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So you have been cheated on by others and want an answer to How to stop overthinking after being cheated on?

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How to stop overthinking after being cheated on?

The only way to stop overthinking is to do healing of the emotions that one is feeling after being cheated on.

Refer to our healing meditation above to heal the hurt caused due to cheating by a partner or twin flame or by anyone.

Why you were cheated?

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Let’s understand this with a small example.

Imagine a person whom you like very much. Now think about one of his/her personality traits that you like.

Somewhere you also have this personality trait in you, even though you might not be aware of it.

Similarly, Imagine a person whom you don’t like. Now think about one of his/her personality traits that you don’t like.

Somewhere you carry an experience in your memory related to that personality trait.

For example: If you don’t like that this person cheats then it means that either,

  • Others have cheated you in the past which created pain for you,
  • OR you had cheated on yourself and it created pain for you,
  • OR you cheated on someone else and then you or they felt bad about it.

How does past life trauma affect us?

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Let’s say that Rakesh was in love with a girl and she betrayed him by either abandoning him or cheating on him.

Rakesh was devastated by this betrayal.

Later he could not trust any other girl because of this experience. He lived his whole life with this wound and pain of betrayal and then finally died.

Next, he took a new birth.

As we forget everything when we take a new birth, so he forgot that he was betrayed by a girl in a previous life.

Still, as the pain of that experience was very intense and it remained unhealed, in this life Rakesh finds it difficult to trust others, especially girls because subconsciously he is afraid of getting betrayed again.

The pain of betrayal from his last birth is still in his subconscious mind. And it is a commonly known fact that we attract what we are afraid of.

This is because even though your conscious mind is not aware of it, your soul wants to heal and release the pain that you are carrying inside of you so that your soul can get free and then it can merge with the divine i.e. attain Mohska.

So what happens now is that, as Rakesh’s conscious mind does not remember the pain of betrayal from their last birth, a person, let’s say, Tina, comes into his life and helps Rakesh to remember the pain.

You can ask this question how Tina helps him in remembering the pain?

Well, Tina helps him to remember that pain by betraying him, so that the pain of betrayal that is there in his subconscious mind, can come out in his awareness, and thus he can take steps to heal it.

This may sound strange but how can someone help you by hurting you?

But understand that Tina is only acting out to recreate a scene so that Rakesh is able to remember the pain that already exists in his subconscious mind.

Now Rakesh can either choose to heal this pain or he can carry forward this pain to his next life together with other negative experiences from this life as well.

The pain of those experiences will go down into the subconscious mind with time and will become dormant.

Understand more about the mirroring effect in the following article.

How karma affects life?

We would like to say this don’t think yourself to be Rakesh.

Instead think of Rakesh as your ancestors, like your great-grandfather or great-grandmother.

These ancestor souls were not evolved enough and were not capable to handle the wound of betrayal.

So, You volunteered to take the karma of your loved ones, out of compassion and love and thus decided to heal this karma in this birth.

You knew that although you will forget everything when you take this birth, you will be able to find a way and will be able to sort things.


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