Top 2 Hidden Twin Flame Fear that Married People face8 min read


Learn about the common causes and effects of twin flame fear and how to overcome them for a happier, healthier relationship.

Are you already married and have recently discovered that you’re on a twin flame journey?

Do you feel overwhelmed and scared about how your spouse and others will react to your spiritual connection with your twin flame?

If so, you’re not alone, in fact, 95% of people who approach us are already married for many years.

What is the biggest Twin Flame Fear?

In this video, we’ll explore the top 2 Twin Flame Fear that many twin flames in similar situations face and provide you with practical tips and insights to help you navigate them. So, let’s dive in.

We will explain the biggest Twin Flame Fear with the example of a real twin flame named Tinku. You can watch the video series to learn more about Tinku.

Twin Flame Fear of System Identification

The first Twin Flame Fear that many twin flames in a married relationship face is the fear of system identification.

This is all about what others will say about you and how your image will be affected in front of others when they come to know about your twin flame journey while you’re already married.

You may worry about being judged or criticized for pursuing a spiritual connection with someone other than your spouse.

You may also worry about how your family, friends, or coworkers will perceive you, especially if they don’t believe in twin flames.

How Tinku handled Fear of System Identification?

Let’s understand this with an example of someone who faced this fear and how he overcame it.

When Tinku first realized that he was on a twin flame journey, he felt excited but also scared.

He was already married and worried about what his family and friends would think if they found out.

He was afraid of being judged and labeled as an adulterer.

But then he realized that his journey was unique and that he didn’t need anyone’s approval to follow his heart.

He sought guidance from his spiritual master who understood his journey and started working on himself by doing his inner work.

His spiritual master asked him to keep on doing inner work, cause with his inner work, his energy vibration will rise.

Only his true twin flame will be able to follow him by raising their own vibration.

Other worldly partners will slowly start to lose interest in him as they will not be an energetic match for him.

They might stay or leave his life, but one thing is sure their relationship will change with him for his highest good.

Twin Flame Fear of conflict

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The second fear that many twin flames in a married relationship face are the fear of conflict.

This fear is all about your spouse getting hurt when they come to know about your more intense connection with your twin flame.

You may worry about how your spouse will react to your twin flame journey and whether it will cause strain in your marriage.

How Tinku handled the Fear of conflict?

When Tinku told his spouse about his twin flame journey, she was understandably hurt and confused.

spouse stressed

She felt like he was betraying her and their marriage.

But Tinku knew in his heart that his connection with his twin flame was not a threat to their marriage but a spiritual journey he needed to take.

So, he tried his best to be patient and understanding with his spouse.

Tinku explained the twin flames and how his journey didn’t diminish his love and commitment to her.

Tinku realized that it’s not easy for someone to understand about twin flame connection until they themself had not gone through this journey.

So slowly he stopped trying to convince his partner and became diplomatic about discussing the twin flame connection.

He kept on doing his inner work, as Inner work is something that can’t be opposed by anyone because you are working here to improve yourself.

As his vibration changed and he healed the pattern of opposition and nonunderstanding, his partner also began to change and became more open about this connection.

Soon his partner also started to follow her own spiritual journey and as a healer, Tinku got the intuition that her partner’s twin flame is soon going to appear in her life.

Tinku achieved a harmonious union with his twin flame but at the same time, he is helping his marriage partner and many other people in uniting with their twin flames.


So, if you’re a married person on a twin flame journey, know that you’re not alone in your fears.

Remember that your journey is unique, and you don’t need anyone’s approval to follow your heart.

Below are some tips to handle these fears.


1 You can learn Inner work tools like meditation.

spiritual advisor

2 You can Seek guidance and support from trusted spiritual advisors who have gone through the twin flame journey

patient with spouse

3 You can Be patient and understanding with your spouse, and by understanding their situation, you can slowly keep on doing your inner work.

With time and effort, you can overcome your fears and continue on your spiritual journey with your twin flame.

If you need specialized help for this journey, then you can join our Basic inner work 1 program for twin flames.

References: Life Coach Course as taught by Maha Guru Yogi BuddhaDeva from Deva eternal Yoga

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