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Before we explain twin flame stages, first Keep in mind that all that happens in a twin flame connection happens for a reason and is perfectly guided by our soul.

All of these stages might not apply to your case. And we recommend not to compare your story with anyone else. Each twin flame pair is unique and they go through these twin flame stages as per there unique soul contract.

Twin Flame Stages

Most(not all) twin flames go through these twin flame stages.


Longing twin flame stage

In the Longing twin flame stage, there is a feeling of incompleteness or as if something or some part of you is missing. And so you are longing for something or someone so that you can feel complete or satisfied.

Bubble love/The beginning

Bubble love twin flame stage

Out of all twin flame stages, this is the one where we meet our twin for the first time, whether physically or online or in a dream.

We experience a different kind of love(like an electrifying kiss) and a feeling of completeness.

This twin flame stage is supposed to be the bait in front of us to keep us going and to remind us of what we are striving for.

Balancing/Preparation stage

Balancing twin flame stage

The individual balancing of the two parts.

Most(not all) twin flame couples stay apart in this twin flame stage so that they can focus on their own healings.

The individual balancing of both twins can happen in any one of the following ways:

  1. No Separation Phase at all(Note: Toughest one)
    i.e. both twins stay together and work on their healings. It’s tough to stay with a person who shows you your worst triggers every day and night. So this option is very difficult to handle.
  2. Early Reunion after short Separation
    If the karmic baggage to be healed is less then twin flame couple reunite very soon
  3. On and off and on and off
    i.e. Both twins reunite and then separate multiple times. When they get triggered, they need space to heal it and so they take some time off. They again get back and separate again on the next trigger.
  4. Separation and Friendship only until all is cleared
    i.e. Twins decide to stay as friends so that they dont have bigger expectations from each other.
  5. Spiritual Connection first (Mostly between celebrity twins)
    When one of the twins is a celebrity then it’s not easy to approach them physically by another twin. So one twin can connect with the other twin on an astral/dream plane and can send feelings, emotions and healings to the celebrity twin that will help him in awakening.
  6. Separation and no Reunion(If no inner work is done)
    i.e. If you are only focused on reading energy updates or tarot card readings, but not taking any steps to do inner work, then there will be no reunion.

Reunion Initiated

It is the balancing between the two twin flame partners.

When a complete soul splits into two twins, the two parts are not “split” equally.

One part usually has more feminine and the other part has more masculine energies within.

So in this twin flame stage, these energies are tuned into each other to get used to work together in a harmonic way.

Complete Reunion

Twin Flame Inner Work Program

It is the balancing between the twin pair and God/Source.

When a twin flame couple is able to balance the energies between the two bodies, balancing with Source energy starts.

This is called Third Energy, which is the sexual energy of creation, flowing in as something very powerful and sacred, coming from a place of love, not fear.

This twin flame stage is to be experienced, it cannot be explained in words.

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