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Guided meditation to let go of past lovers is a healing meditation to perform forgiveness with past lovers of both you and your twin flame.

Guided meditation to let go, Past Lovers

Healing Meditation starts at 15:50

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How to deal with past relationships?

You and your twin flame have past lovers.

Till the time the energy of Past relationships or past lovers is intermingled with you or your twin flame’s energy, you and your Twin flame cannot be in harmonious union, as there is outside energy involved.

This outside energy is generally referred to as a third-party situation.

Mixing energy with outsiders means you or your twin are either physically, mentally, or emotionally dependent on them.

Now there are two ways to deal with these Past relationships or past lovers who appear from time to time in your or your twin flame’s life.

A longer way is to start a relationship with them i.e. to live with them for some time and when all Karmas associated with them get cleared then you get free from them.

A shorter way is that you use Guided meditation to let go of past lovers.

What happens after clearing past relationships?

So let’s say you use Guided meditation to let go and clear your Past relationships or past lovers’ connections today.

In case your twin flame is married or they have a girlfriend or you are married or you are in a relationship, then clearing Past relationships or past lovers’ connections doesn’t mean that all these relations will end up instantly.

What will happen now is the equation of your present relations will start to change.

It’s like now relationship with your partner will become like Friends and the same will happen with your Twin flame regarding his Past relationships or past lovers.

This doesn’t mean you use Guided meditation to let go of past lovers today and everything will change today.

The level of healing depends on your spiritual growth.

If you are on the beginning level then only those Past relationships or past lovers, who match your current energy frequency till today, will get cleared.

How inner work program helps?

Twin Flame Inner Work Program

We teach some kriyas to our students in Basic Inner Work Program.

By practicing these, your spiritual and energetic system will grow and open up, and thus deeper Past relationships or past lovers will come to the surface i.e. new people will start to appear in your life as you are growing spiritually. E.g.

  • Some old romantic friend or lover will appear.
  • Or someone totally new person appears in your life, whom you feel extremely attracted to.

Now you have a choice whether you clear this connection or get involved in a romantic relationship with them.

If you clear these Past relationships or past lovers then you move ahead closer to union with your twin flame.

If you choose to get into a relationship with any of these past lovers then it will delay your harmony & union with your twin flame.


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