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What if my Twin Flame is no more? | Twin flame had died | Hindi

Causes of premature death | What is collective emotional energy? | Twin flame had died | HINDI

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When a Loved one is separated by Death | Twin flame had died | Hindi
What if my twin flame is no more? | Twin flame had died | English

Healing Session

When a Loved one is separated by Death | Twin flame had died | English
How does Inner work help? | Inner work experience

What if my twin flame is no more? | Twin flame had died | Hindi

What happens when your twin flame dies?

If someone’s twin flame dies, then no doubt it is a very painful experience. But this pain can be transcended by knowing the reasons for this loss and this pain can be completely eliminated by spiritual union with the soul of your twin flame.

Can twin flames be separated for years?

Since twin flames are always together in spirit, whether they both realize it or not, it’s imperative to know that if your twin flame dies then it will actually bring the soul of your twin flame, closer to you.

You may be wondering how this happens or how it is possible, but when you pause and think of it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

When twin flame dies, although it may hurt you in the physical world, however in the spirit world, you are ALWAYS together.

No matter what relationship you have had with your twin flame in the physical world, your twin flame’s soul is with you from eons i.e. forever and beyond.

You have been twin flames all your lives and there is no way your twin is “gone”.

What you have to remember is the fact that despite your relationship with your twin flame in this life, your souls are always joined.

If in our day-to-day waking lives, you can feel your twin flames’ presence and your twin’s energy. It means when twin flame dies, it simply makes it easier for you to connect with their soul.

Remember, that in order for someone to be your twin flame, you have had lives with that person, often countless and numerous ones and each time, you have both fought on a metaphysical level to stay together.

When you or your twin flame dies, it just makes it simpler for you guys to actually be together on an astral level.

Your twin flame is forever with you, we just live in a physical body!

What are the reasons for early death?

So why a twin flame dies?

There can be multiple reasons.

How does karma result in death in the family?


In some of your previous birth, you might have died early and your twin flame would have to live alone without you.

Now you are experiencing a similar situation when your twin flame dies and you are living the pain that his death has caused you.

At the same time, there can be some other karmic reasons for early deaths as well i.e. the family of your twin flame choose to experience the death of a member in order to clear some of their karma. For e.g.

Dhitrashtra from Mahabharata asked lord Krishna that why his 100 child were killed.

To this, he was shown a vision that in one of his past lives, he was a hunter. One day, out of frustration, he killed 100 kids of a bird. So he was merely clearing his karma.

How is spiritual progress related to death?

spiritual progress

Some mature to old people also choose to leave the body because their soul realizes that they are not progressing spiritually and due to the conditioning they have received, they will not be able to move ahead on their spiritual journey.

Instead, they will waste the remaining years of their life in unnecessary activities.

So these souls donate their remaining life years to some other close soul, in their family or relation, who has more chance to progress spiritually and then this soul leaves early.

How does ascension result in death?


Not every person is able to handle the process of ascension i.e. they are not trained enough to handle/transmute their emotions and so they also choose to leave this birth so that in the next birth, they can choose better birth settings and get the proper training to handle these emotions.

As the complete earth is ascending, means raising in vibration, so some people are not able to match themself with the change in vibration frequency and so they leave their bodies. For e.g.

Lets say in a swimming pool, there was 4ft of water. So everyone was able to go inside without drowning.

Now let’s say that increase in vibration means an increase in water in the swimming pool and let’s say the water has increased to 8ft.

Now only those who know how to swim will be able to stay in the pool, the rest of them will have to leave. They can learn how to swim and then they can come back again.

How death results in a life-changing decision?

life changing decision

Sometimes a soul chooses to take birth and then leave at a certain time to give a soul shock to close ones. This soul shock can result in life-changing decisions for family members. For e.g.

A popular Past Life regression therapist named Dr. Brian Weiss had a new born son, who died at age of around 3 months.

At the time of the birth of Adam, Dr. Brian Weiss was in the process of choosing medicine science or psychiatry field.

When his son died, it shook the faith of Dr Brian Weiss in medical science, as it could not save his child. And then he chose the psychiatry line.

Many years later, during the regression of a patient, it was revealed that Adam was a very highly evolved soul and it only took birth and left early so that Dr. Brian Weiss can move in the direction of psychiatry line and contribute his magnificent work to the whole world.

What is twin flame soul shock?

soul Shock

When a twin flame dies, the other twin flame gets the biggest soul shock for a period of time.

Although it is a sad fact that anyone should die, when your twin flame dies, you will always feel a deep sense of loss.

This loss is very similar to when twin flames come together and one decides to run away. It’s also called soul shock.

Your twin showed up in your life to inspire your spirit as well as to show you how you didn’t love yourself.

