the same person who does not lie, then it will be very difficult for you as that pattern is buried so deep under layers of earth-based conditioning.

Life on earth is akin to a play: the average human being is infinitely more powerful and aware of themselves than they tend to think.

They are simply stuck in the “role” they’re playing.

This means that beneath the layers of “role-playing”, your twin is fully aware of the existence of Twin Souls and their connection with you.

How to raise this subject?

How can I raise the subject of Twin Flames with my Unawakened Twin (who doesn’t know what Twin Flames are)? or how to tell my twin flame?

If you are still asking this question how to tell my twin flame?, then Here are initial ideas to raise this subject with your twin flame in a proper way.

Advising and suggesting

Understand this that until someone asks you for advice, the chances of your guidance/advice getting followed by that person is only 5%.

So if you give advice 100 times then it will get followed only 5 times, and the rest 95 times get wasted.

Also by suggesting or advising, you are sending a signal that this person is not capable of figuring things out themselves.

So you have to talk with them like a Life coach, a person who asks you questions and makes you think for yourself.


You can trigger their inner knowing by Steering conversations onto the issues of Spirituality, Dreams, and the Unconscious.

Maybe mention a dream you’ve had about them and ask them what they think, and how they might interpret it.

Aside from actually triggering deeper seated knowing in them, this can provide you with a conversational path that eventually leads onto the subject of Soul Mates and from then on Twin flames.

Many Twin Flames dream of each other in experiences that are actual encounters on the astral and spiritual planes.

In other words, there is a high likelihood that your Twin has had dreams of you as well and by raising the subject this way, you allow them to feel safe to share.

So you can touch the subject gradually and plant seeds that will have your unawakened Twin wondering and searching themselves. This way you’ll avoid any resistance and potential disbelief.


you can speak to their soul by discussing matters that pertain to deeper consciousness and the nature of existence.

Ask them their opinions about space, life, and death, reincarnation, and love.

These are all subjects that the conscious self is not fully able to explain and most human beings will have an inner knowing of what they believe. In this way, you are encouraging them to access their soul and their intuition.

This in itself is highly beneficial in awakening them to their true selves.

Maybe ask your Twin if they believe in true love, and if they don’t, maybe ask them why. Most often this will be due to negative beliefs they have taken on in life and things they have seen around them, and asking them about this will trigger them to rethink some deep-seated assumptions.


If you are in a romantic connection with your Twin, tell them how different your relationship is from anything else you’ve experienced. If you’re friends, do the same.

Express surprise at things you’ve experienced together that you’ve never had with anyone else.

Chances are you will have had unusual, “supernatural” aspects to your connection coming up even at the beginning of your journey.

Ask your Twin subtly how they feel, if they’ve experienced this before. Ask them what they think it means.

Later on, you can mention that you’ve heard or read about Twin Souls, explain it to them, and ask them what they think of it.

Most likely the descriptions will fit with what they’ve already experienced and been wondering about themselves.


So, to summarize, you can raise this subject and stir some knowing in them, but understand this that there is no magic that will happen and they will remember everything in a day.

If you are watching this video then it means that you are moving on the path to awakening first and thus it’s you who have to do inner work first.

Then see how things start to fall into place.

With Inner work, you will find a way, things will be sorted.

( Reference Blog – TwinFlame1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

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Why does one twin flame awakening happen first? | Top 1 Hidden Reason

twin flame awakening


Discover the reason behind why one twin flame awakening happens first and the impact it has on their soul connection. Get ready for a mind-blowing revelation! Will you get payback for your effort?

Why does one twin flame awakening happen first?

At this now moment there are thousands of Twin Souls and Lightworkers out in the world wondering about and being frustrated about these very questions:

  • Why did my twin flame awakening happen first?
  • Why is it all on me?
  • Why am I the one being asked to do all of this?
  • Why can’t it be done for me?
  • Why am I not receiving more help?

Here are a few reasons for your early twin flame awakening.

Different Spiritual Progress

In previous posts, we learned that sometimes one of the twin flames falls behind in the spiritual journey and the other twin flame takes birth to help their counterpart.

So Let’s say that Your twin flame may be spiritually behind and was falling, so in order to help, you took birth on earth.

Taking birth on earth comes with the condition that you have to forget everything before birth.

Then slowly with your twin flame awakening, you remember everything and then you can help your twin flame.

Helping doesn’t means you will marry your twin flame and then protect them from the world.

They have to learn their lessons from the world.

You can only assist them by working on the common energy that you two share.

Plus once you are ready, you can become their teacher who will guide them with tools, techniques, and wisdom through the ups and downs of life.

This will accelerate their spiritual progress and then you two can eventually unite here on earth as well and finally in the spirit planes as well.

For Spiritual Growth

Let’s assume another scenario where you two are souls who have grown spiritually equally.

In previous posts, we discussed that spiritually evolved twins take birth to help and uplift others.

As you two have forgotten everything before taking birth, so to make sure that you two don’t start living as ordinary human beings, you two planned this birth in a way that will help awaken each other.

And we all know that PAIN is the only catalyst that promotes change.

