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Discover the reason behind why one twin flame awakening happens first and the impact it has on their soul connection. Get ready for a mind-blowing revelation! Will you get payback for your effort?

Why does one twin flame awakening happen first?

At this now moment there are thousands of Twin Souls and Lightworkers out in the world wondering about and being frustrated about these very questions:

  • Why did my twin flame awakening happen first?
  • Why is it all on me?
  • Why am I the one being asked to do all of this?
  • Why can’t it be done for me?
  • Why am I not receiving more help?

Here are a few reasons for your early twin flame awakening.

Different Spiritual Progress

In previous posts, we learned that sometimes one of the twin flames falls behind in the spiritual journey and the other twin flame takes birth to help their counterpart.

So Let’s say that Your twin flame may be spiritually behind and was falling, so in order to help, you took birth on earth.

Taking birth on earth comes with the condition that you have to forget everything before birth.

Then slowly with your twin flame awakening, you remember everything and then you can help your twin flame.

Helping doesn’t means you will marry your twin flame and then protect them from the world.

They have to learn their lessons from the world.

You can only assist them by working on the common energy that you two share.

Plus once you are ready, you can become their teacher who will guide them with tools, techniques, and wisdom through the ups and downs of life.

This will accelerate their spiritual progress and then you two can eventually unite here on earth as well and finally in the spirit planes as well.

For Spiritual Growth

Let’s assume another scenario where you two are souls who have grown spiritually equally.

In previous posts, we discussed that spiritually evolved twins take birth to help and uplift others.

As you two have forgotten everything before taking birth, so to make sure that you two don’t start living as ordinary human beings, you two planned this birth in a way that will help awaken each other.

And we all know that PAIN is the only catalyst that promotes change.

So now your twin flame is acting in a way to hurt you.

The intention behind their actions is that with this pain, you will start your inner work so that you can remember all your wisdom and then help your twin flame in awakening.

You can not even imagine how much pain they are going through in order to hurt you, who is the same as their own soul?

Try to see the bigger picture. You and your twin got separated in the spirit world. Both of you have come on earth now. You are the one who got awakened first. So probably you are here to help your twin flame in awakening and spiritual progress so that you two can be together eternally.

You have such a grand opportunity at hand and all you are concerned with is these small issues like

  • Your family doesn’t Understand Twin Flames
  • You and your Twin Flame have a big Age Difference of 10, 20, or 40 years
  • You and your Twin Flame have the Same Gender
  • Your Twin Flame is Unawakened
  • You or your Twin Flame are Married to another partner
  • You or your Twin Flame have Children with another partner
  • Your Twin Flame is Running from you OR Ignoring you
  • Your Twin Flame is from another country
  • Your Twin Flame is Cheating on you

And your biggest concern is How will we get married?

His family is not agreeing or my family is opposing us, etc.

Which option is better
1 Wait for thousands of years in the spirit world to get united with your twin flame OR
2 Help your twin resolve some karma by you first working on your awakening.

Please note that twin flame awakening is always painful.

Some of you have not met your twins physically but have encountered them in a dream world, and have received these messages from your twin flame where they ask you to find them.

It’s a kind of desperate call from your twin flame’s soul to you, to start the process of the union by taking some steps.

But due to conditioning, you are more concerned by the current issues in your life, like I am married, I have kids or I have someone else in my life, etc.

Yes, With your current understanding of life, these doubts are correct.

And the only way to come out of your doubts is to start inner work to move ahead on the path of twin flame awakening and thus remember your wisdom and knowledge and laws of the universe.

What is twin flame awakening?

First, Let’s take an example.

Imagine that you are sleeping in a room and someone comes to wake you up in the middle of your sleep.

Would you feel very pleasant?

Would you get up immediately or would you need some time to get back to your senses?

Usually, it takes some time to fully wake up and then get into daily business.

Twin flame awakening is also like this.

Twin flame awakening is not something that happens overnight like you were ignorant till yesterday and now you remember everything today.

You, who had forgotten everything when you took birth on earth, are being pushed now to remember everything.

Earlier you were interacting with your twin flame in an unawakened state.

Only when your twin flame gave you pain that your twin flame awakening started to begin.

This process is slow. It’s not like your twin flame started to ignore you or gave you some pain and you will remember everything after that.

Now it’s your effort that how much work you are willing to put into your awakening in the form of inner work.

If you are only focusing on watching videos and listening to lectures, then it will only feed your intellect.

Until you experience this knowledge by doing some inner work, it will remain just a story for you.

For example, everyone knows that god exists, but until you experience the presence of god, it’s merely an idea.

So twin flame awakening is a slow and gradual process, with which your memories of higher dimensions and spirit world and your wisdom are restored.

And as you get awakened, your soul mission gets revealed to you as well.

Old World thinking

This question and situation come from a mentality of separation.

It shows that you’re still clinging to outdated beliefs that divide people into “you vs me,” “them vs us,” “women vs men,” and so on.

When you start to live at a higher vibration, you’ll start to see this for yourself.

So will I get my payback?

The universe is built on balance, so even if you’re putting in all the effort in one situation, you’ll eventually receive your reward in another.

This is how the universe operates.

So, if you’re going through a rough patch now, things will get better.

The universe strives to bring balance to everything, and nothing remains unbalanced.

By letting go of your frustration in this situation, you open the door for the universe to repay you for your efforts.

Some References are taken from blog: Twinflames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne

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