On many levels, both you and your twin flame, don’t love yourselves, and you reflect that in your interactions with each other.

He acted his part by showing you triggers and now as his part is done, he has left the physical world so that his soul can assist you more easily from the spirit plane and thus you two can attain spiritual union.

What is a spiritual union?

spiritual union

Spiritual union means that you are able to feel the presence of the soul of your twin flame whenever you want to feel them.

You feel complete in yourself and thus don’t need them to feel complete.

You have learnt to be happy with yourself, whether you have someone in your life or not.

This is a stage where the physical presence of your twin flame does not matter at all.

In many of our videos, we have described that the Twin flame journey is first about spiritual union with the soul of your Twin flame and then comes physical union.

And even if your twin flame dies, it is still possible to attain spiritual union.

As everyone has a twin flame but not all twin-flame couples incarnate together on earth.

So it also means that if your twin flame is not incarnated with you in the same timeline or your twin flame dies, even then you can unite with them on the spirit plane.

What happens when the soul leaves the body?

soul leaves body

When a soul leaves the body, it goes to the spirit world and depending on its spiritual growth it goes to the appropriate spirit plane from 1 to 7.

In our previous videos we had mentioned that twin flames need to unite in the last spirit world, only then they can proceed to the next universe. And they can unite only if they have the same spiritual growth.

If the soul of one twin has grown spiritually, but on the other hand soul of another twin has not cleared karmas then the soul in the spirit world will have to wait for 100 or a thousand years for its twin flame to rise up spiritually.

Only after that, they can finally unite in the last spirit world and then they can merge back into one soul and move ahead to the next universes.

You can watch our video on this concept of the spirit world.

How to handle grief after a death?

grief of death

If your twin flame dies then no doubt you are going through pain.

Don’t you think that your first step should be to get out of this pain?

And your question should be that what you can do next?

The only solution to this pain is some kind of practice that will help you to get into a spiritual union with the soul of your twin flame.

We call these practices, inner work.

What is possible with inner work?

Twin Flame Inner Work Program

Inner work is the only possible way to attain peace and happiness despite everything that has happened.

With inner work, it is possible to attain peace and Spiritual union with the soul of your twin.

During inner work, you might come to realize that the person who has died is not your twin flame, but a very close soul also known as a twin ray.

This soul had a soul contract to give a soul shock to you. And at the right time with your inner work, your true twin flame might emerge in your life.

It is also possible that the soul of your twin flame may reincarnate in a new body OR

his soul can come early in another body as a walk-in soul.

The possibilities are endless. With inner work, anything is possible.

What is a walk-in soul?

walk-in soul

Let’s say that there is a person named Rakesh who has a soul named R1.

Let’s say that due to some reason, the soul of Rakesh named R1 needs to leave this body. With the Divine’s intervention, another soul can occupy this body when the R1 soul is leaving it. This other soul can be called as R2.

As R2 was not there when the body of Rakesh took birth on earth, this soul R2 just arrived recently, so it will be called a Walk-in soul.

So a walk-in means the original soul of a person departs their body and it is replaced with a new, different, soul.

And the good news is that this new soul can be the soul of your twin flame.

How to identify your walk-in twin flame?

identify twin flame

So how will you identify your twin flame when it meets you in a new body?

We will answer this question with another question how did you identify it first time that so and so person is your twin flame?

Just go back in time and try to see when you first met your twin flame, and then how did you recognize that you have a special bond with this person. A bond is known as a twin flame bond.

The answer here is that it is a matter of inner knowing. When you meet a person, who carries the soul of your twin flame, you will get pulled towards that person. You will gain experience with all twin flame signs with them.

And your heart will let you know that this person is your twin flame.

You can watch our video on twin flame signs in the card above to know more about the signs of a twin flame.

What to do if twin flame tries to connect?

So what should be done when the soul of your twin flame tries to connect with you again, maybe after separation or rebirth or as a walk-in soul?

All you can do is connect with your inner guidance and see what guidance you receive about this situation. Your inner guidance will guide you in every situation.

And Inner work is the only way to connect with your inner guidance. Only inner guidance will reveal the next steps for you.

No one from outside will be able to tell you that so and so the person is your twin flame or what you should do next. Your journey is unique and only you can guide yourself with inner work.

That is why inner work is so important.

Here are a few lines that suit here:

THE BODY MEETS WITH DEATH BUT (जिस्म को मौत आती है लेकिन)

THE SOUL DOESN’T DIE! (रूह को मौत आती नहीं है)

LOVE’S LIGHT, LIGHTED WILL IT REMAIN (इश्क रोशन है, रोशन रहेगा)

ITS LIGHT NEVER FADES! (रोशनी इस की जाती नहीं है)

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