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Why can’t your counterpart do inner work for you? or Why divine feminine awakening happens first? or Why is mostly inner work done by a feminine energy-dominant person?

Let’s try to understand this in this post.

When twin flame will awaken?

Many people ask the question “I am awakened, so when my counterpart will awaken?”

They have even calculated that they had awakened 50% or 70%, and only 30% awakening is left.

Well, first we would like to say that the terms “awakening” and “realizing” that someone is your Twin Flame are two different things.

Realizing You are Twin Flame

Realization means that you finally get to know about the concept of twin flame following all the signs/synchronicity/ numbers etc., which leads you to a whole new idea of the twin flame.

Then you try to associate all the dots and circumstances that occurred with you when you were with that particular “person” (whom till now you only thought to be your boyfriend/ friend or husband).

You can be a female or a male (it doesn’t matter).

Divine feminine awakening

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Now let’s talk about Divine feminine awakening. The term Divine feminine Awakening associates a huge meaning to itself.

Divine feminine awakening is not simply realizing that so and so is your Twin Flame, instead, it is a whole lot of very long process.

It is not necessary but, Divine feminine awakening generally occurs in separation, as both the divine counterparts have to work on their individual issues.

Divine feminine awakening is waking up to the realization that the beliefs on which you have been operating, were not the ultimate truth, or it was not the best way to live your life.

It includes anything/everything that you were doing or believing till now, which was apparently not your own but was pushed into you by the conditioning that you received from your surroundings.

These beliefs/conditioning can be different for different individuals.

You start the process of abandonment of your “shadow self” just as we need to take off our clothes when it gets dirty.

What exactly is our shadow self?

shadow self

Let’s understand this with an example.

Let’s say you are a male and you have been told by people around you to be smart and clever otherwise people will make fool of you, OR

Let’s say you are a female, and you have been trained from childhood to seek approval from others like your father, brother, or others around you. If others don’t approve of you then you are not good enough.

You have to please everyone around you to get their approval and in the process, you may make many compromises at the cost of your own physical mental, and emotional well-being.

So, the Shadow self is everything that you unknowingly become in order to fit into this society i.e. society of humans.

Your mind was conditioned with everything that you need to do just because “that is how it should be or that is how it has to be” since your childhood. Parental/family conditioning has a great role here.

In this process, you forgot who you really are. You feel like a different person. You know deep down that this is not “you”, but today you are “this” because that is what is acceptable and that is how you can feel comfortable if you want to live here.

This means for comfort you looked for acceptance and for acceptance you sabotaged the real “you”.

Now you are living but you are not happy or peaceful, which you “should be” as per the conditioning you received(including your parents).

This happens because right now you are not your real self but your shadow self or false self.

But you don’t realize this. You are so engulfed by society’s programming that you don’t even realize that you are not this.



Hence the divine purpose of the Twin Flame starts here – Transformation.

Many people ask this question to us why they have to go through this journey or why Divine feminine awakening happens.

The answer is so that you can go through a transformation.

Transformation into who you really are. You venture onto this path of taking off all your shadow selves and turn into a pure divine being that you actually were when you were born- pure and selfless.

By moving on the path of Divine feminine awakening you start to stay in a completely different state where jealousy, hatred, envy, and ego have no place in your life.

You feel divine from within. Now you feel like yourself. Now you know the actual purpose of human life. You live at peace with your inner self.

There’s no conflict between your heart and your mind. Both work together. Despite being present in this 3D world, you are happy.

You are content. You no longer need any acceptance from anybody nor do you need any partner to complete you but your partner comes.

This partner is your “divine twin flame” whom you went through so many cycles of union and separation but at this juncture, you know that all that happened was so important.

He too went through the period of awakening sooner or later and now is in a similar state as you.

At this juncture, both souls merge and despite being two, you feel one.

Congratulations, you got your union. All your hard work and inner work paid off.

That is what it is.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Before we answer “Why Divine feminine awakening happens first?”, we would like to explain briefly what is Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are very big words in themselves.

When someone contacts us that person tells us that she is Divine feminine and her Divine Masculine is not awakened yet.

We would like to add here that until we are fully awakened by doing inner work, we are just regular souls. Lots of inner work is needed to reach the state of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

In the following post, we discussed that it is not necessary that Divine Feminine is a Biological Female, or Divine Masculine is a Biological Male.

A male can be of a predominately “feminine” energy and a woman of a predominately “masculine” energy – even without this affecting their sexuality.

So twin souls can choose bodies in any combination. It means

  • The masculine soul takes the male body and the Feminine soul takes the female body i.e. You and your twin are male and female.
  • OR Masculine soul takes the male body and the Feminine soul also takes the male body i.e. You and your twin are both males.
  • OR Masculine soul takes the female body and the Feminine soul takes the male body i.e. You and your twin are male and female but the one who is male has dominant feminine characteristics and the one who is female has dominant masculine characteristics.
  • OR Masculine soul takes the female body and the Feminine soul also takes the female body i.e. You and your twin are both females.

In most cases, it is generally the “female”, whom we in the language of twin flames call “divine feminine”, comes to this realization first.

Why does Divine Feminine realize First?

So, The actual question should be Why Divine Feminine i.e. the soul with dominant feminine characteristics irrespective of its physical gender, Realizes this twin flame connection first?

Feminine energy, is designed by nature with more intuition, more receptive toward own and others’ feelings, and more caring, nurturing, and loving.

Feminine energy is designed to act as a bridge between this physical world and the worlds beyond i.e. feminine energy is more capable of feeling the presence of other worlds like the spirit world, angels, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings.

If you are dominant in feminine energy, you might have been feeling the presence of these worlds or psychic phenomena like a premonition, angels or spirits presence, etc, and it’s possible that others around you, especially men, might have called you mad.

This is because masculine energy is much involved in other things and they don’t even realize their own emotions.

They have a much stronger ego (which is not the case with females) which keeps them away from their own feelings and due to this, they keep hurting themselves even more unknowingly.

So they are always late to attain awakening. That is how the universe has designed us.

So this reality to some extent also governs this journey.


So to simply answer your question, in the majority of the twin flame cases, a person with dominant Feminine energy is the first to follow the path of awakening followed by the dominant masculine energy counterpart.

Team work

Even though right now you seem to be doing every effort, soon they will join you in this process of inner work. As they need you right now to move ahead on the path of Divine feminine awakening, similarly in the coming time you will need them to move ahead on your soul mission.

You can start your soul mission alone also, but You cannot work with full potential in your soul mission without them.

Always remember that You two are a team.

If you are not happy with your twin flame’s behavior right now then you can understand the reason behind their behavior in the following post.

We hope this post gives you some clarity.

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