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In this post, we will talk about what is spiritual guidance. and What is The Difficulty of Following spiritual guidance, and what is the one key secret to answering how to unite faster with twin flame?

We will take an example of a real twin flame Tinku, and how spiritual guidance helped him in reunion.

What is spiritual guidance?

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Spiritual guidance is the idea that there is a higher power or force that can guide us in making decisions and navigating our lives.

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For example, During the separation, Tinku was unsure whether to continue doing inner work, as he was even not sure whether the person he is thinking about is his twin flame.

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He received many signs in dreams or like seeing the number 11:11 repeatedly, which were messages from the universe that he was on the right path and he should keep on moving ahead.

The Difficulty of Following Spiritual Guidance

Difficult Divine Guidance

While the concept of Spiritual Guidance might sound simple, it can be challenging to follow, especially on a twin flame journey.

You may question if you’re interpreting the signs correctly, or you might struggle to let go of your ego and trust in a higher power.

For example, when stress was increasing for Tinku before separation, then he received this guidance to let go of his twin flame, but as he was attached to her, so he ignored this Spiritual Guidance.

This choice of not letting go of his twin flame resulted in an increase in the intensity of stress which led to a mental breakdown and finally he had to separate from his twin flame as no other choice was left.

The Benefits of Following Spiritual Guidance

Despite the difficulty of following Spiritual Guidance, there are numerous benefits, especially on a twin flame journey.

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For instance, after separation, Tinku received guidance to take a break from his twin flame connection to focus on his personal growth.

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Following this guidance brought peace and clarity to his life, helped him align with his soul’s purpose, and ultimately lead to a more fulfilling relationship with his twin flame.

How to Connect with Spiritual Guidance

Connecting with Spiritual Guidance requires openness, patience, and a willingness to receive messages from a higher power.

For example, Tinku started to practice inner work techniques like meditation and praying to receive guidance for his twin flame journey.

He also started journaling all his dreams & visions and reflected on the signs and messages he had received, which in turn helped him to interpret and understand the meaning of these dreams and visions.

You can use our “Meet your twin flame” tool to connect with the guidance from the soul of Your Twin flame.

How to identify Spiritual Guidance?

We receive guidance either through our higher self i.e. Spiritual Guidance or through our lower or worldly self i.e. Ego guidance.

Spiritual Guidance never forces itself onto you i.e. it does not create a sense of emergency. It tells you the best option to choose and then lets you take a decision. It is generally more focused on the highest good of all beings around you.

Whereas Ego or fear-based guidance creates a sense of emergency in order for you to take action immediately. It is also concerned more about your well-being than about others.

For example, Tinku separated from his twin flame due to third-party issues. During separation, Tinku received this message from this third party that they don’t have any objection and that Tinku can meet his twin flame. Tinku was waiting for such news and he felt very happy.

When he sought guidance from his master on this matter, he received an answer that if he re-initiated a connection, it will again lead to the same stress as before as he is not ready yet.

So it is his choice whether to wait for more and keep working on himself OR to reinitiate connection with Tina.

Tinku decided to wait and work more on himself, although his worldly self wanted to meet his twin flame.

When the right time came, he received Spiritual Guidance to initiate contact with his twin flame.

He reconfirmed this guidance with his Spiritual Master and after getting confirmation, he moved ahead and connected with his twin flame.

How to unite faster with twin flame?

The purpose of all inner work is that you become receptive to listening to Spiritual Guidance and you find the inner strength to follow this guidance as well.

And this is the key to a faster reunion with your twin flame.

Your union is not dependent on how many hours you do meditation or how many healing sessions have you gone through.

The union and harmony are dependent on how much are you able to follow this Spiritual Guidance that you receive.

The faster you are able to follow this guidance, the sooner you will clear all your baggage and move ahead in changing your life as per Divine’s plan and the faster your reunion will be with your twin flame.

For example, Tinku had to take some difficult decisions like staying away from his twin flame or quitting his well-paid job or getting energetically distant from his marriage partner. But all of these decisions helped him in achieving a reunion in just a couple of years which otherwise could have taken a decade, as predicted by a tarot card reader.

The Role of Free Will in Spiritual Guidance

free will

While Spiritual Guidance can provide clarity and direction on your twin flame journey, it’s crucial to remember that you still have free will.

For example, it was a difficult step for Tinku to follow the Spiritual Guidance to take a break from his twin flame connection to focus on personal growth.

He consulted his Spiritual master and his master said that Tinku will be able to make spiritual progress faster by staying away from his twin flame and can reach a stable state in 2 years, which otherwise may take up to 10 years.

His master said that it’s he has given him all the knowledge, but still, Tinku has to take decisions as per his inner calling.

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At the end of the Bhagwad Gita, lord Krishna says “O Arjuna, I have given you all spiritual knowledge, but it is ultimately your decision which path you follow.”


In conclusion, on a twin flame journey, Spiritual Guidance can provide insight, clarity, and direction when navigating obstacles and making decisions.

However, following Spiritual Guidance can be challenging and requires openness, patience, and a willingness to trust in a higher power.

By meditating, praying, or journaling to connect with Spiritual Guidance, you can gain a deeper understanding of your journey and align with your soul’s purpose.

Spiritual Guidance never forces itself onto you.

Spiritual Guidance is the key to faster twin flame reunion and harmony.

Remember, while Spiritual Guidance can provide direction, you still have the power of free will to decide your own path on your twin flame journey.

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