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Can you forget your twin flame?

Many people ask this question Can you forget your twin flame and move on?

Do you also think that you can forget your twin flame by getting busy in work or by having another partner? Think Again!

How Twin Flames are connected?

Twin Flame Heart Bond

Let’s first see how twin flames are connected.

On the left side of this picture, we can see that the male twin’s higher self is always present with the physical female twin.

And on the right side, we can see that the female twin’s higher self is always connected with the physical male twin.

And higher selves of both of them are always connected with an energetic cord that is connecting their hearts or heart chakra.

What are energetic cords?

energetic cords

Let’s discuss a bit about energetic cords.

Energetic cords are like channels from which energy flows.

An energy cord is created when we get into any kind of relationship with anyone.

For example, close relations like family or romantic relations, less close ones like office colleagues, boss, further less close ones like shopkeepers, etc.

And energy tends to flow between these cords from the person who is in a higher energy state to a person who is in a lower energy state.

Also know that energetic cords can be cut with intention so that if someone is draining your energy then you can cut the energy cord with them.

This also means that you can get free from the energy of all your past lovers that you are still carrying around and other negative connections.

In other words, we can say that YES! it is possible to forget your past relations.

We don’t need to cut positive cords as they uplift you.

So, All the energy cords can be cut but there is only one cord in this universe that we cannot cut. And that is the cord between the heart centers of the higher self of you and your twin.

Can you forget your twin flame?

So Can you forget your twin flame, accept their separation, and just move on?

Ask yourself, can you really break free from a part of yourself?

Sure, with time, it can become suppressed or dormant, but you can’t just cut it out of yourself.

You were one, before your birth, and no force of nature can break that union. It’s futile to hide or run away from your twin flame partner.

We try to run from ourselves our whole life, but where does it get us?

Do we succeed?

Does it give us peace? No!

We are creatures of mediocrity who are running from everything that remotely disturbs our peace. We only pacify our demons, when we embrace ourselves.

And Twin flame is just a piece of us that scattered away and just waiting to be found again.

It won’t matter what you want or what your will is. A soul contract binds you, and you have to fulfill it at all costs.

Once we have met our TF in the 3d, we have forever reconnected through a cord of energy from our heart chakras.

The Twin flames’ lives are forever changed. It is home, it is what we have missed and craved our entire lives.

Advice for Separation

Understand that you are not in the separation phase, you are in the preparation phase.

For example, when a couple is about to get married they stay separate for some time before the day of their marriage in order to complete the preparation for the ceremony.

Similarly, this time while you are away from your twin is time to prepare yourself for the cosmic marriage with your cosmic partner.

So use this time to delve into the inner connection between you and your Twin.

Learn the lesson that separation is an illusion, and you will open up to coming together once again.


At times, it might seem that this soul contract and the twin flame union are destroying you, and leaving you in a state of dismay.

But with time, you’ll understand that all of this was for your betterment.

In Mahabharata, Arjuna tells lord Krishna that he doesn’t want to fight his relatives on the other side. He wants to leave this kingdom and go to the forest and meditate for the rest of his life.

To this, Lord Krishna replies,

How can you leave something that is not even yours?
First, fight and get this kingdom and then decide whether you want to keep it or leave it.
Until you have it, you are just running away from the mission at hand.

We mean to say that with inner work, first achieve harmonious union with your twin, then you can decide whether you want to keep your twin flame in your life or you want to forget him/her.

If you are trying to forget your twin flame without doing your inner work, then you are just running away from the mission at hand.

Listening to others

And instead of listening to our intuitions, we listen to the opinions of our friends, family, healers, tarot card readers, astrologers, spiritual gurus, or other authority figures who have never submerged themselves in a twin flame relationship.

How many of you are there who have been guided by your intuition to read this post, but you still want confirmation that whether that person is your twin or not?

Your heart compass will always point in the direction of your twin flame. Follow your heart, and find your truth, instead of falling prey to the skepticism of the world.

Never settle for something mediocre! The pursuit of love is demanding. It is never easy.

Can you forget your twin flame and move on?

If you find a way to move on, then let us know as well, so that we can guide others who are more interested in forgetting their twin flame, instead of starting their inner work.

So, Can you forget your twin flame? Absolutely not!

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  1. The youtubes are just the truth am experiencing with my twin flame. The journey is painful, peaceful, throwing me back, at times draining my energy, yet am working on it.
    Have been practising meditation for long and started experiencing this also. Hope am able to do justice to both.

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