Inner Work Program


Last Chance to join Inner Work Batch that started on 4th April, 2021:

Next Class Date: Sunday, 18 Apr 2021 Time: Evening 4 PM IST Language: Hindi/English Teacher: Ritu Om/Param Location: Online(Zoom)

To book seat leave what's app message to: Param: +91-94780-16938 Ritu OM: +91-98764-91309 Note: 1 This program is completely separate from our Chakra Balancing Program. 2 See Below for fee details and discounts.

Aim of Inner Work:

The aim of inner work program is to teach you tools and techniques so that you can have more peace and clarity. So inner work can be done by everyone.

This inner work program is designed in a way to make you self dependent, so that by the end of program you can handle your life’s journey without needing any external help.

What you will get:

Utilizing the knowledge from ancient Yogic Wisdom and modern Energy Clearing techniques, this inner work program teaches following:

  1. Higher Kriyas to raise your frequency and awareness, making you immune to the ups and downs of your journey.
  2. Life Transformation tools and techniques.
  3. Communication techniques to communicate with soul aspect of your spirit guide/soulmate/twin flame to get answers to questions about your journey.
  4. Freedom from energetic blockages by using Energy clearing techniques that are causing distance between you and your twin. For e.g.
    1. Clearing past lovers energy
    2. Forgiveness for old hurts
    3. Healing fears
    4. Chakra clearing
    5. And more…
  5. Audio recordings of energy clearing tools both in Hindi and English language.
  6. Total change in perception
  7. Spiritual growth
  8. Opening up of gateway to abundance
  9. Increased intuitive and concentration power to manifest your desire.
  10. Facilitation of Initiation by Yogi Buddhadeva, if you are prepared and wishes to get initiated.


  • Total inner work classes: 12
    • These 12 classes have been divided into three stages.
    • Stage 1 (4 classes) – Cleansing of energetic body
    • Stage 2 (4 classes) – Cleansing and preparation of Chakras
    • Stage 3 (4 classes) – Fast track kriyas and tools towards harmony
  • Class frequency: On every alternate Sunday
  • Class duration: 1.5 – 2 hrs.
    • Audio recording of healing sessions will be provided to practice.
  • Class types:
    • Group: A group of students doing inner work and moving ahead together on their journey.
  • Course duration – Approx. Six months
  • Energy Exchange Fee: Rs 67,500/USD 1350 (See below for discounts)

If You Miss a Class

If you have to miss a certain class, then you will get either a follow-up mini class to cover what you had missed, OR you will take missed class with next student-group(depending on availability).

Fees & Discounts: (w.e.f 13th Apr 2021)

Trial Class



Rs 5,600/ USD 120

Duration: 1 class

5% Off



Rs 21,300/ USD 425

Duration: 4 classes in 2 Months

10% Off



Rs 30,300/ USD 599

Duration: 6 classes in 3 Months


15% Off



Rs 38,250/ USD 765

Duration: 8 classes in 4 Months

20% Off



Rs 54,000/ USD 1080

Duration: 12 classes in 6 Months. 

Pay Rs 30,300/USD 599 at start of course & Pay remaining Rs 23,700/USD 481 after one month i.e. before third class.

Two Installment

25% Off



Rs 50,500/ USD 1010

Duration: 12 classes in 6 Months.

No Installments

Best Deal

Early Seat Booking Discount

Additional 5% off if you book your seat 2 weeks in advance from start date of next batch i.e. before Monday 8th Mar 2021, 6 PM

First 2 Weeks Package Upgrade Discount

If you like your first class and wants to upgrade your class package, then you can do so before second class. Your already paid fee will be adjusted in the upgraded class package fee.

College Student Discounts
College students can show their current college ID card to get additional 20% off.
Fee Notes
  • Fee once received will be non refundable.
  • Fee once received is non transferable i.e. It won’t be adjusted in any other course.
  • Fee for international students includes priority support outside our working hours.

Inner Work Experience:

Inner Work Program: