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What are the biggest Twin Flame Problems? Is it fighting with your twin flame or Is it his family, is it the involvement of a third party, or maybe some other issues?

Learn about the common challenges of twin flame relationships and discover how to overcome them. Find guidance and insights to help you navigate the twin flame journey with understanding, patience, and love.

Let’s try to understand the root cause of the biggest Twin Flame Problems.

Everything is energy

Everything is energy

You must have heard that everything is energy.

It means that your words, thoughts, feelings, and intentions about yourself and others are also energy.

Similarly, words, thoughts, feelings, and Intentions of other people about you are also energy.

The words that you speak or write to others are energy and the words that you read or listen to from others are also energy.

What happens when you listen to the stories of other people?

It is a natural human behavior that we listen to stories of other people regarding what problems they are facing in their life and we also like to tell our problems to others.

So What happens when you read or listen to the stories of other people?

As words are energy, so when you read or listen to the stories of other people, you get tapped into their energy.

What happens when we tap into the energy of others?

When you tap into the energy of other people, you take some of their feelings and thoughts and your feelings and thoughts will start to get change.

As a result, the problems from their life might start to manifest in your life.

It means that if the person had some kind of emotional pain like anger, hurt, or resentment and that person tells you their story through phone or text message, or email, then that person might start to feel relieved after telling their story.

On the other hand, you might feel heavy, angry, hurt, or uneasy after listening to their story. This is because you have taken the thoughts and feelings of that person by reading or listening to their story.

A fact about energy

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There were two assassins, who had come to kill Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

When these assassins came, they saw that Guru ji is in a Satsang and the audience is sitting in front. These assassins tried to blend into the audience by trying to pay their Tribute to Guru Ji.

Guru ji was able to identify their true intention and this caused panic in those assassins.

They fled from the scene, but the audience noticed their panic and they inquired Guru ji why these two men have behaved strangely.

To this Guru ji said that it is wise not to think much about these men cause every human being is a universe in itself.

When we think about others, we tap into their inner universe and both their good and bad behavior traits may get transferred to us.

What is the first biggest of Twin Flame Problems?

So the first biggest of biggest Twin Flame Problems is tapping into the energy of others when you listen to or read their stories.

This can happen when you listen to their story through any recorded videos or by talking to them in person or on phone or by online call or by any other methods available.

This can also happen when you read their story on the internet by email, chat messages, online forums, social media, or at some website, etc.

Let’s now discuss the Second biggest of the Twin Flame Problems.

PDA – Public display of affection

In Indian culture, it is generally said that a mother does not feed milk to a young child in public. Instead, such acts are done in private. Did you know what is the reason behind it?

When a mother feeds her baby, she feels extreme love and satisfaction. The child also feels happy, loved, and satisfied.

Let’s say that someone is watching this mother and baby. That person might feel jealous cause that person did not have such a wonderful experience or that person might be missing these good times from their past.

This feeling of jealousy can travel as a bad intention and this might affect the health of this mother or baby.

What we want to say here is that let’s say you are happy with your twin flame. No doubt this feeling is wonderful.

Now you want to tell the whole world about this happiness and achievement about the harmony and love that you are experiencing with your twin flame.

You might display this affection with your twin flame by physically showing your love in public, or by posting social media pictures or status messages on WhatsApp or by telling your friends, or by any other means.

When you publicly display your affection, then it is possible that the feeling of Jealousy or judgment from others can come in between you and your twin flame.

You might have noticed that suddenly problems start to appear between you and your twin flame whenever you tell about your relationship to others or when others are thinking or talking about your twin flame relationship.

This happens because their intention or feelings are coming between you and your twin flame.

Second biggest of Twin Flame Problems

So the second biggest of Twin Flame Problems is the intention of others that can come between you and your twin flame when you publicly display your affection for your twin flame.

Jealousy Is not intentional

Note here that nobody feels jealous of their choice. It just happens as it’s a natural emotion that gets triggered in human beings.

So you do not need to hate these people.

How to protect your twin flame relation from others?

You can protect your twin flame relationship and bypass many problems by

1 Avoiding watching or reading or listening to stories of others

2 Avoiding Public display of affection(PDA) for your twin flame.

This is the reason why we don’t share our personal stories with others. If we do share, it might result in our problems starting to appear in our life.

(Smilingly….) Don’t you have already enough problems to solve?

For the same reason, We don’t have public Facebook or other kinds of groups where people can interact with each other.

In case other people’s energy has already affected you, then it can be cleared by the use of regular energy-clearing techniques.

We teach these techniques in our twin flames inner work program. You can see our program details if you need our guidance in handling this.

We recommend our inner work students stay away from stories of each other. Once they reach a stable state by learning the fundamentals of twin flame coaching, then we encourage them to handle others.

Listening to others

Listening to others

We are not saying that you stop listening to others completely, because that might not be possible for you, especially if you are working as a counselor or you interact with the public in your profession or through other ways like Youtube channels, social media, etc.

Instead, you can learn how not to get entangled in their energy by learning techniques of inner work, energy clearing, twin flame coaching, and understanding all about energy and how energy affects us.

We hope this video has given some clarity to you.

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