So now your twin flame is acting in a way to hurt you.

The intention behind their actions is that with this pain, you will start your inner work so that you can remember all your wisdom and then help your twin flame in awakening.

You can not even imagine how much pain they are going through in order to hurt you, who is the same as their own soul?

Try to see the bigger picture. You and your twin got separated in the spirit world. Both of you have come on earth now. You are the one who got awakened first. So probably you are here to help your twin flame in awakening and spiritual progress so that you two can be together eternally.

You have such a grand opportunity at hand and all you are concerned with is these small issues like

  • Your family doesn’t Understand Twin Flames
  • You and your Twin Flame have a big Age Difference of 10, 20, or 40 years
  • You and your Twin Flame have the Same Gender
  • Your Twin Flame is Unawakened
  • You or your Twin Flame are Married to another partner
  • You or your Twin Flame have Children with another partner
  • Your Twin Flame is Running from you OR Ignoring you
  • Your Twin Flame is from another country
  • Your Twin Flame is Cheating on you

And your biggest concern is How will we get married?

His family is not agreeing or my family is opposing us, etc.

Which option is better
1 Wait for thousands of years in the spirit world to get united with your twin flame OR
2 Help your twin resolve some karma by you first working on your awakening.

Please note that twin flame awakening is always painful.

Some of you have not met your twins physically but have encountered them in a dream world, and have received these messages from your twin flame where they ask you to find them.

It’s a kind of desperate call from your twin flame’s soul to you, to start the process of the union by taking some steps.

But due to conditioning, you are more concerned by the current issues in your life, like I am married, I have kids or I have someone else in my life, etc.

Yes, With your current understanding of life, these doubts are correct.

And the only way to come out of your doubts is to start inner work to move ahead on the path of twin flame awakening and thus remember your wisdom and knowledge and laws of the universe.

What is twin flame awakening?

First, Let’s take an example.

Imagine that you are sleeping in a room and someone comes to wake you up in the middle of your sleep.

Would you feel very pleasant?

Would you get up immediately or would you need some time to get back to your senses?

Usually, it takes some time to fully wake up and then get into daily business.

Twin flame awakening is also like this.

Twin flame awakening is not something that happens overnight like you were ignorant till yesterday and now you remember everything today.

You, who had forgotten everything when you took birth on earth, are being pushed now to remember everything.

Earlier you were interacting with your twin flame in an unawakened state.

Only when your twin flame gave you pain that your twin flame awakening started to begin.

This process is slow. It’s not like your twin flame started to ignore you or gave you some pain and you will remember everything after that.

Now it’s your effort that how much work you are willing to put into your awakening in the form of inner work.

If you are only focusing on watching videos and listening to lectures, then it will only feed your intellect.

Until you experience this knowledge by doing some inner work, it will remain just a story for you.

For example, everyone knows that god exists, but until you experience the presence of god, it’s merely an idea.

So twin flame awakening is a slow and gradual process, with which your memories of higher dimensions and spirit world and your wisdom are restored.

And as you get awakened, your soul mission gets revealed to you as well.

Old World thinking

This question and situation come from a mentality of separation.

It shows that you’re still clinging to outdated beliefs that divide people into “you vs me,” “them vs us,” “women vs men,” and so on.

When you start to live at a higher vibration, you’ll start to see this for yourself.

So will I get my payback?

The universe is built on balance, so even if you’re putting in all the effort in one situation, you’ll eventually receive your reward in another.

This is how the universe operates.

So, if you’re going through a rough patch now, things will get better.

The universe strives to bring balance to everything, and nothing remains unbalanced.

By letting go of your frustration in this situation, you open the door for the universe to repay you for your efforts.

Some References are taken from blog: Twinflames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne

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hindi what is inner work importance jnana param

(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance?

(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance? | Jnana Param

Lord Krishna says that god does not need that man should recite his name or do any kind of spiritual practices.

By doing spiritual practices(inner work), a person is able to access its subconscious mind and thus is able to access his dormant memories, knowledge and wisdom.

So if you do spiritual practice, it is not for anyone else i.e. neither for your twin nor for god, instead you are doing it for yourself.

It will bring your dormant knowledge and wisdom out of subconscious and then you will be able to know that what is the true purpose of your life and in which direction you have to go.

So, Inner work, which can be any kind of spiritual practices, helps you stay in higher vibrations and help you to recall your dormant knowledge and wisdom, and thus you are able to do the work for which you have taken this birth.

If you don’t do it then it’s OK, this life will go waste and you can come again in next birth, experience everything that you experienced in this birth and then try to awaken again.

An so the story goes on…

#TwinFlamesCoach #TwinFlamesUnion #TwinFlames

Ultimate Insight for Twin Flame Reunion – Top 9 Emotions

Twin Flame reunion


How long does Twin Flame reunion take?

In this post we are going to discuss that How long does Twin Flame reunion take? AND How do we know that how much progress we had made on twin flame reunion journey?

Are twin flames are highly evolved?

Twin flames are like those superheroes or Gods, who had forgotten their powers.

As we take birth on earth after forgetting everything, so we are not able to recall our wisdom and knowledge.

