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Loneliness & soul mission

Is loneliness and soul mission related to each other? If yes, then what is your soul mission.

What is Loneliness?


Loneliness is a huge problem today.

Loneliness is one of the things that can lead to unhappiness and depression. Even though people have families, they still feel lonely. Lets see few cases here.

First case is where you are single and thus its very obvious that you are looking for someone to complete you.

Second case is that you are not happily married, and so you are looking for someone to complete you.

Third case is that you are happily married and have kids and you have parent as well, means there are no issues in your marriage, but still you feel an incompleteness and thus you are looking for someone or something to complete you.

These are signs of Loneliness.

How to confirm Loneliness?

Well, if you cannot sit alone in one place for lets say 30 mins to an hour while doing nothing then it means that you are afraid of being lonely.

You might give a reason that you want to utilize your time well, but actually the reason is that you are afraid to sit with your self.

This is loneliness.

How to get out of Loneliness?

As most of us feels this way then, Why is there so much loneliness on Earth and How to get out of Loneliness?

There are two reasons for this feeling.


Reason 1 – You are not complete soul

First of all, you are not a complete soul on Earth.

As we discussed in previous videos about the concept of twin souls, you will realize that you are only half of a soul, and the loneliness you feel is a longing for your other half.

However, once you understand this, you must make sure that you achieve that sense of completion on Earth, as it is your test.

It is absolutely possible to feel complete on Earth by fulfilling your soul mission.

Once you discover your life’s true purpose, you will be at peace.

Feelings of emptiness arise when your subconscious mind tells you that you are not fulfilling your mission on Earth.

In previous videos we talked about doing your inner work.

Inner work will take you in direction of your soul mission and then you will always have a sense of completion.

I am trying to say that you can have a feeling of completion even without uniting with your twin flame.

The happiness of working on your soul mission will keep you in higher vibrations and this is when you wont need you twin flame

and then all external issues between you and your twin flame will resolve and you will be able to unite with your twin flame.

Reason 2 – longing for spirit world

Secondly, your subconscious mind knows that Earth is not your real home.

It longs for the spirit world, for the peace of higher Realms, and the company of your group souls and loved ones.

But, This should not be an excuse for you to feel discontent; to feel content is one of the greatest tests on Earth and that test must not be failed.

Do not wait for death to bring you peace.

To be at peace in the spirit world you must first learn to be at peace on Earth.

Loneliness is part of that battle and must be dealt with correctly.

What are your soul missions?

Soul Mission

So next question can be that What is your mission on Earth?

God has given you a chance to do something wonderful on Earth: your Soul Mission.

Every human being wants life to be meaningful, and this happens when you find your Soul Mission which is a promise between your soul and God, an oath you took in the spirit world before coming to Earth.

Each human being has three missions.

  1. To improve spiritually.
  2. To selflessly serve others.
  3. To use individual gifts and talents for the growth of others

Mission 1 – To raise yourself spiritually

You can realize your full potential as a spirit being in a physical body only when you change from within.
So, Self-improvement is your first mission – to change and walk on the Godly Good Path no matter what the circumstances or obstacles in your life.

Godly good path means to be brave and simply do what is right, every single time.

Mission 2 – To do selfless service

selfless service

Your second mission is that of Selfless Service. Service is the key to contentment.

There are many souls on Earth who are good people. They harm no one, lead simple, quiet lives with their families and fulfill their duties.

But These good souls souls are unaware of their true potential.

By simply fulfilling your duties, you do not progress spiritually. Such a person is not even halfway there.

Without inner work, you cannot reach your true potential and thus are not able to complete you mission.

You are on Earth as an instrument of God, to serve others silently.

Do the work without waiting for recognition. A light worker is a silent worker.

An instrument of God simply does what is right.

He overcomes darkness by way of his good deeds, and he does not speak of his good deeds; he does not even analyze them because that would lead to pride.

‘Selfless’ means to think less about what the self has done for others.

That is the meaning of true devotion to God. You serve God by serving others.

Mission 3 – Following your natural talents

natural talents

Your third mission will be something you are naturally drawn towards and for which you have a great love. You have to discover it.

You can live your daily life working in an office or a factory, but no matter where you are, you can use your strengths to make a positive impact.

A positive impact is about inspiring someone, raising their spirit, and giving hope through small acts of kindness.

How to find your soul mission?

Soul Mission

So next question can be that how to discover your soul mission?

You have to be on a good spiritual level to know your mission.

If you are on the wrong path, you are very far away from the first mission of self-improvement, so the question of service does not even arise.

E.g. – Lets say some one betrayed you. If you are unable to forgive them, then it means that you are unable to realize that everything happens under divine’s will.

By doing Inner work, you can reach a stage where you understand divine laws and thus finally able to forgive.

Your subconscious mind has to be open so that you will be able to recognize your mission.

If you are extremely logical and ignore your instinct, you are running away from your true purpose.

The physical mind can be a hindrance when it becomes too analytical.

E.g. – Do you think you can complete you mission without help from your spirit guides?

There help is vital and that can only be accessed through subconscious mind.

Your mission will be revealed to you only if you are ready for it.

If you know about it too soon, it may overwhelm you or make you proud.

You must be ready to accept the responsibility of that mission and be able to handle it.

E.g. – Lets say that your soul mission is to become the prime minister of your country some day.

If it is revealed to you today then you might get overwhelmed by this idea.

But if you are doing your inner work and polishing your dormant abilities then in time things will align and you will reach your goal.

Your level of commitment is vital. How dedicated are you to the inner work?

If you are consistent, and inner work is a priority in your life, you will be directed to your true purpose.

Sometimes, the efforts that we make to understand our missions are halfhearted, so we do not improve or make any progress.

E.g. – One cannot even get a fit body without commitment, so how do we expect to work on our soul mission without commitment.

You are a channel for God’s work on Earth; you can access guidance from the spirit world that would lead you to your mission and eventually help you accomplish it.

Does every soul have a purpose?

Every soul is born for a purpose, but that purpose will be revealed only when you have begun your inner work.

Once you discover that purpose and begin fulfilling your mission, you will be truly happy and at peace and there will be no loneliness.

And it all starts by the first step of starting your inner work.


Reference Book – The Laws of the Spirit World, By: Khorshed Bhavnagri

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