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What are the 8 twin flame spiritual awakening stages and how to check inner work progress. How long does the twin flame reunion take?

How much progress have you made?

If you are on a twin flame journey and doing inner work, then you may be wondering when there will be complete harmony with your twin.

You may want to know that how much progress you have made in your inner work and how much more work is to be done.

Well! this all depends on the evolution of your soul and knowing about twin flame spiritual awakening stages will give more understanding.

Evolution of Soul

So Before we answer how to check inner work progress? Lets us first understand the journey of the Evolution of a soul to better understand twin flame spiritual awakening stages.

By Evolution, we mean the expansion of your understanding of spiritual truths.

Let’s say that Every soul earns experience points by learning lessons.

Let’s say that a soul had zero experience points when it took birth for the first time. It may have come in form of bacteria or water or plant or any other state.

It slowly gained experience by living on this planet. A soul evolves as it gains experience.

With Reference to Book “Immortal Talks”, a soul gets birth in the human body when its experience points are 7 or above.

A soul having 6 experience points is like a monkey or animal soul.

It is only concerned about basic needs like food, sleep, and sex.

Twin Flame Spiritual awakening stages

Let’s discuss these Twin Flame Spiritual awakening stages briefly here.

Seven experience points – Belief System

Souls that have seven experience points are beginners on the path of devotion and this is the first of the total Twin Flame Spiritual awakening stages.

They subscribe to a belief system that can either be reason-based like science, philosophy, etc. or experience-based like a sect, religion, love, humanity, spirituality, etc.

Every normal human being has a minimum of seven experience points.

They all subscribe to a belief system whether they are aware of it or not.

Eight experience points – Group Belief System

Souls that own eight experience points have advanced a step further on the path of devotion.

They not only subscribe to a belief system but also associate with people with the same belief system.

The feeling that they are not alone in what they believe strengthens their adherence to their belief system.

They feel part of a community of people who have the same beliefs.

Nine experience points – Invest in the Belief System

Souls that own nine experience points are even more advanced on the path of devotion.

They begin to invest themselves in their belief system. They start making sacrifices for it.

Some devote their time, others sacrifice their wealth, possessions, cattle, comforts, or whatever else their gods, visible or invisible Gurus, mentors, or their books inspire them to sacrifice.

Ten experience points – Avoiding other belief systems

Souls that own ten experience points are on the next level of devotion.

They avoid communicating with people in their social circle who subscribe to a different belief system.

They avoid everything that might shake their beliefs.

They avoid all distractions and continue to invest themselves more and more into their belief system by way of donating their time, effort, and possessions.

Eleven experience points – Countering other belief systems

Souls that own Eleven experience points have gained so much experience and strength in their belief system that they stop avoiding and instead start countering other belief systems.

They may not debate with other people but they build arguments quickly in their heads against opposing views.

They declare their belief systems to be the only and supreme truth and dismiss others either as its derivative or completely false.

Twelve experience points – Your belief is the only truth

Souls that own Twelve experience points have come across and successfully countered so many other belief systems that they are confident that everything under the Sun can be explained by what they believe in.

If something can’t be explained, they have an explanation for why that is so.

They start seeing their gods and ideas in every phenomenon they witness.

Thirteen experience points – Don’t feel the need to explain

Souls that own Thirteen experience points don’t feel any need for explanations, nor do they make any effort to convince others.

They see the entire world as a beautiful manifestation, of the gods they worship or ideas they believe in.

Fourteen experience points – Two souls in one body


When a soul reaches Fourteen experience points, the voice of its higher self becomes very strong, as if two souls i.e. Lower self and higher self are living in one body in harmony.

If the person with a soul having 14 experience points, gets engrossed in a difficult situation, then its higher self guides its lower self through the situation to harmony.

For e.g. Let’s say there is a devotee called Rakesh and his soul has reached 14 experience points.

Let’s say He, is frustrated due to work pressure. When he experiences the emotion of frustration in all its intensity, then the inner voice of his higher self helps him realize that ‘this is just a test’ and with awareness and proper tools, he can clear this test.

His Higher Self & Lower Self together make him feel enlightened.

When your soul reaches 14 experience points, then you experience harmony within yourself, with your twin flame, and with everyone around you.

So to reach a harmonious reunion with your twin, your soul needs to earn 14 experience points.

Higher Self & Lower Self

Both the higher self and lower self living in the same body are like two people living in one house. They both complement each other and they live together in harmony.

The journey of a soul from seven experience points to 14 doesn’t go as smoothly as it sounds.

It all depends on the vehicle of the belief system it subscribes to. The belief system shouldn’t be broken otherwise the soul may get stuck in the middle for a long time.

Even if the belief system is alright, it may take more than one birth for a soul to attain 14 experience points.

How to check your inner work progress?

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So How to check your inner work progress? or the Twin Flame Spiritual awakening stages that you currently belong to?

You can check how many experiences points your soul has by referring to all the soul levels in this post.

This will give you an idea of how far you have come and how much more inner work is to be done.

There are techniques that can help you accelerate this evolution. Depending on the type of inner work you are doing, you can accelerate or slow down your progress.

If you wish to learn higher meditative techniques and energy-clearing tools that can accelerate this evolution of the soul, then You can check our inner work program.

Reference Book: Immortal Talks(कलिहनुवाणी / Kalihanuvani), Author: Shunya

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