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How To Tell My Twin Flame That We Are Twins? | Jnana Param | HINDI

In this post, we will answer this popular question that discusses Should I tell my twin flame how I feel? Or how can I raise the subject of Twin Flames with my Unawakened Twin (who doesn’t know what Twin Flames are)?

Should I tell my twin flame how I feel?

Many twins ask me this question Should I tell my twin flame how I feel?

So, Now you want to tell your twin flame about this relationship, about this concept that you two are twins.

Let’s imagine a situation where you meet them or call them and tell them

“Dear Rakesh, We are twin flames, which means we are one soul in two bodies. God made us together and we separated eons ago. I am awakened and you have to awaken. So start your inner work so that we can unite.”

As Rakesh is unawakened, he might think that this is a dialog or scene from some movie.

No doubt, he might be feeling a strong connection.

As he is unawakened so he might not be able to understand the “one soul in two bodies” concept.

This is happening because this connection is not to understand, it is to be experienced.

And he can only fully experience or feel it when he is awakened.

And in previous videos, we discussed that your twin is deliberately in an unawakened state so that you have no choice but to do your inner work and thus help them in awakening.

Are you Awakened?

Rakesh might also think that you are telling him that you are awakened, but there are not showing any signs of awakening.

Because you have the shame of past experiences,

the guilt of certain decisions or actions,

the grief of experiences you went through like being mistreated,

fear of losing,

desires of playing home-home,

angry that your phone broke,

pride of having social status,

nonacceptance – unable to accept things as it is,

unable to have unconditional love for all,

unable to feel joy or peace within yourself i.e. not at joy or peace when you are alone.

Is this called awakening that you are desperate for Rakesh?

He might have heard that Awakening means being very near to god, like being established in Krishna consciousness, i.e one who is above all these low-vibration emotions, and then he might think that there are no signs of Krishna consciousness in you.

Instead, it feels like a desperate call from you to your twin that please awaken and make me happy as I am not capable of feeling happiness or love within myself.

Do you think your twin will feel attracted to you when you are going through all these low-vibration emotions?

Your Twin Agrees

What would happen if he agrees that you two are twin flames?

Would you start ‘playing the house’ with your twin flame?

Now, will you two leave your families and stay together?

Or will he start doing inner work because you told him to do so?

Why would you do your inner work if your twin accepts this?

Radha Krishna

There is an understanding that Radha had to come to the human plane by forgetting everything and had to learn some lessons.

Lord Krishna, who knew everything about his journey on earth, helped Radha to navigate through her lessons and karma on the human plane.

Similarly, Being established in Krishna consciousness means that you know everything about karma, Maya, birth and death, twin flames, and other spiritual truths, and you help your twin in navigating their lessons and karma in their life with other people who might be their spouse, family members or someone else, and you are not just dying to get married or get united with your twin.

Why he doesn’t understand this?

Remember that although your Twin Flame might be completely unaware of your connection on an earthly ego level, their soul is in full understanding and is seeking you at every opportunity.

On the spiritual planes, you are closer than you might realize, and you are always in contact somehow.

Your Twin is completely aware of your connection on a spiritual level, but often in the “still asleep” this knowledge is buried so deep under layers of earth-based conditioning and habitual beliefs that they cannot access this information on a conscious level.

E.g. In childhood, you learned the lesson that “Always speak the truth”, but with your upbringing, you learned that lying is also needed.

And now, if your twin tells you to again become the same person who does not lie, then it will be very difficult for you as that pattern is buried so deep under layers of earth-based conditioning.

Life on earth is akin to a play: the average human being is infinitely more powerful and aware of themselves than they tend to think.

They are simply stuck in the “role” they’re playing.

This means that beneath the layers of “role-playing”, your twin is fully aware of the existence of Twin Souls and their connection with you.

How to raise this subject?

How can I raise the subject of Twin Flames with my Unawakened Twin (who doesn’t know what Twin Flames are)? or how to tell my twin flame?

If you are still asking this question how to tell my twin flame?, then Here are initial ideas to raise this subject with your twin flame in a proper way.

Advising and suggesting

Understand this that until someone asks you for advice, the chances of your guidance/advice getting followed by that person is only 5%.

So if you give advice 100 times then it will get followed only 5 times, and the rest 95 times get wasted.

Also by suggesting or advising, you are sending a signal that this person is not capable of figuring things out themselves.

So you have to talk with them like a Life coach, a person who asks you questions and makes you think for yourself.


You can trigger their inner knowing by Steering conversations onto the issues of Spirituality, Dreams, and the Unconscious.

Maybe mention a dream you’ve had about them and ask them what they think, and how they might interpret it.

Aside from actually triggering deeper seated knowing in them, this can provide you with a conversational path that eventually leads onto the subject of Soul Mates and from then on Twin flames.

Many Twin Flames dream of each other in experiences that are actual encounters on the astral and spiritual planes.

In other words, there is a high likelihood that your Twin has had dreams of you as well and by raising the subject this way, you allow them to feel safe to share.

So you can touch the subject gradually and plant seeds that will have your unawakened Twin wondering and searching themselves. This way you’ll avoid any resistance and potential disbelief.


you can speak to their soul by discussing matters that pertain to deeper consciousness and the nature of existence.

Ask them their opinions about space, life, and death, reincarnation, and love.

These are all subjects that the conscious self is not fully able to explain and most human beings will have an inner knowing of what they believe. In this way, you are encouraging them to access their soul and their intuition.

This in itself is highly beneficial in awakening them to their true selves.

Maybe ask your Twin if they believe in true love, and if they don’t, maybe ask them why. Most often this will be due to negative beliefs they have taken on in life and things they have seen around them, and asking them about this will trigger them to rethink some deep-seated assumptions.


If you are in a romantic connection with your Twin, tell them how different your relationship is from anything else you’ve experienced. If you’re friends, do the same.

Express surprise at things you’ve experienced together that you’ve never had with anyone else.

Chances are you will have had unusual, “supernatural” aspects to your connection coming up even at the beginning of your journey.

Ask your Twin subtly how they feel, if they’ve experienced this before. Ask them what they think it means.

Later on, you can mention that you’ve heard or read about Twin Souls, explain it to them, and ask them what they think of it.

Most likely the descriptions will fit with what they’ve already experienced and been wondering about themselves.


So, to summarize, you can raise this subject and stir some knowing in them, but understand this that there is no magic that will happen and they will remember everything in a day.

If you are watching this video then it means that you are moving on the path to awakening first and thus it’s you who have to do inner work first.

Then see how things start to fall into place.

With Inner work, you will find a way, things will be sorted.

( Reference Blog – TwinFlame1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

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Twin flame family issues

Twin flame family issues refer to the issues that arise when you try to explain the twin flame to your family.

Twin flame family issues

How to convince family and friends about your twin flame relationship? What should be done if they are not able to understand it?

How can You tell about twin flames in your family?

How can You tell about twin flames in your family? i.e. to Parents, Kids, Partners, or friends OR How can you convince them that someone is your twin flame? OR how to resolve Twin flame family issues?


Here are a few examples of siblings:

Let’s assume that you don’t know anything about twin flames and you are unmarried.

You are a male and Your friend comes and tells you that your sister is his twin flame OR You are a female and a girl whom you hate, comes and tells you that your brother is her twin flame.

What would be your reaction?

Partner(Husband or Wife)

Or Let’s assume that you are married and you don’t know anything about twin flames.

Your husband tells you that his office colleague is his twin flame Or Your wife tells you that her childhood friend is her Twin Flame.

What would be your reaction?

Parents(Mother, Father)

Or Let’s assume that you are married and you don’t know anything about twin flames.

Your father comes to you and tells you that Mrs. Sharma, who lives next door is his twin flame Or Your mother tells you that Mr. Gupta, who lives on the back side of your house is her twin flame.

What would be your reaction?


You have a married daughter and you find out that her husband is your twin flame.

Would she be able to understand and accept it?

A mango

image 3

Let’s take another example.

