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So what is a Twin Flame Mirror and why does your twin flame hurt you due to this mirroring phenomenon? Let’s understand this in this post.

Before we explain the meaning of the Twin Flame Mirror or Mirroring effect, let’s first talk about that, when twin flames are called Master Souls, which are very evolved souls or near-to-god souls, then how do they have any karma to be resolved?

How do we take the karma of others?

In previous posts, we understood that twin flames come to help in the evolution of our planet. They volunteer to resolve the karma of their Ancestors.

One way is to absorb karma and negativity from their surrounding, during their upbringing and conditioning. This results in shaping their personality in a certain way.

For example, a male could have been taught that his female is his property and she cannot act openly with other males.

Or a female could have been taught to seek approval from other family members before taking any decision in her life.

Why knowing past lives is important?

Twin Flames also carry some ancestral karma from past lives.

So a question can be Is there a life beyond this life i.e. was there a past birth before this birth or will there be a future birth as well?

It is important to understand past lives because in order to understand a story, you should know about what has happened before.

For example, if you go to see a movie like Bahubali part 2, then don’t you think that it will be easier to understand it if you have also seen Bahubali part 1?

Similarly, let’s take the journey of a soul. A soul takes many births and it had a variety of experiences during these births.

Some are positive experiences and some are negative experiences.

Those experiences that were of negative nature are generally very intense and they leave an impression on our personality and we carry forward them across a lifetime if they remain unhealed throughout that lifetime.

How does past life trauma affect us?

Let’s say that Rakesh was in love with a girl and she betrayed him by either abandoning him or cheating on him.

Rakesh was devastated by this betrayal.

Later he could not trust any other girl because of this experience. He lived his whole life with this wound and pain of betrayal and then finally died.

Next, he took a new birth.

As we forget everything when we take a new birth, so he forgot that he was betrayed by a girl in a previous life.

Still, as the pain of that experience was very intense and it remained unhealed, in this life Rakesh finds it difficult to trust others, especially girls because subconsciously he is afraid of getting betrayed again.

The pain of betrayal from his last birth is still in his subconscious mind. And it is a commonly known fact that we attract what we are afraid of.

This is because even though your conscious mind is not aware of it, your soul wants to heal and release the pain that you are carrying inside of you so that your soul can get free and then it can merge with the divine i.e. attain Mohska.

So what happens now is that, as Rakesh’s conscious mind does not remember the pain of betrayal from their last birth, a person, let’s say, Tina, comes into his life and helps Rakesh to remember the pain.

You can ask this question how Tina helps him in remembering the pain?

Well, Tina helps him to remember that pain by betraying him, so that the pain of betrayal that is there in his subconscious mind, can come out in his awareness, and thus he can take steps to heal it.

This may sound strange but how can someone help you by hurting you?

But understand that Tina is only acting out to recreate a scene so that Rakesh is able to remember the pain that already exists in his subconscious mind.

Now Rakesh can either choose to heal this pain or he can carry forward this pain to his next life together with other negative experiences from this life as well.

The pain of those experiences will go down into the subconscious mind with time and will become dormant.

How karma affects life?

We would like to say this don’t think yourself to be Rakesh.

Instead think of Rakesh as your ancestors, like your great-grandfather or great-grandmother.

These ancestor souls were not evolved enough and were not capable to handle the wound of betrayal.

So, You volunteered to take the karma of your loved ones, out of compassion and love and thus decided to heal this karma in this birth.

You knew that although you will forget everything when you take this birth, you will be able to find a way and will be able to sort things.

This is the reason that although twin flames are called Master Souls, which are very evolved souls or near-to-god souls, still they have karma to be resolved because they take on the karma of their ancestors.

What is a mirror soul?

So what is a soul Mirror?

In the example of Rakesh, Tina who betrayed Rakesh in this birth can be known as a soul mirror as Tina reflected back the wound/pain that Rakesh was already carrying in his subconscious mind i.e. the soul.

Usually, the person who agrees to become a mirror to us is the one who loves us most as a soul.

They volunteer to create negative experiences in our life so that we can heal the pain of those negative experiences and as a result of releasing this pain, we can get closer to union with our twin flame.

In our day-to-day life, we come across some people. Some of them are pleasant and some are not very pleasant.

It is said that all souls are a teacher to you.

They show what you need to heal in yourself so that you can move ahead on the path of your awakening.

So yes, we are saying that each person is a mirror to you in one way or another.

The mirror can be both positive and negative.

What is the meaning of the Twin Flame Mirror?

Let’s understand Twin Flame Mirror with a small exercise.

Imagine a person whom you like very much. Now think about one of his/her personality traits that you like.

Somewhere you also have this personality trait in you, even though you might not be aware of it.

Similarly, Imagine a person whom you don’t like. Now think about one of his/her personality traits that you don’t like.

Somewhere you carry an experience in your memory related to that behavior.

For example: If you don’t like that this person speaks lies then it means that either,

  • Others have lied to you in the past which created pain for you,
  • OR you had lied to yourself and it created pain for you,
  • OR you lied to someone else and then you or they felt bad about it.

So when someone reflects your negative experiences to you, then this is called the mirroring effect, and if this mirroring is done by your twin flame then we call it the Twin Flame Mirror.

Difference between a soulmate and twin flame

We can categorize these mirrors into two broader categories. One is the Soulmate mirror and the other is the Twin Flame Mirror.

So what is the difference between a Soulmate mirror and a Twin Flame Mirror?

Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you had an accident and have wounds on your whole body. But you are unable to move your neck, you can only see straight.

To see the wounds on your body, you need a mirror. Now you have two options to see these wounds on your body.

Partial Mirror – Soul Mate Mirror

One option is that you are shown a face-length mirror that can only show a part of your body at a time.

Until that part is completely healed, this face-length mirror will stay there. You can focus on its healing. Once healed, the mirror will move on to the next part.

You can do the healing there and this process will go on until you heal yourself completely.

Full-Length Mirror – Twin Flame Mirror

Another option is that you are shown a full-length mirror that will show all the wounds on your body.

Imagine looking at your whole body in a mirror that is covered with wounds.

Many people will get disheartened to see themself so badly wounded and will lose hope or may get into depression.

Clearly, this option is difficult to handle.

Big terms like Karmic Twins, False Twins, and soulmates are actually just face-length mirrors.

They only reflect a part of you, so that you can do the healing and then can move on to heal the next wound.

Twin Flame Mirror

Your twin flame is a full-length mirror to you, so we call it the Twin Flame Mirror.

Your twin flame will show you all the hurts, guilt, fears, and wounds that you are carrying from past births or that you experienced during your upbringing in this birth.

Even if some 100 years have passed, You are still carrying the pain in your subconscious memory and you will take this pain with you to your next birth if you are not able to heal it.

What is the purpose of a false twin flame?

So, On our path towards Twin Flame Union, we arrange to meet these face-length “mirrors” who give us a chance to work out our issues by resolving karmic patterns before we meet our true Twin Flame.

Often these people push us to evolve and these relationships can be uncomfortably intense at times.

We in return help them prepare for their own Twin Flame Union or to learn about love.

If there is someone who does not appear to be a good person, but he/she is there in your life, then understand that the person is a vibration match to you.

By vibration match, we mean that this person is reflecting some of your past experiences.

Remember that they are somewhere helping you heal and grow.

Why do twin flames hurt each other?

Many twins ask this question how it is possible that their twin can hurt them so much?

Most of us are carrying the pain of past experiences in our subconscious.

When you meet your twin, you might feel immense love for some time, but soon the hidden negativity in your subconscious starts to create issues between you two, which results in separation.

We can also say that meeting with your twin triggers the release of all this hidden negativity that is already inside you.

Once the initial bubble love phase is over, you will not be able to stand your twin flame continuously every day.

This is why they stay at a distance from you and come back when you are ready to handle the hurts reflected by them.

People try to figure out if so and so the person is my false twin, whereas the biggest pain and hurt is triggered in us by our true twin flame.

This is their whole purpose, to show you the hurts that you are carrying and thus heal them and get free from them, so that you two can come together in unconditional love.

How to handle a twin flame mirror?

So what is Recommended way to deal with this Twin Flame Mirror?

In our inner work program, we take around 3 months before we can teach a student how they can handle these mirrors effectively.

So it means that lots of inner work are to be done even before one is capable to handle the intensity of these mirrors.

If you don’t have any idea how to heal these mirrors then you can learn higher techniques of inner work, that can help you resolve these patterns instantaneously.

This will help you heal the patterns that are being reflected by these mirrors and thus your mirrors will leave your life.

It will also change your true twin flame faster as they no longer need to reflect any patterns that have been already healed and thus they can move ahead on their path to awakening.

After understanding this, you might be able to get an idea that why your twin had hurt you so much.

Although your twin’s physical self has hurt you, your twin’s higher self loves you immensely.

We do hope that you have got some clarity.

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