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Twin flame 1111

Lots of people report that they see repeated numbers. And the most interesting one is Twin flame 1111.

Before we explain Twin flame 1111, let us narrate a small story.

Example of fake identity

fake identity

Let’s assume that you are a spy and you have to go into a neighboring country to collect information.

The other country has strict security checks in place as they do brain scanning of every person entering their country to check the person’s motives and intentions.

So if you go there and your brain is checked then they will know your identity from your memories and thus they will know that you are a spy.

In order to bypass this security check, your brain was remapped with technology and your entire memories were made dormant so that they don’t show up in the scan.

The downside is that you also cannot access these memories until you are reminded by someone to follow some special practices that can help you to remember those memories.

So your brain was remapped and some memories of a person, let’s say Rakesh or Reena, were entered into it.

This way, you are able to pass the security checks and enter that country.

But as you have come to that country after forgetting everything, so even you don’t know why you had come here.

And thus You will try to live your life there as per the memories of Rakesh or Reena.

Twin Flame Spies

Twin Flame Spies

Just like a spy, master souls like you volunteered to become an agent of god and agreed to come to earth for its upliftment.

You took birth in a certain family after forgetting everything i.e. your memories were made dormant in your subconscious mind.

You were given a name like Rakesh or Reena and so on.

Your family and surrounding people taught you with the certain knowledge that according to them was the ultimate truth i.e. they conditioned you and that conditioning became your current memories and you lived your life according to that conditioning.

Meeting Your twin flame

Meeting Your twin flame

There came a time when your dormant memories got triggered and started to come to the surface.

Very high stress OR trauma of any kind OR Meeting your twin are some examples of events that can trigger dormant memories in you.

And now there is a struggle that why this happened to you.

You want to live your life as Rakesh or Reena because, like most human beings, you are afraid of change.

This resistance to change creates conflict in the mind.

Due to this conflict in your mind, you become very sensitive and vulnerable to everything.

Your old identity of Rakesh or Reena is dying now.

So, Seeing Twin flame 1111 means that you are starting a new life with a new beginning.

The universe is asking you to let go of the old and fake identity and life, and move forward in the direction of your true life purpose.

Why does twin flame 1111 Repeat?

1111 Repeats

Twin flame 1111 repeats over and over again because it is important, as it is asking you to remember your infinite soul power.

It’s trying to remind you that you can heal fear and trauma and finally awaken to your true self.

It is asking you to recognize that we are all part of one Divine.

If we are part of one Divine, then it means we all are the same.

This is why you have to go through the process of forgiveness and the mirror, as everyone who had hurt you was actually showing the hurts and traumas that exist in your subconscious.

The following video on Twin Flame Mirror explains how your twin flame reflects your internal hurts and wound.

Becoming your own savior

responsible for yourself

Twin Flame 1111 asks, do you realize that everything happening in your life is related to your karma and desires? So can you take responsibility for things happening in your life?

Any issues you are facing are about your approach towards life, other people are just reflecting your inner state.

Let’s take the example of victimhood. Let’s say you want to get well from a chronic sickness that you have been experiencing for a long time.

You might think that you can get out of this sickness only if someone else or your twin flame will help you.

Or let’s say that you are not disciplined and thus don’t have a proper daily routine.

You might think that you can have a routine only when someone else or your twin flame will help you.

In both the above examples, you are giving your power to take action into someone else’s hands.

You are looking for answers from outside, instead of trusting in yourself and the Divine’s guidance.

A New Beginning

new Beginning

Twin flame 1111 indicates that it’s time for a new beginning.

You can start by removing people with whom you had attachments in past. You can do this by not being mentally, physically, or emotionally dependent on them.

You can take up your passion projects or decide to go for your dreams. For E.g. You might take a new job or new home or move to a different city or country, etc.

So, is there something that is stopping you from moving ahead toward your passions?

If yes, then you can Ask for strength from the divine and above all CLARITY to make the necessary changes.

If you keep on thinking and not taking action then it will not result in anything good.

Thus, Do you think that it will be better to release the pattern of keeping on thinking and instead take small steps with discipline so that you can progress on your soul path?

It requires adjusting your approach if you want your dreams to come true.

You can visit the following link to connect with the soul of your Twin flame to ask for more guidance.

Releasing Identity

Releasing Identity

Twin flame 1111 indicates to release of old conditioning around your identity.

You are thinking that you are Rakesh or Reena.

The memories of Rakesh or Reena give you an identity. And this Identity affects everything in our lives and our Twin Flame connection.

Your physical reality is created by what you think of yourself.

If things are not changing in your twin flame journey then maybe you can see how you think about yourself i.e. You have to realize that you are not Rakesh or Reena.

Instead, you have to find your true self by doing inner work.

Releasing limiting beliefs


Twin flame 1111 indicates that the only limits are your beliefs.

By releasing these beliefs you can become your most powerful self.

So Twin flame 1111 says that if you get out of your conditioning, then you can remember who you really are and what you are really here for.

Time to Wake Up

Wake Up

Twin flame 1111 indicates that if you wake up and act brave by listening to your SOUL and not listening to society or other people then you can make things happen that haven’t happened yet.

You just need to find a way.

Here are few lines that suits here:

ग़म फूलने-फलने का भुलाकर कभी देखो
सर इश्क़ के क़दमों पे झुकाकर कभी देखो
घरबार मोहब्बत में लुटाकर कभी देखो
खोने में भी पाने का मज़ा है के नहीं है

तुम पूछते हो इश्क़ बला है के नहीं है
क्या जाने तुम्हें खौफ़-ए-खुदा है के नहीं है

These lines don’t mean that you have to stop earning your living, or you have to leave your family or kids or home.

It’s only saying to follow your soul’s calling and stop worrying about how you will earn your living. Also, work on releasing any attachments with family or kids or at home. Then things will fall into place as per the divine’s will.

These lines from Bhagavad Gita are relevant here:

YOGAKSHEMAM VAHAMYAHAM (i.e. Divine is saying “I will take care of my devotees, securing and protection.”)

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