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What are ancestral Karma and how do they affect the Twin flame journey?

Ancestral Karma

Before we talk about Ancestral Karma, let us first understand the meaning of karma.

What is Karma?

You must have heard people saying these lines “I don’t know what karma has done that I have got such a husband”, “My karma is very heavy” or “I must have done bad karma”, etc.

So which karma are they referring to? or What is the meaning of Karma?

To understand it simply, let’s assume that you are here on this planet to live a movie called Life.

Here you will live many different scenes throughout your lifetime.

Some of these scenes will be pleasant ones and some will be unpleasant.

For ease of understanding, let’s say that karma means living a scene and feeling & exhausting all the associated emotions of that scene.

How is karma created?

So the next question can be how we create new Karma if we are just living the scenes.

You have taken many births and have gone through many emotional ups and downs during those lifetimes.

In any of your lifetime, if you did not fully live that scene and are still carrying any emotional residue from that scene then it becomes your unresolved karma.

For e.g. Let’s say you were humiliated in one of your births. If you were not able to neutralize the situation by living the humiliation and by forgiving the person who humiliated you, then it becomes an unresolved karma between both of you.

Another example is that let’s say you humiliated someone. If that person was not able to live that humiliation fully and was not able to forgive you, then again it becomes an unresolved karma between both of you.

Depending on your previous unresolved karma, you take this life and arrange a set of scenes that you will live in this life and thus you will be able to clear that unresolved karma.

Due to free will, we have the power to make choices in any given situation.

These choices decide whether we generate new karma or we do not generate new karma and instead resolve old karma.

Karma Transfers across lifetimes

So How does this karma gets transferred across lifetimes?

In the last example, you were not able to neutralize the karma of humiliation in that lifetime & thus will carry forward that karma, when you take your next birth.

In the next birth, as you have forgotten everything, so you will first go through the same experience of humiliation i.e. you will again get humiliated and then will try to resolve this karma.

If you are unable to resolve this karma in your lifetime, then you will carry it into the next lifetime, and so on.

This is how we carry forward our karma across a lifetime.

Various types of karma

There are various types of karma e.g.
Individual Karma
Family Karma
Locality(Mohalla) Karma
City Karma
State karma
Country Karma
Continent Karma
Planet Karma
Ancestral Karma

Ancestral Karma

Now let’s understand What is ancestral Karma?

Let’s say your great-grandmother was a simple lady who was cheated on by her husband.

She was not able to forgive her husband by the end of her life.

As she was not able to neutralize this pain, so she will carry it forward to her next life.

In this example, your grandmother’s unresolved karma of getting cheated by someone becomes Ancestral Karma as it is part of your ancestor lineage.

Usually, a group of souls takes birth on earth together. This group is also known as the soul group or ancestral lineage.

You must have heard of this saying “He has accumulated wealth for his seven generations”.

Have you ever wondered why we call “Seven generations” and not “five” or “Nine” generations?

It is because, inside seven generations, we take birth in the same ancestral lineage.

It can be also said like this that we are grandchildren of our grandchildren.

It is also possible that you take birth in one of your lifetimes while your grandmother takes birth as your sister or friend.

When she goes through the experience of being cheated, you help her in neutralizing that pain and help her heal it.

This way you are helping in clearing the ancestral Karma.

Do Twin Flames Have Karma?

So the next question can be Do twin flames, who are also known as master souls, have karma to be resolved?

In previous videos, we learned that twin soul are master souls, which means they are souls who have attained moksha in one of their past births.

If they had attained moksha then that means they are karma-free souls.

But if twin flames are karma-free souls, then how come they go through so much suffering throughout their life?

First, understand that a soul needs karma in order to take birth on earth i.e. If your soul doesn’t have any karma then it cannot take birth on earth.

As long as it has karma to be expedited, it will stay in the body i.e. If all karma is resolved then it cannot stay in the body and it will have to leave it.

So, For your mission to uplift humanity on this planet, you needed unresolved karma so that
1 you can take a body on this planet and
2 You can understand the pain of people who are going through similar kinds of suffering

But from where can you take this karma, as your soul had no karma of its own to be resolved?

Karma Transfer

Here comes the role of Karma Transfer.

You must have heard that some enlightened gurus take the karma of their disciples so that those disciples can progress on their spiritual journey.

We cannot comment on that how much karma can be taken this way, but yes, karma transfer is possible.

