Top 1 Hidden Reason For Twin Flame Separation


Why twin flame separation Happens?

Every Soul have a Twin flame

Before we explain that Why twin flame separation happens, first understand that every soul has a twin flame.

But not all twin flames take birth at same time in same timeline as Twin flame connection in physical bodies is very intense and less evolved souls are not able to handle this experience.

In case your twin flame has not taken birth then they are in spirt world, guiding you on your journey.

If you want to confirm about your twin flame then try this guided meditation that helps you connect with the soul aspect of your twin. You can ask your questions from the soul aspect of your twin and can use this session daily.

Twin flames take birth on earth at the same time to facilitate the cosmic plan to cleanse the whole earth from the inside out to uplift the collective energies to a higher vibration of love, peace, unity.

Scenario 1 – For Twin Flame Journey

Let’s assume first situation where both you and your twin are have taken birth on earth and both of you are

  • of same age,
  • belong to families with similar status and caste,
  • similar religion,
  • one of you is male and one of you is female,
  • both are single,
  • doing good jobs.

This is the ideal situation and with very high probability that twin flame can get married.

Let’s say that you get married and have a home on this planet.

As you feel complete with your twin flame, so you are happy and content to be together and wont bother for others.

And so you will live this life with each other and finally die.

Scenario 2 – For Twin Flame Journey

Now Let’s assume second situation where before birth, both you and your twin flame choose a setting in which

  • You or your Twin Flame are already Married to other partners
  • OR You or your Twin Flame have Children with other partner
  • OR You belong to families with different status, caste or religion
  • OR You and you Twin Flame have big Age Difference of 5, 10, 20 or 40 years
  • OR Male is much younger and female is much older
  • OR You and your Twin Flame have Same Gender means either both are male or both are female
  • OR Your families doesn’t Understand Twin Flames
  • OR Your Twin Flame is Unawakened
  • OR Your Twin Flame is Running from you OR Ignoring you
  • OR Your twin flame is in another country
  • Or May be some more

As you had met your twin flame so there is an irresistible pull and desire to unite with your twin flame, but these issues will not let you two unite.

Which of these situations will make you do your inner work?

First situation in which everything is favorable or second situation in which there are issues to union which leads to twin flame separation?

Why twin flame separation Happens?

Understand this that twin souls are highly evolved souls i.e. master souls.

Divine wants you to unite but only when you are fully awakened and step into your role as master soul and
not as a regular human being or a regular soul.

If you unite as a regular human being, then you will be only interested in getting married, having kids, growing kids and finally die.

Animals also do something like this.

So if twin flames are also coming to live in a similar way as a regular human being who lives like an animal, then what is the difference between master souls and regular souls.

We are not saying that you cannot get married with your twin soul. We are trying to say that until you awaken fully, it’s not easy to end twin flame separation OR it may be impossible to end twin flame separation.

How Souls Fall spiritually?

You might force your way to end twin flame separation into union by hurting so many others and creating more karma and this is how twin flames fall spiritually.

Some twin flames succeed in rising spiritually while many fall down spiritually and this way the cycle between earth and spirit world keeps on going.

When you force your way to end twin flame separation and into union with your twin, it brings stress, anxiety and spiritual fall happens.


As we come on earth by forgetting everything, so in order to be forced to do inner work, twin flames take birth on earth and choose such social, religious, geographical, family and other situations so that twin flame separation happens and then there is no other way to unite, but to do the inner work.

This is Why twin flame separation Happens so that you do your inner work first and step into your role as master spirit.

If you are reading this article and have reached till this point then it means that either you have met your twin flame or you are in the process of meeting them soon.

Whether your twin flame has taken birth or he/she is in spirit form, whether you have met them or had not met yet, in any case, the only step forward is to start doing your inner work, so that you can attain an harmony with your twin flame.

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