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Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Twin Flame

Are Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine same as a Man and Women? If not then how all of these are related to each other?

Masculine energy characteristic

Masculine energy characteristic

To understand Divine Masculine, lets first understand that masculine characteristics. These are

  • Physical action taking,
  • Logical thinking – focus,
  • Present and past
  • Forward going,
  • Giving,
  • Organizing &
  • Thinking – decision making
  • Seeing

What are feminine energy characteristic?

feminine energy characteristic

To understand Divine Feminine, Lets now understand Feminine characteristics. These are

  • Just existing,
  • Surrender or allowing,
  • Intuition – creativity,
  • Ideas without physical action,
  • Patient and nurturing – compassion,
  • Receiving,
  • Thoughtful,
  • Feeling everything
  • Visualizations

Masculine and feminine souls

In previous videos we learned that a soul gets split into two half’s in 4th realm of spirit world.

These two parts of a souls, which we also know as twin flames or Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, were created in a way that one soul had dominant masculine characteristics, while feminine characteristics were dormant and other soul had dominant feminine characteristics while masculine characteristics were dormant.

We are not saying that a soul have a gender, instead it have dominant characteristics which gives it a polarity that makes it either Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine polarity soul.

Next these souls come to earth and they choose bodies for them self.

As we come to this planet by forgetting everything, so we have to go through the process of awakening to reach our Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine self.

Male with female energy and female with male energy

masculine female feminine male

So one question can be that does Divine Masculine characteristics dominant soul chooses male body and Divine Feminine characteristics dominant soul chooses female body?

A soul can choose any body(biological male or female), depending on the lessons it chooses to learn in this birth.

So a Divine Masculine soul can come in male body or a female body.

Similarly, a Divine Feminine characteristic soul can come in female body or male body.

We all have a combination of energies, at varying degrees.

A male can be of a predominately “feminine” energy and a woman of a predominately “masculine” energy, even without this affecting their sexuality (they can still be heterosexual).

If you think about it, We are sure you have female friends or family members who are more or less “feminine” than each other, and male friends or family members who are more or less “masculine” than each other.

It means, all females are not equally feminine & all males are not equally masculine.

If you believe in reincarnation, we have all been both women and men and various ethnicity throughout existence.

Can twin flame have same sex?

same gender couples

There is nothing dictating that a Twin Flame couple or any other couple, must be a woman and a man.

As we have our conditioning from our childhood, similarly our society is also conditioned that things should happen in particular way, e.g. romantic love can only happen between man and women.

Twin Flames have also come to break these conditioning of the society and to teach that loves can happen in any form.

Twin flames are here on earth to break open old patterns around love and to teach the value of unconditional love by example.

So twin flames can choose bodies in any combination. It means

  • Divine Masculine soul can take male body and Divine Feminine soul can take female body
  • OR Divine Masculine soul can take male body and Divine Feminine soul can take male body
  • OR Divine Masculine soul can take female body and Divine Feminine soul can take male body
  • OR Divine Masculine soul can take female body and Divine Feminine soul can take female body .

When these two souls will meet on earth in a body, there energy will create sparks between them and then they will get into this question that how they are attracted to same gender person i.e. female is getting attracted towards female or male is attracted towards male twin flame.

In previous videos we discussed that attraction between twin flames is unimaginable.

And this situation will force twin flames to start there journey to know the spiritual truth of what is happening with them.

How to manage same sex twin flames journey?

So lets assume that you both are females, and there are some outside problems in your union.

Its not easily acceptably here that two females are in a relation so to remove these barriers, you will have to do inner work.

Inner work will remove all these barriers and thus you create an example for others that love is beyond gender.

And you will certainly help other twin flames going through same process.

Most of humans i.e. Souls with bodies, are either dominant masculine characteristic or dominant feminine characteristics.

A general misconception is that women are more emotional then man.

And a famous quote is “Male do not feel pain”.

This is due to the conditioning a male gets during their upbringing in which they learn to suppress their emotions. E.g. if you are a male then

  • For Men, its shameful to cry,
  • Men can’t act weak,
  • Men can’t act confused,
  • Men are head of the family and a head of family can never take wrong decisions.

On the other hand female has been conditioned to look for love and approval, outside from others.

Does each soul have masculine and feminine energy?

Normally a masculine soul have dominant masculine characters but at the same time they do have feminine characters as well i.e. a masculine soul do have intuition, but its very less, similarly for other characteristics like compassion, creativity.

And a feminine soul have dominant feminine characteristics but at the same time have masculine characteristics as well E.g. decision making, logic, focus, etc.

Normally a male and female gets attracted towards each other because both feel a sense of completion when they are together.

How inner work can helps?

When we do inner work, our dormant characteristics starts to increase.

For example, if you are a female and you feel that you have less focus, logic or decision making abilities, then with inner work, your these abilities will increase, and then you wont feel the need to have man around to help you make decisions.

This will make you independent physically, mentally and emotionally.

You will be able to do all your work your self, in a way you like.

And thus you will be able to take better decisions and your life will become complete in itself.

If you are a soul with more masculine characteristics then with inner work, your intuition, creativity, expressiveness, compassion will increase. And thus your life will become complete in itself.

When this happens then there is no desperation left to find someone who can complete you.

And you must have experienced that when there is no desperation then our desires manifests more easily at super fast speed.

Now as you are complete in yourself then there is no insecurity that what will happen if your partner or twin flame leaves you.

Now everyone will become same for you whether it is your parents, friends, partner, kids or any one else, as you are not dependent on anyone.

As now you are independent from everyone, so you are also independent and detached from your twin flame.

And this is the time when your twin will start to migrate towards you as you are complete in yourself.

One who is complete in itself is stable and calm and thus every one gets attracted towards that person.

So as we do our inner work and balance our characteristics, our life becomes a balanced and healthy life and our twin also find way back to us.

This is the moment when we don’t need our twin flame any more.

A twin feels this for his other half that:

“I am joyful even if you are not around,
your presence only increase my joy to another level”



So in summary, all you have to do is to balance your masculine and feminine characters and become whole in yourself again i.e. become Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine.

If you are wondering whether you are Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine, then all we have to say is that its good to know your polarity to understand your current behaviors as compared to other same gender people, But what’s more important is to start doing the inner work, which is going to balance both polarities inside you and thus will attract union with your twin flame on all levels, with highest good of all involved.

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  1. wonderful sir and mam
    I’m a same gender twin
    I’m a male with feminine soul
    and my twin is male with masculine soul

    now I’m able to detach from my twin
    but still I’m loving him from inside
    and sexually attracted at some times only
    but I will balance my energies and I’ll be happy without my twin flame

    In my journey I came to know about twinflames through tarot reading and your channel
    now final conclusion also I got from u after 1 year of long distance separation

    thankyou God thankyou universe th
    ankyou anges thankyou divine
    thankyou my twin

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