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Most commonly asked questions:

  • What is the content of the Healing/Coaching session?
    • We will try to figure out that what is creating blocks/separation in your twin flame relation and then we can try to heal it.
      Usually we recommend people to go through the Twin Flame Inner Work  program, in which we teach higher meditation practices and we also do similar healing, as we do in this Healing/Coaching session.
      Healing/Coaching session is also a good way to get to know us, as you will understand our method of teaching and healing.
  • How did we come to be a Twin Flame Coach?
    • We have gone through this journey our self and had reached a harmonious union.
      So now we teach the tools that we had learned during our journey to twins who approach us from all over the world.
  • How do you go about finding out the blocks in the twin flame connection and about the healing?
    • We teach students about how to communicate with their Spirit guides and Twin’s higher self.
      With guidance from Spirit guides, one can find out the blocks to union.
      There are various tools that help in clearing these blocks. We teach about how and when to use these tools for maximum healing.
  • How much is energy exchange fee?
    • Energy Exchange fee is mentioned in each course. Please check course details.
  • How fee is to be paid?
    • Local students can pay fee by bank transfer.
    • International students can pay using
      • Paypal
      • Transferwise
      • Western Union
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