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What are inner work components?

Is meditation known as inner work, or is there more to it? Let’s talk more about this in and try to understand what are inner work components.

By the end of this post, you will know all the major tools that help in speeding up the union process of twin flames.

Tinku & Tina

Let’s take the example of a real twin flame couple Tinku and Tina to understand this.

If you want to know more about this couple then you can see the video series below.

Reiki healing attunement


If you have seen our last few posts then you already know a lot about Tinku and Tina.

Tinku was totally unaware of spirituality, while Tina had few experiences with Yoga, Past life Regression, healing, Mantra chanting and meditation.

Tina was suffering due to her past experiences in this life and due to ancestral karma and she wanted to learn higher spiritual sciences. Tinku knew a spiritual master who can attune Tina to these spiritual sciences.

So both Tinku & Tina went to meet this Spiritual master.

By divine grace, some confusion happened and the master thought that Tinku and Tina have come to learn Reiki healing.

And So the master initiated both of them into Reiki healing.

This was the first of the inner work components.

Past Life Regression


Tinku was new to energy healing and through Reiki and he was able to help Tina by sending her this healing.

At first, Tinku felt that he can solve all problems of Tina by sending her healing, but soon he realized that only sending her healing is not solving all issues.

There were patterns from past births of Tina that need to be healed as well.

So he consulted his spiritual master again and it came up that Tinku can learn Past Life Regression, which will enable him to heal Tina more deeply by healing hurtful patterns and relationships from past births.

This was the second of the inner work components.

Note: We are not saying that inner work components like Reiki or any energy healing are not useful. They are useful, but they have their own limits and they have to be supplemented with other healing methods.

Also, note that harmony between twin flames is only possible when all major karma from past births is healed as well.

All people in your present life who are hurting you were also somehow related to your previous births.

All these relations need to be neutralized in order to get into harmony with your twin flame.

Higher Meditative practices

Energy Clearing Technique

By using past life regression sessions, Tinku was able to heal many patterns and behaviours of Tina.

He was healing others, but his own spiritual progress was not happening.

Tina was also not able to follow all guidance that she was receiving from regression sessions, because this guidance required Tina to take some decisions which were only possible when she reaches a higher spiritual state.

As all of this was going on, stress increased for Tinku and Tina due to their existing partners and they both had to separate.

Tinku was shocked that despite all his effort, he could not stay in touch with Tina.

Tinku asked his master the following question-

Tinku: “Master, why do I have to face separation from Tina?”

Master: “Tinku, the karmic baggage of Tina is very heavy.

You have to raise your level of spiritual progress so that you can also get Tina out of her karmic entanglements with her current partner and life situations.”

Tinku: “Master, is it possible that I can make spiritual progress while staying in touch with Tina?”

Master: “Tinku, yes it’s possible, but then your progress will be slow.

If you stay in touch with her then due to repeated happening stressful events, it will take you around 10 years to achieve the same results, which you could otherwise achieve in 2 years by staying at a distance from her.

Plus continuous stress will deteriorate her well-being as stress is not good for her mental health.

It is time for Tapa for you.”

Tinku was able to understand the situation that he is not abandoning Tina, but he is just staying at a distance from her so that he can raise his spiritual level and help her energetically.

And to handle his own emotional state, Tinku got initiated into higher meditative practices by his spiritual master.

It is said that a soul takes 10,000 years to attain Krishna Consciousness, but by using these higher meditative practices in a systematic and disciplined way, a soul can attain the same results very fast, and sometimes in just one lifetime.

This was the third and major one of the inner work components.

Energy Clearing Techniques

life force energy

Higher meditative practices were changing his consciousness at a very fast speed.

And with divine grace, he also discovered a few tools that helped in connecting with the soul aspect of Tina and to clear her energy as well.

These tools are known as energy-clearing tools.

With higher meditative practices, Tinku came to realize that he too have a lot of ancestral karmic baggage to release.

These energy-clearing tools helped him to clear this baggage that was coming to the surface as a result of following higher meditative practices.

It became like a perfect combination.

The practice of Higher kriyas helped him get karmic baggage to the surface and energy-clearing tools cleared that baggage in a similar way like we clear dirt from the surface of our floor by wiping it with a broom.

With this discovery, he went ahead and experimented with lots of energy-clearing tools and understood their usage of them.

It helped in healing certain wounds magically in an instant, and it accelerated his spiritual progress at a much faster pace.

In addition, these energy-clearing tools also helped him to clear his baggage of Tina and also Trigger her awakening, even without getting in contact with her.

This was the fourth of the inner work components.

Diplomacy by Life Coaching

help me out

Tinku was progressing spiritually due to higher meditative practices.

Tina and his family members were not able to follow the same meditative practices as their time had not come yet to learn these tools.

As Tinku was rising in consciousness, his next challenge was to learn to handle people who are not on his same level of understanding.

So his master taught him the art of Life Coaching.

With Life Coaching, Tinku was able to guide a person through their current life situations without even advising or suggesting, or without even getting affected by the energy of others.

Shielding yourself from the energy of others is very important, as otherwise we get entangled in their karma, which ultimately delays our own karma clearing and thus delays harmony with our twin flame.

Tinku understood that when he will meet Tina after this separation period is over, then it will take some time for Tina to rise to the same level of spiritual progress as Tinku.

He knew that, Tina will think of him as the same old Tinku, but in reality, Tinku had changed very much due to his inner work.

So to handle Tina and other people around him in a tactful manner, Tinku equipped himself with the art of life coaching.

This was the final inner work component.


Tinku learned inner work components like Reiki Healing, Past Life Regression, Higher meditative practices & Life coaching and he was finally able to get in contact with Tina by practicing these tools for around a couple of years.

Note here that the inner work he did was specific to the twin flame journey.

There were many other tools that Tinku kept on learning even after their reunion, because learning never stops.

Even Tina started to follow the Inner work routine taught by Tinku and with the help of higher meditative practices and other tools, she was able to raise higher in her understanding and thus finally she was able to get out of her attachments.

What is Twin Flame inner work?

As for tooth problems, you go to a Dentist & for skin problems, you go to a skin specialist, similarly for a twin flame journey, it’s better to do inner work that is specifically designed for a twin flame journey.

If you want to accelerate your journey of harmony with your twin flame, then you can see details of our online twin flame inner work program, which is specific to the twin flame journey.

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