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Higher self vs lower self

Lets understand difference between higher self vs lower self in this post and whether they can exists independently or are they both dependent on each other.

Multidimensional beings

You must have heard that we are souls having physical body to experience this earth plane.

It can also be said that your body is one part of your being and your soul or higher self is another part of your being.

So we exist in multiple dimensions at same time i.e. both on physical plane and on soul or spiritual planes.

It is possible that there are some other planes as well where our being exists at same time.

What is higher self?

So what is higher self?

In order to understand this video, Let’s just assume that your soul is also known as your higher self.

A soul is eternal i.e. it can last or exist forever, or we can say that it’s without end or beginning.

A soul is omnipotent i.e. it have unlimited power and it is able to do anything in this physical world.

A soul is conscious i.e. it is aware of the world or Maya that is surrounding you and it responds to the play that are being played in this world.

A soul is intelligent being i.e. it contains all the intelligence of universe or we can say that it knows everything.

What is 3D self or lower self?

So then what is 3D self or Lower self?

Your physical self that contains body, mind and emotions, can also be called your 3D self or lower self.

A soul or higher self experiences this world through body, mind and emotions i.e. through your 3D or lower self.

When we say lower self, then it doe not means that this part f your being is lesser by any means. So we can also call it “higher self and lower self” team, instead of calling is “higher self vs lower self”.

This is a vehicle which helps you accomplish different tasks in your day to day activities.

Without this body there will be no adventure as you are going through this adventure called life by having this physical body.

What is role of higher self vs lower self?

Both part of your being i.e. your lower self and higher self, plays a role in your journey.

Similarly, your twin flame also have both higher self i.e. soul and a lower self or the 3D physical self.

When you meet your twin flame on this planet earth, your souls recognize the eternal love that exists between both of you since the beginning of time.

Due to this soul level recognition, your 3D self felt attracted towards your twin’s 3D physical self.

We can say that this attraction is not just on 3D plane, but it is attraction on multiple dimensions.

In order to attain a harmony and union in this 3D world, both of you have to evolve so that your higher self’s are more active in your day to day life and your 3D self is doing the tasks as guided by the higher wisdom from the higher self.

Higher self vs lower self

Let’s briefly go through the differences that exists between soul and lower self of your twin flame.

1 His soul is your eternal partner, since the beginning of time when the combined soul of both of you got separated from lord.

Whereas his physical self has just met you, may be a few years back and since then he is thinking about you non-stop and also wants to get united with you in physical world.

But he doesn’t know how to unite because firstly he his not awakened to the powers that his soul possess and secondly his main job is to show you your hurts by triggering you.

2 His soul is free from rules of 3D world. It means that in order to express its love to you, his soul is not worried that what others would think about him.

Whereas his 3D physical self is bound by rules of 3D world. It means that if your twin flame have attachments with other past lovers or family members then he will not be able to express his love openly to you.

This love for you when he already have some people in his life is creating conflict and probably guilt inside him.

3 The soul of your twin flame is also one of your spirit guide along with other spirit guides or angels and other beings. So you can always contact his soul for any guidance related to anything that is going on in your journey.

Whereas his 3D physical self is acting like 3D world Teacher who is teaching you to heal your inner wounds by triggering you and thus bringing those wounds to surface.

4 As the soul of your twin flame knows you from the beginning of time and it also is one of your spirit guides , so we can say that it is very wise and it have answers to all your questions.

So instead of asking your questions to other people, its better to learn that how you can connect to his soul when ever you need it.

The physical 3D self of your twin flame is not as wise as the soul of your twin flame because we forget everything when we take a new birth.

So the physical self of your twin might make mistakes and might not have all answers.

With the inner work that you do on yourself, you are also triggering his remembrance about his soul self and thus he is also in the process of getting wiser and operating from wisdom of his soul self.

5 The soul of your twin flame sends messages and guidance expressing love in form of numbers, songs & Internet based articles.

You might have seen repeated numbers.

They are being shown to you by the soul of your twin. Especially number 222, which means that your twin’s soul always loves you unconditionally.

The physical 3D self of your twin flame is also guiding you by being a mirror to you and thus reflecting all your hurts and guilts back to you.

Although he loves you but as his main job is to show you your hurts and so he have to sometimes even block you, so that you dont have any other option but to work on yourself.

So he is switching roles between a teacher or a lover.

6 The soul of our twin flame can see things that are going on in your life from higher perspective. And that is why it can guide you better in navigating the challenges that you are facing.

The physical 3D self of your twin flame only know that he have to trust his instincts. As you keep on doing your inner work, the instinct of your twin flame will start to change which will lead you both into a harmonious union on this 3D plane.

7 The soul of your twin flame is never separated from you. You can meet it anytime and ask for guidance related to your journey whenever you need it.

The physical 3D self of your twin flame may be currently separated from you due to the attachments of this 3D world and so it can only meet you when you progress spiritually with inner work.

8 To meet the soul of your twin, you can use our guided meditation session as shown in the cards above. You can meet it regardless of your current progress.

If you meet with soul of your twin flame and express your feelings of love to it, then these feelings will reach to its physical 3D self.

Your physical twin flame might start singing or will feel lighter or happier due to this.

9 The soul of your twin flame is bound by law of Free Will i.e. you can choose to communicate with the soul of your twin or you can choose to ignore it.

The physical 3D self of your twin flame is also bound by the laws of free will and in addition it is bound by the laws of society as well.

So if society is creating any troubles between both of you then you will have to find a way to neutralize all these troubles with the help from your inner work.

The higher self vs lower self comparison above indicates that both higher self and lower are required for a being to exist in this three dimensional world.

The higher self vs lower self comparison also indicate that lower self can not progress much with assistance from higher self. So instead of comparing higher self vs lower self, we can say that these two are member of a team.

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