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Are twin flames meant to be together? OR Are Twin Flames made to be only with each other? OR Can My Twin Flame Marry someone else? OR Why my twin flame is having sex with someone else?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then continue to read this post.

Are twin flames meant to be together?

Twin Flames share an extremely close connection both emotionally and energetically.

You volunteer to experience unconditional love on a plane of illusion and perceived separation so that you can cut across the illusion and come together.

Twin Flame’s souls even encourage each other to experience as much of life on earth as possible. On a soul level, you two love each other no matter what.

On the earth plane, the story is often quite different due to conditioning and complications that come with physical existence and the involvement of other people.

Energy Of Past Lovers

In our post on past lovers, we explained that it will delay the union if either you or your twin flame is with someone else, especially sexually because Twin Flame Union is the merging process of both twin flame’s energies back together.

When we have sex with someone we inevitably take on some of their energy and they take on some of ours. So if a third or even a fourth person’s energy is involved between you or your twin then union becomes more challenging.

If you or your twin flame have attachments to previous lovers then it is complicating the situation greatly and potentially causes triggering between both of you.

Clearing other people’s energy and attachments will help very much.

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Very Intense relation

The connection between Twin Flames is very strong and intense. So you and your twin flame would not willingly go back to average interactions after having experienced love between you two.

If you or your twin flame are going back to average relations then most probably the reason is either fear or attachment.

Single Partner

As a soul, your Twin Flame loves you unconditionally, Regardless of any behavior shown in physical reality.

In this way, your Twin flame is always with you as a soul who deeply loves his divine counterpart.

Your question about having a single partner is based on this conditioning that you have been taught to have one physical partner by society. This question will become invalid if you have been told since childhood that a woman can have two partners at the same time in her life or a man can have two partners at the same time.

Many physically single-partner relations in society are actually not single-partner relations. This is because of our spiritual and emotional dependency on other people.

For e.g. Some married people tell us that they feel sexual attraction toward their twin but they are not getting sexually involved with their twin as they don’t want to cheat on their partner. Well, they are already cheating their partner by connecting mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to their twin flame.

So the first option is that you are enforcing single-partner relations on yourself.

Or Secondly, you are voluntarily in a single-partner relationship where you really do not have any interest in being with anyone else.

The Twin Flame connection often falls under the voluntarily single partner relation.

Once the Twin flames meet for the first time in human bodies, many of them lose romantic and sexual interest in other people completely.

Habitual Sex

An unawakened Twin flame might be operating on habitual sexual and relationship patterns that he does not truly desire.

Let’s take the example of smoking.

Most people who smoke know it doesn’t help them but they find it hard to stop because the habit is so ingrained.

Habitual sexual relations happen due to energetic patterns and attachments taken on during life on earth.

Society’s conditioning and negative attachments can energetically push your twin flame to seek gratification on the physical plane as an addiction-like behavior.

Although their soul is also hurt when he has habitual sex with another partner while his soul is screaming out for you and you question yourself Are twin flames meant to be together?

Once you start to heal your fears, clear any cords of attachment to previous lovers, and societal ideas of appropriate and even admirable sexual behavior for males and females. Only then you and your twin can come close to each other.

You can start clearing your and your twin’s energy even if you are not with your Twin flame right now. This is because you both share a common energy field.

Fear and Expectation

As mentioned in a previous post, some people fear their Twin Flame more than anything because this is the person whose rejection would hurt them beyond repair.

And as you are a mirror to your twin, so you will show his worst fears to him.

If you are triggering your twin then he will often seek closeness, love, and sexual release with others even if deeply in love with you. 

If you or your twin flame have fears like fear of rejection, fear of hurt, and fear of abandonment then these fears won’t let you two feel the love that exists between both of you.

When your twin acts unloving, there is usually fear involved i.e. they are not feeling safe to open up to give and receive love.

Sensing their feelings

If your Twin Flame connection is a romantic one and your Twin sleeps with someone else it will most likely feel crushing, and something that can make this more challenging is the strong telepathic and emotional connection between the Twins flames.

It effectively means that you can sense when your counterpart is with having sex with another partner. This can be very painful.

But know that there is a connection through which you can feel your twin having sex with someone else.

You can use the same connection to send your love and healing to your twin flame and thus help him in releasing his fears and eventually in his awakening.

Runner’s pain

If you want to understand this, then try to look at situations like these from a non-earth perspective. Ultimately your Twin’s soul always seeks you.

Remember that when your Twin Flame is involved with other people, he is seeking aspects of his divine counterpart i.e. you, in other people.

If you look at the partners of your Twin Flame, you will most often find people with similar traits, appearance, personalities, energy, and so on, as you.

This is a sign that your Twin Flame’s soul is seeking you.

During the healing session of a person, we asked the soul of her twin flame to communicate.  The soul of her twin flame was in pain and asked for forgiveness from her because the physical self of her twin was hurting her. She is the one person that her twin’s soul values the most in the entire universe.

Mirroring your Fears

Nearly all Twin Flames carry the fear of abandonment. Fearing that your Twin Flame will leave you or not be there for you.

When your Twin flame interacts with other people, this fear is deeply triggered. So your twin flame is actually mirroring your fear.

You can release Whatever you fear and whatever bothers you most, by feeling it the deepest and by showing the will to move past it. And beyond fear there is freedom. As long as you have fear, you have limitations.

When you release these fears and rise above, Love becomes Pure Love.

Pure Love is not the Love that you had experienced on earth till now, which is full of expectations and conditions. Often in life, people think they love someone when they are actually scared of losing them or afraid of ending up alone.

On this Twin Flame journey, you are pushed to learn the difference between conditional and unconditional Love, so you can release the attachments that hold you back. Then you can move into the realms of Love for Love’s own sake. Love that holds no expectations and no force.

What lesson is to be learned here?

Let’s understand the lesson to be learned with a small story.

In the Past Life Regression session of a lady, she saw a lifetime where she was forcibly taken from her village during an attack by a king.

She was beautiful, so the king took her along to his kingdom.

She had to stay with him for her whole life.

She hated him and everybody in that kingdom until her last breath, as she was held captive against her will.

When she died in that lifetime and reviewed her life, she learned a lesson that even though she was angry with the king, she could have loved the children and elders of that place.

In her hatred against the king, she failed to love others as well and thus didn’t learn unconditional love and wasted that lifetime.

Similarly, You are being pushed to learn unconditional love even though your twin has hurt you or is hurting you.

How to deal with this situation?

You can work on shifting into your feelings of Love for something else when you feel incapable of loving your Twin Flame as they are with some other partner E.g. Love of the beauty of nature, or Love of music, or Love of the innocence of babies and animals, or maybe some more.

When you shift your love to something else, you will lift yourself into a higher vibration, allowing yourself to feel Love no matter what.

Our Basic Inner work program 1 can help you to reach this state at a much faster speed.

And once you reach that state of unconditional love, you will find your twin flame waiting for you all along.

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Author: Cassady Cayne)

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