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Twin Flame Sex

How Twin Flame Sex is different from sex between soulmates?

Twin Flame Signs

In our video on Twin Flame signs, we have discussed about how Your first kiss or intimate encounter with Twin Flame is something that you have never experienced before in this life.

This is because Most Twin Flames couples who are romantically involved, also share a connection which has irresistible pull.

Twin flame sex goes beyond from physical levels to spiritual levels as well.

Aspects of intimacy

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Twin Flame Sex is not just a physical act, in fact most of the sexual pleasure is a cerebral act i.e. it occurs in the brain.

To understand Twin Flame Sex, lets briefly understand about four aspect of intimacy and how we experience intimacy with different type of partners.

The Animal Way of Intimacy

Person who are engaged in animal way of intimacy can be rough and violent.

For them, it is not an emotional need but a pure biological need.

They are not concerned with your feelings.

This type of person can sleep with any partner.

They make this Relationship for only sexual gratification.

And such person can hurt other partner physically or emotionally.

Note here that most but not all men participate in The Animal Way of Intimacy.

The Human Way of Intimacy

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Here you need to feel love for the other person and you need to feel loved back.

Fulfillment depends on feelings and sentiments including love, bonding, attachment and a sense of belonging.

You yearn for their attention. You wish to be loved back.

You want to be everything to them and vice-versa too.

Note here that Most but not all women participate in The Human Way of Intimacy.

The Warrior Way of Intimacy

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In Warrior Way of Intimacy, one of the two partners is always dominant

It involves greater sense of detachment

They like to be Protective for you, but not possessive.

They like to continue this type of intimacy for Long Duration.

They likes to be your strength and support.

The Divine Way of Intimacy


And finally the divine way of intimacy is the ultimate stage in the evolution of sexual consciousness.

Here sexual act is only an extension, an expression of love.

Here partners are Givers with no demands.

Both partners offer their body, mind and soul and they Unite in love at all levels.

Twin Flame Sex

The Divine Way of Intimacy can be experienced during Twin Flame Sex when both of them reach their Divine selves i.e. when they become true Divine Feminine and true Devine Masculine.

And when this happens then you can experience following during Twin Flame Sex:

  • Shared climaxes where you feel your twin flame’s pleasure as your own, as well as non physical climaxes.
  • A feeling that your chakras are talking to their chakras
  • A feeling that its not just physical pleasure but its happening on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  • A feeling of exchange of energy, thoughts and feelings with your twin flame.
  • A connection with source when you climax.

Twin flames intimate dreams

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Except for The Divine Way of Intimacy, we need a physical partner to experience the pleasure in other ways of intimacy.

But Divine way of intimacy can happen even without a physical partner.

Twin flames intimate dreams are a way with which, the soul of your twin flame shows you that how Twin Flame Sex can lead to divine bliss and pleasure.

Their soul is showing you that this divine bliss is only possible when both of you get intimate in complete surrender to each other.

And these Twin flames intimate dreams also provides you with some healing energy and clearing of old heavy energy and downloading of new light codes, as you progress on your inner work journey.



To summarize,

Twin Flame Sex is something out of this world experience when both the partners reach their divine self and participate in Divine way of Intimacy.

If you are having Twin flames intimate/sexual dreams then it means that the soul of your twin flame is reaching out to you, confirming that yes they are your twin flame.

And they are also showing you a glimpse of what divine bliss awaits you, if you move ahead on the path of twin flame union by doing your inner work.

Some times a past lover can also try to connect you on dream plane, but that experience of intimacy will not be same as the one that you have with your twin flame on dream plane.

You can clear energy of such past lover from you, who try to connect you on dream plane. If they are your true twin flame then their energy will not disconnect, and if they are just a past lover then clearing their energy will completely free you from them.

You can subscribe our free email list to get free tools to clear energy of past lovers.

We talk more about it in our workshop on how to use Twin Flame sexual energy for ascension.

(Reference Book: Kundalini – An untold story, Book by Om Swami)

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