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Let’s understand the role of Past relationships or past lovers in your Journey and the reason why a “Third Party” is involved between you and your twin flame.

By the end of this article, you can get a free tool to clear the energy of past lovers.

What are past relationships or past lovers?

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First, lets understand What are Past relationships or Past Lovers?

All those people with whom we had intense relations in this life or in any of previous life times can be known as past Lovers.

These relations can be sexual or non-sexual as well.

Non-sexual intense relations are generally with our family members like mother, father, brother, sister, grand mother, grandfather OR other close relatives or friends.

But, generally, the most intense relation in our life involve romance and sex.

Some of these past lovers are those people whom we dont even know, but those people are romantically attached to us, even without us knowing about it.

So, Here are few cases of past lovers:

  • First, in which Only you were attracted towards them without them knowing about it,
  • Second, in which only they were attracted towards you without you knowing about it,
  • and Third, the case in which you both had attraction towards each other but you may or maybe not end up in a relation.

When we are mentally, physically or emotionally attracted to someone, we can call it a Love relation, even though it may or may not be romantic or sexual.

Does our past lovers exist across lifetimes?

Across Lifetimes

Now, Let us consider our previous lifetimes.

In few regression session, we came to know that some souls had up to 500 births.

So Suppose that you had about 500 births and in each birth you were involved in an average of two romantic relationships.

So in total you had about 1000 relations till now or we can say that you have about pending 1000 energetic connections that have not been released yet.

If we take into account the infatuations or crushes or one sided attractions then there can be an average of about 5 to 10 relationships in each birth, which totals up to 10,000 or more pending energetic connections.

These cords are energetic, so they dont end with our death and thus they are carried on with us in every birth.

So we are trying to say that those people, towards whom you are attracted in this lifetime, may have been romantically involved with you in one way or another in your previous lifetimes.

How to recognize a past relationship or past lovers?


Whenever they will come in your life, you will feel a sense of belongingness or some sort of attraction towards them.

You will feel like you have some strong magnetic bond with them i.e. you may like looking at them or
your body react positively in their presence.

You feel like you should live around them or they should live around you.

You will have these sorts of pleasant feelings so that you can move into a relationship with them to learn lessons.

So, Any person to whom you are feeling any kind of attraction can be known as one of your past lovers.

These are the people to whom we get attracted automatically.

Their presence around us gets our attention in a positive way.

Why past lovers appear in present life?

past relationships

There can be multiple reasons.

  • You might have ever wished to be in relation with someone in this or any previous lifetime OR
  • Someone might have wished to be with you in this or any previous lifetime

This wish is being fulfilled now.

Another reason behind this attraction is that these souls have some contracts to be completed with you or have some lessons to teach you.

So first there will be attraction involved, and then both souls will learn from each other during the relation.

Energetic match

These people are those, whose energies are a match to your energy.

Tree leafs

In our previous video we explained the difference between Twin Flames, Twin Rays and Soulmates.

Lets see this image of leaves of the tree.

Each leaf on this tree represents a complete soul i.e. you and your twin’s combined soul.

If we split a leaf in two half, then one half will be you and the other half will be your twin flame.

The leaves that are closest to your leaf represent Twin Rays.

Means that the closest souls to you after your twin flame are called Twin Rays.

In this image, the leaves that are farther away represents Soulmates.

Soul Mates are All others souls who come into your life to help you to learn lessons.

Your energy matches with your Twin Flame, your Twin Rays and all other Soulmates.

Due to this energetic match you feel attracted to some people and not all people around you.

For Eg:- Lets say that there are One Lakh Boys or One Lakh Girls in your city.

This doesn’t mean you are attracted towards all of them.

Maybe you are attracted to only 100 or 400 out of these One Lakh Boys.

These are the ones with whom you had any past connection or you had ever wished to be with them or they wished to be you, which resulted in an energetic connection between you and them.

Now in this present lifetime, all these people will come one by one.

Once you are finished your lessons with one, other one will come and then when you have finished with them then Next one will come and so on.

With this speed, If you finish two or three relations in this lifetime and then next past lover will meet you in next lifetime, so that you can finish your pending cords and learn lessons with them.

What is significance of past lovers?


When your Twin Flame come into your life and after initial bubble love phase begins the separation phase or as we call it the preparation phase.

To move further into Union with Harmony, it is necessary to clear all the Past relationships or past lovers energetic connections i.e. if you have pending lessons or desires with any of Past relationships, then they need to be completed.

You cannot reach into Harmonious union with your twin till you or your twin have open relations with others.

How to deal with past relationships?

So now you understand that you had some lovers from past.

Similar is the case for your Twin flame. He/she must have had Past relationships too.

