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Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

Are you wondering whether you possess a twin flame? In this article, we will address this question and explore the concept of twin flames and their existence.

Understanding the Spirit World

To comprehend the concept of twin flames, let’s first delve into the understanding of the spirit world. The spirit world is divided into 7 realms or planes, each consisting of 9 stages.

  1. Realm 1: The lowest and darkest realm, closest to Earth, a dreadful place.
  2. Realm 2: Also dark but not as bleak as Realm 1.
  3. Realm 3: Better than the previous realms, but still devoid of light.
  4. Realm 4: An intermediary realm, resembling Earth with both day and night. It is where a human soul starts its journey.
  5. Realm 5: The beginning of heaven, a beautiful place akin to Earth’s beauty.
  6. Realm 6: A splendid realm, always bright like a sunny day.
  7. Realm 7: The highest realm, incomprehensibly beautiful for earthly beings.

Creation of Twin Souls

When a soul begins its human journey on Realm 4 Stage 5, it undergoes a division into two: a male soul and a female soul. These two souls are known as Twin Souls. To progress to the next universe, the original male and female soul must reunite on Realm 7 Stage 9, forming the whole soul once again.

This union occurs after numerous lifetimes when both souls have completed their individual training on Earth, sometimes incarnating as male and sometimes as female. Once they have resolved their karma, they unite on Realm 7 Stage 9 as Twin Souls.

Are All Souls Twin Flames?

Yes, every soul has a twin flame, meaning that all individuals have a twin flame connection. Despite popular beliefs suggesting that twin souls are rare, the truth is that everyone you know also has a twin flame.

Understanding the Twin Flame Timeline

To grasp the idea better, let’s explore the concept of the Twin Flame Timeline.

For instance, consider Rakesh, born in the year 2000, and assume he lives around 70 years. In this scenario, the Twin Flame Timeline for Rakesh would span from 2000 to 2070.

If Rita is Rakesh’s twin flame and she is also born on Earth between 2000 to 2070 (the same timeline as Rakesh), their souls are said to have taken birth together. However, there might be an age difference between them, ranging from 0 to 40 years or even more.

Such twin flame pairs, having been born in the same timeline, are naturally drawn to each other and will eventually meet physically on Earth.

Many Twin Souls Taking Birth Together

Intuition and inner insights suggest that before 1970, only highly evolved twin flames were born in the same timelines. However, since 1970, this pattern has changed, and many twin flame pairs are taking birth together in the same timeline.

Past Encounters with Your Twin Flame

It is worth noting that if you have had around 200 births on Earth, you might have encountered your twin soul on the planet during some of these births, particularly near the end of your life.

However, meeting in physical bodies was rare because the intensity of the twin flame connection is challenging for less evolved souls to handle.

Twin Flames’ Ascension and Kundalini Awakening

Twin Flames take birth in the same timeline to aid in the ascension of the planet. They willingly choose families facing difficulties to experience and understand human struggles, allowing them to assist others in their evolution.

Twin Flame unions can also trigger Kundalini awakening. As a result, only highly evolved twin souls who can handle this experience are taking birth in the same timeline.

Less Evolved Twin Flame Pairs

Less evolved twin flame pairs follow a different path. If one soul is less evolved, their twin flame waits in the spirit world and sends guidance to aid their earthly journey. The time of reunion depends on the growth of the less evolved soul, which may range from 0 to 1000 years or more.

The Power of Inner Work

Whether your twin flame has taken birth in the same timeline or not, the key to union lies in inner work. By focusing on personal growth and spiritual development, you can shape your future, improve current relationships, and attain harmony with your twin flame.

Confirming the Connection

If you seek confirmation of your twin flame, try a guided meditation that helps you connect with the soul aspect of your twin. This session allows you to seek answers and insights from your twin flame’s soul.


In conclusion, every soul has a twin flame, but not all twin flames take birth in the same timeline.

Twin flames are created when a soul divides into a male and female soul during its human journey on Realm 4 Stage 5.

The reunion of these twin souls occurs on Realm 7 Stage 9, forming the whole soul once again.

While many twin flames are now taking birth together, it’s important to focus on inner work to attain harmony and union with your twin flame, regardless of whether they are present in the same timeline or waiting in the spirit world.

So, Does everyone have a twin flame?

The answer is Yes, but they may not be taking birth in the same Timeline.

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