Let’s assume that you have never eaten a Mango and neither you have eaten anything sweet and now someone tells you that Mango is a very sweet fruit.

Will you be able to relate to this statement or understand the meaning of sweet? No!

Similarly, how do you expect someone to understand twin flames, when they had not experienced it yet?

If not, then how do you expect your parents or partner, or kids will understand this?

If you had already tried to convince others, you probably already know that it doesn’t work.

And We listen to the opinions of our friends and family who have never submerged themselves in a twin flame relationship – instead of listening to our intuitions.

Why do you want to convince your family and friends?

image 4

For a moment, think that Why you want to convince your family and friends, And what will you achieve by convincing your Parents, Kids, OR Partner about your twin flame relationship? OR why you want to resolve Twin flame family issues.

What will happen if they approve of your relationship with your twin flame?

If you are single, then Do you want your parents to accept your twin flame as your partner?

If you are married, then do you want your spouse to accept that you have a more intimate relationship with your twin flame?

Or what do you want to achieve?

Let’s assume that your parents approve of your choice or that your partner accepts this reality.

Will you two be able to meet openly or will be able to live together?

Do you think that you will be very happy with your twin flame who is yet unawakened?

In the previous post on the twin flame mirror, we discussed that it is the twin flame that gives us the most pain because, in reality, your twin flame is just reflecting or mirroring all the hurts and wounds that you have in your subconscious memory.

In this human birth, where the most pleasurable thing we know is sex, how do you expect your family and the family of your twin flame to think it’s not just sexual attraction, but instead it’s a divine connection?

What should be done if no one is able to understand your relationship?

So, What should be done if no one is able to understand your relationship or your relationship is hurtful at present? or what should be done about Twin flame family issues?

In the history of mankind, it has happened many times when something new was discovered, by some brilliant scientist or scholar, but it was rejected or opposed by others.

For e.g. When Galileo discovered that the earth rotates around Sun, he was accused that he is misleading people with his statements. Before Galileo made this statement, it was believed that the sun rotates around the sun. As his statement created contradiction with common belief, so he was opposed by the masses.

A story

One more interesting story is that of a person, let’s call him Rakesh, who was getting an opportunity to play an important role in the welfare of humankind. He was given visions by his spirit guides.

a) He was first shown a lifetime in which he was a powerful priest of a community.

He used his power and position for corruption, greed, and lust.

b) Next he was shown another lifetime.

In this, he was a socially weak person, but he understood the laws of spirituality, reincarnation, souls, life after death, etc.

He started to teach and preach these spiritual facts and was soon captured by the authorities as his teachings were against common beliefs.

He was given the option to step back and ask for forgiveness, but he did not do that.

Instead, he continued to state his preaching against common beliefs.

So finally he was executed for his sins.

After viewing both these lives, Rakesh came to the understanding that when he had power, he did not use it wisely for the good of all, so that life was wasted.

And in the next life, he tried to force change when he did not have the power. So this life was also wasted as he had to die.

What should be done when your circumstances are against you?

image 5

So, what should be done when your circumstances are against you and Twin flame family issues are not sorted out?

You can calm down, and take small steps by doing your inner work silently with an understanding that “change is inevitable”, and so eventually you will achieve your desired result if you go slowly at this stage.

For e.g. – Let’s say that everyone in your family is against you and your twin. Then in this moment, is it wise to fight with everyone around OR is it wise to sit down for some days or weeks and wait for things to cool down, while you keep on doing your inner work?

Why has this situation raised that no one is able to understand you?

Understand that your soul planned for this type of situation, where you don’t have anyone to speak to about what you are going through.

You can speak to a teacher like us but we are also available for a very limited time.

This is happening to you so the only option left for you is to go inside yourself. And when you start the process to go inside, to find out answers, that is the time when inner work starts.


So, to summarize, We can only do our inner work and then see how things start to fall into place and how Twin flame family issues resolve over time.

If you are doing some inner work and things are not moving then it means that maybe you need to learn something more.

So, It all depends on your inner work.

With Inner work, you will find a way, things will be sorted.

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