Till the time the energy of Past relationships is intermingled with you or your twin flame’s energy, you and your Twin flame cannot be in harmonious union, as there is outside energy involved.

This outside energy is generally referred to as third-party situation.

Mixing of energy with outsiders means you or your twin are either physically, mentally or emotionally dependent on them.

Now there are two ways to deal with these Past relationships that appears from time to time in you or your twin flame’s life.

A longer way is to start a relationship with them i.e. to live with them for some time and when all Karmas associated with them get cleared then you get free from them.

A shorter way is that you can clear their energy from you.

What happens after clearing past relationships?

So lets say you clear your Past relationships and connections today.

In case your twin flame is married or they have a girlfriend or you are married or you are in a relationship, then clearing the energy of past lovers doesn’t mean that all these relations will end up instantly.

What will happen now is the equation of your present relations will start to change.

Its like now relation with your partner will become like Friends and same will happen with your Twin flame regarding his past lovers.

This doesn’t mean you did healing today and everything will change today.

The level of healing depends on your spiritual growth.

If you are on the beginning level then only those past lovers, who match your current energy frequency till today, will get cleared.

How inner work program help?

We teach some kriyas to our students in Basic Inner Work Program.

By practicing these, your spiritual and energetic system will grow and open up and thus more deeper Past relationships or past lovers will come to surface i.e. new people will start to appear in your life as you are growing spiritually. E.g.

  • Some old romantic friend or lover will appear.
  • Or someone totally new person appear in your life, whom you feel extremely attracted to.

Now you have choice whether you clear this connection or to get involved in a romantic relation with them.

If you clear these Past relationships or past lovers then you move ahead closer to union with your twin flame.

If you choose to get into a relationship with any of these past lovers then it will delay your harmony & union with your twin flame.

How sexual energy exchange effect us?

Twin sex Chakras

All those people in this or past life with which you had sexual connections, have a very deep level of energy exchange with you.

To understand this, Lets say that one of your Past relationships or past lovers had apples and you had oranges.

When you both get sexually involved with each other then some of these apples and oranges get exchanged with each other.

This exchange made between you two will stay with you across the lifetimes.

So if you had 1000 partners till this now in all your lifetimes then You are carrying the energetic residue of all of them.

Why third party is involved between Twin Flames?

So, Why a “Third Party” is involved between you and your twin flame?

If your twin flame is with some partner or you are with some partner, which is popularly known as “third party” then it means that there is some pending energetic connection that needs to be cleared by you or your twin flame.

You can clear your twin’s Past relationships or past lovers if their soul is ready to do so.

When this pending energetic connection is cleared completely, this “third party” situation will also resolve for the highest good.

How to clear past relationships?

As said earlier, We teach some kriyas to our students in Basic Inner Work Program.

By practicing these, your spiritual and energetic system grows and opens up and thus more deeper Past relationships or past lovers start to come to surface.

In addition to these kriya, we teach some higher energy-clearing tools. These tools helps to clear the energy of Past relationships or past lovers for both you and your twin flame.

Please note that, It takes a student around 5 months of practice of these kriyas, before we can teach these higher energy-clearing tools to them.

In our experience, people are not able to handle these tools if they have not practiced the kriyas enough.

So we can say that lots of inner work practice needs to be done.

In twin flame journey, it is very important to clear Past relationships or past lovers energy.

If you want to learn these kriyas and higher energy-clearing techniques then you can join our Basic Inner Work Program.

Free Energy Clearing session

If you are unable to join our inner work program for any reasons at this time then you can still clear some of these Past relationships or past lovers.

You can use the free healing session that we created to clear the surface level energy of Past relationships or past lovers. To get free tools, please subscribe below.

Whenever someone attractive person appears into your life or you feel that someone is attracted to you then you can use this session to clear them.

As a general rule, Keep on using this session periodically, like may be once in a month or whenever you feel like.


So if we Summarize this article then,

Past relationships or past lovers are all those souls with whom we had intense relation in this life or in some previous lifetime.

These are the people to whom we get attracted automatically.

Their presence around us gets our attention in a positive way.

If these people comes in your life then there are two ways to deal with them.

  • One is that you can get involved in relation with them which is quite a long process.
  • Second is to clear their energy from you and your twin flame.

For deeper and faster clearing, you can join our Basic Inner Work Program which involves practising some higher kriyas to widely open your energetic system so that deep Past relationships or past lovers come to surface faster and thus you can clear them with higher energy clearing techniques for both you and your twin flame.

As harmonious union is not possible till energies of these Past relationships or past lovers is involved between you and your twin flame, so clearing these energies becomes very important, so that you can move forward into harmonious Union with your Twin.

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