In a similar way, you also took some karma from the souls of your ancestor lineage. E.g. you took the unresolved karma of betrayal from the soul of your grandmother.

By taking this karma baggage you can take birth on earth.

Your grandmother had been getting betrayed multiple lifetimes in order to resolve this karma but She was probably not evolved enough to resolve it.

As you have taken this baggage from her, so she does not have to resolve it anymore.

So this is a win-win situation for both of you.

Congratulations, now you have a permit to go to the earth plane to fulfill your Divine mission.

How to resolve ancestral karma?

If you are carrying ancestral karma with you, then you take birth on this planet with that karma baggage of your ancestors.

Then the next question arises How will you resolve this karma of betrayal?

From the last example, To heal betrayal, First, you have to experience betrayal.

Some of your close souls will help you in experiencing betrayal.

They might be your partner, friends, family members, or maybe your twin flame.

They create a situation in your life where you feel betrayed.

E.g. Your partner might have an affair, or your twin is committed to you but now he/she is having sex with someone else or getting married to someone else, or someone has cheated on you in business, etc.

Now as you have been betrayed, you can choose to learn advanced techniques of inner work, that will help you in understanding the spiritual side of why these betrayals are happening to you and will also teach you how you can neutralize this karma.

Note here that In your current state, you might not be able to heal this betrayal, but as you are an evolved soul, so you have the privilege to learn advanced techniques of inner work.

Only by doing your inner work, you can rise to a higher state of understanding and thus you will be able to resolve these karmic patterns.

Whose Karma is it?

The next question can be How do you that whose karma you are living?

The answer is that it does not matter whose karma are you living.

If you have reached here in this video and have learned about this concept of ancestral karma then understand that this video is not available to all the people in the world.

It is because this video explains the same karmic laws which can only be revealed to a certain group of souls, who have evolved to a certain level.

Plus, If you are also getting the privilege to learn inner work techniques like the ones we teach, then it means that you are not an ordinary soul, instead, you are a master soul i.e. a karma-free soul.

As you are a karma-free soul, all Karma that you have lived in this life belongs to someone else i.e. Your ancestors.

Because of your love for your close souls and for humanity, you have taken their karma and are helping humanity in evolution.

The pain created by this karma is to be lived by you.

Your only strength is that you have access to inner work tools that will help you to handle this pain gracefully.

What is the role of a Twin Flame?

So, Where does your twin flame fit in this whole movie of life?

You took on the karma of your ancestors and took birth on earth.

You might have multiple failed relationships, heartbreaks, dysfunctional family patterning, mistreated childhood, or some other form of trauma in your life.

As you had gone through intense trauma yourself, so there is a possibility that you might feel sad and depressed and thus have lost hope of recovery and is unwilling to do inner work that can help you to heal and come out of your current state.

This is why your soul split into two Before coming to earth and took birth on earth in similar timelines.

Your twin soul, who has also come in the human body, will come into your life when all hope seems to be lost and then it will inspire you to search for spiritual truths and thus get aligned with your inner work.

Meeting with twin souls in human bodies is a special and intense experience.

If you had not met your twin soul physically till now, then you cannot even imagine its intensity.

As you are not spiritually awakened, this relationship with your twin will not go smoothly for long.

Once there are hiccups in the relationship, you will start searching for answers and help for this journey.

This is when you will meet a teacher or guru who can help you to understand the truth related to life and death, spirit worlds, the universe beyond it, and about twin souls.

This is the start of your awakening.

You will keep moving on this path and soon you will be awakened fully and will step into your role as master soul.

The driving force to move along this spiritual awakening is the physical aspect of your twin soul.

Your twin is the motivation for you to keep on going after so much suffering.

Plus your twin is the one who will hurt you most. Actually, your twin is just replaying the scenes that will trigger the dormant pain inside of you.

This will help you realize the karma that needs to be healed.

So in a way, anyone who gives you pain or triggers you are actually helping you to realize karma that is to be healed.

And your twin is the team leader of all these actors, who are acting out in your life to help you heal any unresolved karma.

Your Behavior for your Twin

So what should be your behavior/intention towards such a person who helps you figure out your hurtful patterns by hurting you and also helps you feel divine love?

Well, if you are ready to move further ahead on this journey of harmony and union with your twin by clearing yourself of all ancestral karma, then here are a few lines that you can say to your twin.

Dil chahe tutt jaye(THOUGH THE HEART MAY BREAK),
mere dil se yunhi khelo(CONTINUE PLAYING WITH MY HEART)

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