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In this post, we’re going to talk about a very interesting topic of what are the benefits of a twin flame third party.

Prologue – A Real Example

Let’s take a look at a real-life example involving twin flames, specifically Tinku, and how the presence of a twin flame third party played a crucial role in their eventual union.

In our previous videos, we shared Tinku’s story, where both he and his twin flame were already involved with other partners when they initially crossed paths.

However, Tinku embarked on a journey of inner work, dedicating himself to healing past hurts, upsets, and triggers.

As Tinku moved ahead into his own healing process, the obstacles between him and his twin flame disappeared.

Union with Twin Flame Third Party Involved

Now he started to share his newfound wisdom with his twin flame, guiding her along her own healing journey.

Tinku’s twin flame was mostly triggered by her partner i.e. the twin flame third party, although know that these triggers can come from anyone, even from your twin flame as well.

As the Third Party party was triggering his twin flame, so Tinku took on the role of a healer, supporting his twin flame in her healing process.

As a result, his significance in her life grew.

He became her saviour, guide, teacher, and way-shower i.e. a person she could surrender to, as he possessed a deeper understanding of the mechanics of inner work.

Union after Twin Flame third party leaves

When the Twin Flame Third Party eventually exited their lives, the intensity of triggers increased, as Tinku now had to trigger and facilitate healing for his twin flame himself.

This dynamic often led to moments where both Tinku and his twin flame needed to take breaks from each other to heal the pain caused by these intense triggers.

It’s an ironic situation when you find yourself running away from the very person who can help you heal.

Before starting inner work, Tinku used to think that if the Twin Flame Third Party leaves, then his way will get clear and everything will fall into place.

By doing inner work he realized that His twin flame also has to go through intense healing and someone will have to trigger her.

He understood that it was better that someone else is triggering his twin flame than Tinku himself triggering her.

He changed so much that earlier he used to pressurize his twin flame to leave the third party, but now whenever his twin flame showed her desire to leave the third party, Tinku used to guide her to have patience and to let it happen naturally and not force this Twin Flame Third Party out.

In reality, he wanted to avoid triggering his twin flame.

If you are feeling confused after hearing all this and are wondering what will this same happen to you, then understand that with the assistance of higher energy—divine grace—they were able to manage this intricate and beautiful relationship despite the absence of a Twin Flame Third Party.

We will talk more about this third energy in some future videos.

Do twin flames have other partners?

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Let’s answer some common questions about Twin Flame Third Party. These questions are

1 Do twin flames have other partners? OR

2 Can your twin flame be married to someone else? OR

3 Can my twin flame get married after we have met in this 3D world?

The short answer to all of the above questions is yes, twin flames can have other partners. But that does not mean that it is the end of the world.

In fact, it’s quite common for one or both twin flames to be in other relationships before they meet.

However, when twin flames do finally come together, they often find that their previous relationships pale in comparison to the connection they have with each other.

On one side, It’s also possible for one twin flame to be married to someone else when they meet their twin.

And another possibility is that your twin flame can get married to someone else after they had met you.

This can create many complications and be quite painful for all involved parties.

A detailed video on married twin flames can be found in the cards above.

What does the Twin Flame Third Party mean?

Why a third party is there in a twin-flame relationship?

The “third party” in twin flame relationships refers to someone outside of the twin flame connection who is romantically involved with one or both of the twin flames.

This could be a current partner, an ex, or someone new who comes into the picture.

There are a few reasons why third parties often play a role in twin flame journeys.

One reason is that twin flames may need to work through their own issues or go through certain life experiences before they’re able to come together in a healthy way.

Another reason is that twin flames often have a strong pull towards each other, but this can also create a lot of fear and resistance.

Third parties can sometimes act as a buffer or a distraction, giving the twin flames more time to work through their own issues before fully coming together.

What is the advantage of a twin flame third party?

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While having a third party in a twin flame relationship can be painful and frustrating, there are some potential advantages.

1 First advantage is that the presence of a third party means you have no other choice but to do inner work. Although inner work may seem difficult at present, when you start doing it, then you realize how life becomes so easy and magical by doing inner work.

Many of our students doing inner work have realized that the connection they share now with their twin flame is much better than the connection that they shared with their twin flame before they started doing inner work.

2 As there are lots of triggers that are going to happen between you and your twin flame, so many times you will be asking this question that whether he is your true twin flame.

You will run away from them or they will run away from you due to triggers.

In those moments, having a third party helps in providing a feeling of security.

3 Another advantage is that the presence of a third party helps you to better appreciate the connection you have with your twin flame when you both finally come together.

As the intensity of the connection between you and your partner is nothing compared to the intensity of your connection with your twin flame, so your current relationship acts as a reference point for your relationship with your twin flame.


In conclusion, the twin flame journey is a complex and often challenging one.

We are not saying that twin flames should have third parties in between.

We are only saying that Third parties can play an important role in this journey, but they don’t have to be a permanent obstacle.

If there is a third party, then understand that they are there for the highest good of both of you.

With inner work, twin flames can work through these challenges and come together in a beautiful and transformative way.

So if you’re on the twin flame journey, remember to trust the process, do your inner work and have faith that everything will work out as it’s meant to.

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