And so we think our self as normal human beings and we also try to do the same as others are doing i.e. eat, drink and be marry.

But, Twin flames have the Samskara that they can overcome these limitations of being a normal human being.

Rest of the humanity don’t even have this capability or permission to this inner work.

You must have head of that we can not take God’s name without his permission.

Which souls can do higher practices?

There are some spiritual sciences that can help you awaken at very fast speed, means you can remember your knowledge and wisdom at much faster pace.

Not every one have access or permission to learn these sciences and tools.

Some of you are learning these tools, may be from anywhere or from us in our Basic Inner work 1 Program, and had tried to teach these to their family members.

As per the feedback we had received from our students, their family members don’t pay attention to these tools because, its your journey and your destiny to move on this path, not your family’s path.

So, Only higher souls, Master Souls or twin souls have access to these tools.

So, When twin flame reunion happens?

As you will remember your knowledge and your wisdom, you will get closer to your twin soul into union.

How to check your progress?

How do we know that how much progress you had made on twin flame reunion journey by doing inner work?

If you look at this Vibration chart, you can see that this chart is divided into two parts.

Omega point

Below 250 its Lower Frequency Zone and Above 250 its higher Frequency Zone

This chart is also showing the frequency from 20 to 700+ for each emotion, feelings or mental state that we go through.

What is low vibration state?

If you are staying mostly between 20 to 250, then know that in this frequency twin flames stays in separation.

So if something happened in your past for which you feel

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Apathy means lack of interest
  • Grief
  • Fears like Fear of Abandonment
  • Humiliation
  • Injustice
  • Rejection
  • Desires – that when fulfilled gives joy and when not fulfilled gives Grief or sadness
  • Anger – Someone said something to you and you got angry, things don’t work as you want and so you got angry, someone came to your house without informing and so you got angry, your twin flame did not listen to you or cheated on you and so you got angry
  • Pride – Whatever happening in your life is being done by you
  • Courage – I am very brave and don’t let people cough

If you are mostly staying in these frequencies then currently you have not realized that whatever happening is as per divine’s will, and we are just viewers.

We are not the DOERS, we are just the viewers.

What is high vibration state?

And when you start to realize that you are just a viewer, then you start to reach 250 i.e. Neutrality. Then comes

  • Willingness – readiness to move ahead
  • Acceptance – Everything is acceptable
  • Reason – You start to realize that everything is happening under divine’s will. We are not doing anything but divine is getting it done through us.
  • Love – Unconditional love means you feel same love for every entity, whether its your twin or anyone else.
  • Joy – Always joyful. Whatever happens in your outside circumstances, you are always joyful.
  • Peace – Always peaceful.
  • Enlightenment – Lets not target it. I will only ask you to stay in peace or joy or Unconditional love.

And then you will find your twin besides you.

When twin flames end up together?

If you are a chaser right now, then your twin will start to follow you and come to you, if you stay in these higher frequencies.

In last few videos we had mentioned to do inner work to move ahead in union.

Whatever kind of inner work you are doing, if its helping you to stay between frequency of 250 to 600 for most of the time then understand that your inner work is working for you.

If you are fluctuating between high frequency zone and low frequency zone, then it means that you need to do more work.

And when you will be able to start staying in higher frequencies most of the time, then you will not ask this question that when will I unite with my twin?

And the most wonderful thing between twin flames is that the more you work on your self, the more it will help and effect positively your twin flame because you two share same energy as you two are same soul.

What ever they were doing to hurt you will cease to exists.

So they will also start to stay in higher frequencies.

How to clear twin flame issues?

The outside interference in your relation like

  • Twin Flames already Married to other partners
  • Twin Flame having Children with another partner
  • Different family status, caste or religion
  • Big Age Differences
  • Male much younger then female, especially in Indian society
  • Same Gender twins
  • Non cooperation by Families
  • Unawakened Twin Flame
  • Cheating twin flame
  • Running OR Ignoring by Twin Flame
  • Foreigner twin flame
  • Celebrity Twin flame
  • Or May be some more

All of these will automatically resolve for the highest good of all.

As you keep on doing your inner work, these outside issues will start to vanish.

As you will become awakened fully, these restrictions will fall away and you will be ready to unite.

These restrictions are only there so that you do your inner work to unite.

How to check your progress?

So to summarize that how much progress we had made on twin flame reunion journey, you can keep this Vibration chart as your reference.

Keep on checking that where are you mostly on this scale.

You know that your goal is to reach higher frequency zone, where twin flame reunion happens in harmony.

For E.g. If we have to travel from Chandigarh to Delhi, there are mile-stones on the side of road that tells us that this many kilometers are left to reach destination.

Similarly this vibration chart is your milestone chart that will give you an accurate reading of how much more inner work is to be done to reach an harmonious twin flame reunion.

Twin Flame Reunion Video Series

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Why I Have To Do All Inner Work for my Twin Flame?


Although you may be doing all the work in one situation, you will receive your “payback” in another situation – in some way at some point.

This is how the universe works.

(Reference Blog: TwinFlames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)