2 Reasons to Embrace Spiritual Energy Exchange in Inner Work8 min read


Discover the power of spiritual energy exchange for profound transformation on your journey. Learn how this reciprocal process enhances healing and growth. Explore the dynamics and benefits of spiritual energy exchange.

In this post, we’re going to discuss three important topics related to inner work teachings:

  • Why inner work is not free?
  • Why appropriate Spiritual Energy Exchange with teachers is crucial? and
  • Ways to arrange finances for inner work on the twin flame journey.

Spiritual energy exchange role in inner work healing

We all know that everything is energy.

The Karmas that are coming between you and your twin flame is energy.

This karmic energy is inside you or we can say that your total energy contains your karmic energy plus the energy of your belongings in this world like money, property, car and other physical objects.

Your Total Energy = Your Karmic Energy + Money + Property + other objects that you own.

As energy cannot be destroyed so all you can do is transform this karmic energy by taking some energy from an inner work teacher or healer.

Their energy will transmute your Karmic energy and change it for the better.

To take their energy you have to first empty yourself by taking out something from your total energy and giving it to your teacher, which is also known as spiritual energy exchange.

The effectiveness of inner work healing is directly proportional to the Spiritual Energy Exchange you put into it.

In other words, the more energy you invest, the greater the potential for healing and transformation.

We can also state that the amount of Spiritual Energy Exchange required in your inner work may vary depending on the karmic energy you need to clear.

Some individuals may need to engage in a greater amount of Spiritual Energy Exchange compared to others.

Why inner work teachings are not free?

There are multiple reasons why inner work teachings are not free.

Reason 1

As previously mentioned, the amount of healing and transformation that occurs through inner work is directly related to the energy you invest in it.

The more energy you exchange, the greater the potential for positive outcomes.

Therefore, inner work teachings often require a Spiritual Energy Exchange in the form of payment or other resources, as without this exchange, the benefits of the teachings may not be fully realized.

This is the first reason why inner work teachings are not free.

Reason 2

To better understand the second reason, let’s consider an example.

Let’s say you want to join an engineering or medical college. Would you expect them to provide classes for free or would you ask them for a discount on fees? Likely not.

Or Imagine you want to learn a new skill, like playing the piano or guitar. You seek out a professional teacher who has spent years mastering their craft.

Would you expect them to provide lessons for free? Again the answer is no.

They have dedicated their time and expertise, and it’s only fair that they receive an exchange of energy for their services.

Similarly, inner work teachers invest their time, energy, and resources to guide us on our journeys of self-discovery.

They have accumulated wisdom and insights that can be truly transformative.

Charging an appropriate fee for their teachings allows them to sustain themselves and continue sharing their knowledge with others.

Why appropriate Spiritual Energy Exchange with teachers is important?

Now that we understand why inner work teachings aren’t free, let’s explore the importance of appropriate Spiritual Energy Exchange between teachers and students.

Spiritual Energy Exchange goes beyond just monetary transactions.

It’s about valuing the teachings and recognizing their worth.

When we invest our energy, whether it’s money, time, or effort, we are surrendering to the teachings of our teachers.

This exchange allows us to fully commit to the learning process and receive the maximum benefit from their guidance.

Think of it this way: when we pay for something, we are more likely to take it seriously.

By investing in our growth and making a Spiritual Energy Exchange with our teachers, we align ourselves to learn and grow.

This commitment amplifies the effectiveness of the teachings and enhances our overall progress.

What happens when appropriate energy exchange is not done?

So What happens when appropriate energy exchange is not done?

When there is a lack of appropriate energy exchange, certain consequences can arise.

Based on our experience, we initially offered inner work teachings for free or at a nominal fee.

We also allowed students to pay a partial fee upfront and the remaining amount based on their comfort.

However, we observed that when students didn’t pay the full fees or requested discounts due to financial constraints, they were less likely to derive the full benefits from the inner work course.

It became evident that they faced obstacles such as missing classes or being unable to continue their practice.

This can be seen as the divine’s way of preventing them from progressing beyond a certain point, as their energy exchange remained incomplete.

As we had already mentioned earlier, healing is limited to the extent of energy exchanged.

Moreover, some students even neglected to pay their pending fees.

Ways to arrange finance for inner work on the twin flame journey

Now, let’s shift our focus to the twin flame journey and explore some practical ways to arrange finances for inner work.

Option 1 – Free Tools

The first option is that you can subscribe to our free tools. The link can be found in the description of this video.

We conduct free healing sessions on Youtube. You can attend them live and also see recordings of those sessions on our website or Youtube channel.

Additionally, you can consider looking for free online resources that can supplement your inner work.

Option 2 – Low-cost courses

Another option is to explore low-cost opportunities for offered by us or by other spiritual institutions.

From time to time we conduct low-cost programs that can help you get started.

You can subscribe to our Telegram channel to know more about these low-cost programs whenever we launch them.

You can also research introductory courses of other spiritual institutions and reach out to see if there are any options available to support your journey.

You can practice their basic inner work courses until you can arrange funds for higher inner work techniques taught by us.

Option 3 – Specific Budget for Inner Work

The next option is to create a budget specifically allocated for your inner work journey.

You can take a close look at your current expenses and identify areas where you can cut back or reallocate funds to support your spiritual growth.

It’s all about prioritizing and making conscious choices.

If you are in debt or have to borrow money from others then know that with your inner work, their healing will also happen, cause we all are connected.

Making inner work your priority and focusing on arranging funds for it will enable you to clear the karmic debts of others as well.

Option 4 – Intention & Manifestation

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the power of intention and manifestation.

Let us share an example here.

When Tinku was a student, he wanted to buy a device that cost around Rs 16,000. His monthly pocket money from his parents was around 2000 and there was no scope for saving this pocket money as his monthly expenses were equal to his pocket money.

So he set the intention to buy the device and looked forward to any opportunities.

Soon he got an opportunity to give tuition classes to a few junior students.

He grabbed this opportunity and started teaching them. In three months, he was able to arrange the total amount to buy his device.

This example shows that by setting intention, we get opportunities. By taking action and following those opportunities we get to our goal.

So you can set your intention to attract the necessary resources to support your inner work journey.

You can Practice gratitude and trust that the universe will guide you towards the opportunities and means to support inner work.

Cautionary Note

It’s important to note that waiting for abundant money before starting your inner work is not an effective approach.

In reality, it is through inner work that you will cultivate abundance, rather than the other way around.

So, rather than expecting to have abundance first and then engaging in inner work, remember that the path to abundance lies in actively pursuing your inner work journey.


To wrap up, inner work teachings are not free because without spiritual energy exchange, they are not much help and they require dedication and expertise from the teachers who share their knowledge.

Appropriate energy exchange with teachers is important as it creates a reciprocal relationship and deepens the learning process.

When it comes to arranging finances for inner work on the twin flame journey, consider free tools, low-cost courses, budgeting, and setting intentions for arranging funds for inner work.

Remember, your spiritual journey is a personal investment in yourself. By valuing and supporting the teachers who guide you, and by exploring creative ways to finance your inner work, you can unlock profound transformation and growth.

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