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What are male twin flame feelings?

Male twin flame feelings are often distant and they will withdraw from their partner because he is struggling with their emotions. Let’s first understand how the twin flame journey starts.

How does the twin flame journey start?

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, you have the feeling that there is something “missing” from your life. Or better yet, someone.

You notice that you keep looking around for that “other half of you.” This might all happen unconsciously.

Then comes a time when you meet your Twin Flame in the physical world or online and you know that they are an amazing person, and you feel a true connection with them.

You are not sure, but you know there is something special about this connection.

The meeting of both twins is the start of the twin flame journey and this is the most intense phase of this connection.

Why does separation happen?

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Then comes the difficult phase of separation, if not for all then at least for most of the twin flames.

Before taking birth twin flame couple planned their life circumstances in their relationship so that they can’t be together if they still have a lot of wounds when it comes to love and relationships.

So one or another thing happens and pulls you two apart so that you can heal those wounds and thus align with your higher self i.e. your soul.

Sometimes it happens that Twin flames can work through this together. It depends if it’s in their highest good to use closeness or separation as an ascension tool.

What is the meaning of being a chaser?

If you are in separation and are doing an effort to get your twin flame back instead of just finding peace and harmony for yourself, then it’s called chasing.

You probably have done a lot of things to get your Twin Flame back.

You may have tried to talk to them. You may have sent them messages.

You may have tried to let them see that you still love him.

And you have tried ALL the things that you would do with a “normal” relationship.

Why your twin flame is running?

So Why your twin flame is running?

male twin flame feelings are already jumbled up and When you are trying to talk them into getting back into your life, it’s pushing them away.

The harder you will push, the faster they will run away and maybe even block you.

They are running because your energy is pushing them.

Because the Feminine is in her PUSH energy, the Masculine HAS to pull back. He is not conscious of this. It’s just the dynamic of the relationship.

What are male twin flame feelings?

Most of the time, he “uses” a relationship, family, or career as a reason that they can’t be together. This is the absolute truth for him.

He tells himself that he did the right thing or made the right decision.

Masculine has been taught for centuries that they need to take “responsibility.” They have to “provide” for their family or have to focus on their job. For them, male twin flame feelings have no value in the practical world.

The Masculine see this from a logical point of view.

He most likely tells himself that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. That their Feminine will leave them sooner or later, so this is for the best.

That you can’t “just” follow your heart and that they have responsibilities.

The Masculine is more “logical” and for him, all the spiritual stuff and the connection without logic is just TOO much and TOO weird.

And the more the feminine tries to push this “connection” onto him, the more he pulls back.

Because the Feminine is more connected to her heart, she often feels he is “the one.”

Male twin flame feelings are not like that, and he might think something like: “If she says I am “the one” THAT quickly and she doesn’t even know me, it’s probably just a fantasy I can’t live up to anyway.”

He really experiences the connection differently at this point and if you want to get passed separation, you have to accept this.

In most of the cases of our students, the Masculine was in another relationship. Most of the time these relationships are filled with attachment and expectations. OR there is no REAL fulfillment for the Masculine on all levels.

A lot of Divine Masculine are conditioned by society and they just want to do the right thing as per their conditioning. For them, male twin flame feelings have no value.

It is a real challenge for those masculine to break old patterns, to see what negative behavior and patterns they were actually feeding in their partner and themselves by staying in the relationship.

The Masculine also have a rough time believing that love is REAL and male twin flame feelings mean something. Most of them had never really experienced true love, and they are afraid to receive it because they were scared it would be taken away from them again.

Note that not every masculine feels this way and every male twin flame feelings will be different, just like every Feminine experiences it in a different way. Every journey is different.

Why my twin flame has blocked me?

Because of the push dynamic of Feminine, it could even be that he feels “repulsed” by her.

So pulling away or blocking you will feel like a relief to them.

He has to feel safe and pulling back gives him a sense of control and safety.

He tries to go back to his old life and tries to forget all about the connection. He probably keeps himself busy with work stuff and tells himself that he made the right decision.

What are male twin flame feelings in separation?

You might have a relationship in your life where you did not want a particular person to be near you, but that person was not leaving you.

Think of that relationship where YOU pulled back or where you were the runner. How did YOU feel?

Do you see that in that relationship the other pushes all their energy onto you?

How does that make you react?

What are your thoughts and feelings about their push energy?

That’s probably how your counterpart is experiencing it.

The MOST important thing that you can do on this journey is to stop PUSHING and instead Give them ALL the space they need.

You can Work on your blocks and your connection to God.

If they are your Twin Flame, they WILL come back!

You CAN’T go into “rescue mode.”

This journey is about YOU. He needs to give HIMSELF permission to receive your love.

If you are in communication, of course, you can support each other side by side, but you need to work on YOUR life and on balancing YOUR energies and just becoming the best person YOU can be.

If you are TRULY Twin Flames, because you have the same Soul, it will shift in him too.

This is the journey of your SOUL and a relationship with him isn’t going to magically solve everything for you.

Your masculine is JUST mirroring your OWN blocks.

If you are going through your healing work and aligning with your God Consciousness you will see sides of them that were always hidden from you but were really always there.

That’s the magic of the Twin Flame Journey. That’s EXACTLY what it is.

You CAN’T find your Twin Flame outside of you. They ARE you.

Your Twin Flame is INSIDE of you. Your energy is THEIR energy.

How long do you have to wait for your twin flame?

Thousands of feminists “wait” years and years for their Masculine to “choose them.”

If you are also waiting for your masculine then know that this is a SPIRITUAL journey FIRST. It’s a SOUL Journey.

It’s about surrendering your EGO self to your Soul. If you do that, everything will change.

If someone is truly your Twin Flame, you WILL end up together. But how and when, is not up to your Ego.

You can’t control the timing. You just have to do the inner work and use the best possible techniques available to speed up this process.

It will happen once you surrendered your Ego to your Soul.

And if you have done that, it doesn’t matter anyway, because you are whole and complete and that’s the whole goal of the journey!

In the end, you have the same Soul, so everything you see in your Twin Flame is somewhere present in YOU.

And if you heal and shift it in yourself, you heal and shift it in your Twin Flame.

And if he is not the BEST person for you to be in the end, there will be an amazing relationship with someone else waiting for you.

When does the masculine twin flame return?

The Masculine gets PULLED back in the Twin Flame connection if your energies are balanced and if you surrendered your Ego to your Soul. If you are true Twin Flames.

You just have to work on yourself. But you have to let go of the How and the When and instead focus on your inner work as well as You have to trust God (The Universe, Creation) completely.

And most of all, you have to reach a state of Enjoyment in yourself.

We know the Twin Flame journey can be SO challenging. But it’s also MAGICAL.

And the more you will do inner work, the more you will see and feel the magic behind your connection.

How to help your twin flame?

If the Feminine starts healing and starts pulling back her energy, their energies become balanced again.

It’s then that the Masculine can start to become aware that it’s not THAT simple to shake the connection.

It’s not a matter of “just” flicking a switch, just like it’s not for you.

In the Healing process, you start to learn that your counterpart is your exact mirror.

Truly getting how this works is going to make a HUGE difference in your healing process.

That is what we teach in our inner work program.

You really have to go into your heart and feel your OWN truth.

Don’t forget that your twin flame is YOU.

So whatever your counterpart is doing, on some level you are doing too.

If you shift YOUR energy and heal YOUR patterns, they will heal too and make changes.

(Reference Blog: Manifestmagically, Author: Maartje)

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