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Navigating the Twin Flame Journey When Already Committed

Embarking on the journey of union with your twin flame can be a complex path, especially when both of you are entangled with a karmic partner.

The intricacies of this situation raise questions about the future and, notably, the impact on children involved.

In this exploration, we delve into the complexities and offer insights into the twin flame connection.


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(English) How to Not Hurt My Partner for Twin Flame? | Ritu OM | Jnana Param

Existing Commitments

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Many individuals experiencing the twin flame phenomenon find themselves already committed to a karmic partner. Whether through arranged marriages or love unions, the scenarios vary:

  1. Both you and your twin flame have a karmic partner.
  2. You are single or separated while your twin flame has a karmic partner.
  3. You have a karmic partner, and your twin flame is single or separated.
  4. Both you and your twin flame have children with a karmic partner.

The emergence of your twin flame in such a scenario can lead to confusion and the pressing question of what steps to take.

Attempts to forget them prove futile, as explored in a previous article; it’s challenging to forget someone integral to your being.

The Alternate Mother Story

To grasp why such situations occur, let’s delve into the “Alternate Mother” story.

In this tale, a 2-year-old alternates between calling two women his mother—Mona and Rita.

The elders seek divine guidance, revealing that the child, a monk in a past life, chose extraordinary circumstances to attain enlightenment.

Similarly, twin flames opt for unique challenges, pushing them to seek profound truths and ultimately attain union.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Twin flames, entangled in pre-existing commitments, choose extraordinary circumstances to trigger a quest for answers.

These circumstances act as catalysts for spiritual growth and enlightenment, aligning with the broader journey toward self-discovery and understanding the illusory nature of the world.

The Awakening Process

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As discussed in previous articles, both twin flames and their current partners have soul contracts.

The first to awaken initiates inner work, subsequently awakening others involved.

This transformative process aligns with the collective journey towards enlightenment and unity.

Soul-Level Awareness

On a soul level, both your current partner and your twin flame’s partner are aware of the unique connection.

Despite surface-level reactions, their deeper selves support your journey.

Understanding that their reactions stem from the ego and not their true selves is crucial in navigating the complexities of these relationships.

Evolution of Karmic Partners

Karmic partners are also on a learning journey, gaining insights and experiences.

While on the surface, they may exhibit jealousy or insecurity, acknowledging their growth and evolution is essential.

Relationships might shift, but the highest good for all involved remains a guiding principle.

Embracing Inner Work


It’s essential to start inner work.

Your awakening not only propels your journey but also influences the awakening of those connected to you.

The call is not to end existing relationships but to foster personal growth that ripples positive transformations.

Liberation from Guilt

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Lastly, discouraging guilt in pursuing your heart’s desires is crucial.

Following your heart aligns with your highest good, and guilt only hinders vibrational elevation.

Trusting in the unfolding of the future, both for you and your current partner, is essential for a harmonious twin flame journey.

In conclusion, navigating the twin flame journey while committed requires embracing the complexities, initiating inner work, and trusting in the transformative power of the connection.

( Reference Book – Immortal Talks Book 1, Author: Shunya)

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