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Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic

What is the difference between Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic vs Twin Rays and the most infamous one i.e. the False Twin Flame?

What is the difference between Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic?

We are all energy beings. The only difference is our vibration frequency.

As weight is measured in kilograms, so vibration frequency is measured in Hertz(Hz).

Like in schools, a student is assigned a roll number, so for ease, let’s assume that each soul is given a roll number.

E.g. – Maybe I have roll number 432 and another person has roll number 440.

Relation between a SOUL, TWIN RAY, SOULMATE?

A Soul = You

Let’s see this image of the leaves of the tree. Each leaf on this tree represents a complete soul i.e. you and your twins’ combined soul.

If we split a leaf into two halves, then one half will be you and another half will be your twin flame.

And if you have a roll number of 432 then your twin flame will also have exact same roll number i.e. 432.

So Two Souls having the same roll number are called twin flames.

A Twin Ray = Your Nearest neighbor & Closest frequency match & Loving and joyful relation.

In this image, the leaves that are closest to your leaf represent Twin Rays. This means that the closest souls to you after your twin flame are called Twin Rays.

They have very similar roll numbers to you but they are not the exact match. E.g. if you have a roll number 432, then they can have a roll number 431 or 433, etc.

Mostly twin rays are pleasant relationships in our life, as they are supportive and very similar to you.

So if you have a supporting person in your life whether father, mother, brother, sister, husband, friend, etc then we can say that this person is your twin ray.

A Soul Mate = All others souls who come into your life to teach lessons.

In this image, the leaves that are farther away represent Soulmates i.e. Souls who are farther away are called Soulmates.

They have a very huge difference in their roll number from yours, e.g. if you have a roll number 432, then they can have a roll number 500 or 533, etc.

They can be called Soulmates, Karmic, Karmic Twins, Or False Twin Flames.

Why do they come into our life?

So now we know that there are twin flames, twin rays, and soulmates that can also be categorized as Karmic, Karmic Twins, Or False Twin Flames.

Let’s understand why they come into our life.

In previous videos, we understood that twin flames come to help in the evolution of our planet.

So first they absorb karma and negativity from their ancestors and surrounding, during their upbringing and conditioning.

And then later in their life, when they meet, it triggers the release of all this hidden negativity inside them.

How does this happen?

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you had an accident and have wounds on your whole body.

But you are unable to move your neck, you can only see straight. To see the wounds on your body, you need a mirror.

Now, which of the following situation will be more bearable to you?

1 You are shown a face-length mirror that can only show a part of your body at a time. Until that part is completely healed, this face-length mirror will stay there. You can focus on its healing. Once healed, the mirror will move on to the next part. You can do the healing there and this process will go on until you heal yourself completely.

2 You are shown a full-length mirror that will show all the wounds on your body. Many people will be disheartened to see themself so badly wounded and lose hope or may get into depression. Clearly, this option is difficult to handle.

So now understand that your twin flame is a full-length mirror to you. Your twin flame will show you all the hurts, guilt, fears, and wounds that you experienced during your upbringing, till the time you met your twin flame, which you still have in your memory.

And these Karmic Twins, False Twins, and other soulmates are face-length mirrors. They only reflect a part of you, so that you can heal and then move on to heal the next wound.

Karmic Twin Flame or a False Twin

In our journey towards Twin Flame Union, we often meet soul mates and people who mirror our Twin Flame. You could call these people our “Karmic Twin Flame” or “False Twin”.

This is a way for us to work out our issues with these individuals before we meet our true Twin Flame in unconditional love for our reunion.

Twin Flames often incarnate together so that they can help each other resolve karmic patterns and learn about the different facets of love.

These people help us prepare for our encounter with our True Twin, by allowing us to work out our karmic patterns in a “safe testing ground”.

These Soul Mates often come into our lives to help us evolve. They can be intense and uncomfortable relationships, but they are ultimately there to help us grow and release anything that stands in the way of unconditional love. They are there to teach us something. They act as “evolution helpers” to us and us to them.

Soul Mates and “False Twins” motivate us to let go of any negativity and bad habits so that when we meet our Twin Flame we are healed.

We in return help them prepare for their own Twin Flame Union or to learn about love.

So let’s call them “Pre-Twin” or a “Soul Mate Helper” because they help you grow.

False Twin Flame

If you are still want to hear more about False twin flame, then understand that as there can be only one twin flame, so all other people except for your twin flame, who resemble your twin flame, are False twin flame.

But understand that only those people can come to your life, who is a vibration match to you. So if there is someone who does not appear to be a good person, but he/she is there in your life, then understand that the person is a vibration match to you.

Maybe you want to hear us saying that False twin Flames are bad, abusive, dominating, narcissistic, psychopaths, and more.

But, Remember that they are somewhere helping you heal and grow.

Why Twin Flame hurt so much?

Your Twin Flame has abandoned you
Your Twin Flame has abandoned you

Many twins ask this question how it is possible that their twin can hurt them so much?

For this, there is a short poem here:

People make death Infamous, but in reality, it is Life itself that gives us pain.

Similarly, People try to figure out if so and so the person is my false twin, whereas the biggest pain and hurt are triggered in us by our true twin flame.

This is their whole purpose, to show you the hurts that you are carrying and thus heal them and get free from them, so that you two can come together in unconditional love.

Once the initial bubble love phase is over, you will not be able to stand your twin flame continuously every day.

This is why they stay at a distance from you and come back when you are ready to handle the hurts reflected by them.

How to deal with false Twin flame?

So what is Recommended way to deal with them?

There is only one solution and that is to do your inner work.

This will remove these False Twins from your life and it will also change your true twin flame faster and they become a better version of themself.

Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic

So instead of calling Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic, we can treat them all as team members, who ar helping you to grow.

(Reference Blog: TwinFlame1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

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