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Hundred of twin flames contact us every month for guidance and assistance related to their twin flame journey. Before you contact us personally, first see all the questions that we have answered on this page. At the end of page you will find the steps to follow before you contact us.


Most Asked Questions

How to get answers for Day to day on-going Questions About Twin Flame Journey?

A – For some similar questions,

  • How to communicate with your twin flame while in separation? OR
  • How to get the finances to join our Inner Work program? Or
  • Any other questions related to this journey?

For these and any other questions related to your twin flame journey, you can try this free meditation session.

In this session, we try to connect with the soul aspect of your twin. You can ask all of your questions from the soul aspect of your twin.

  • Use it daily for at least 2 weeks OR
  • Use it whenever you have any questions related to your journey.

Meet your twin flame Meditation

What to do if you are unable to join the Inner Work program?

You are unable to join Inner Work Program due to Financial Or any other reasons.

A – If you are not ready to join the inner work program then you can subscribe to our email list to get free tools and notifications about upcoming courses. Click the button below.

What are consultation options?

How to get Paid Consultation?

A – For paid consultation, see our available services.

How to get a free consultation?

A – If you are ready to join the Basic Inner Work 1 program and have some questions related to this program, then you can send us your question below.

Please fill the following form and we will try to get back to you, as soon as possible.