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Financial changes

How do financial changes happen in the twin flame journey?

We will explain this with the journey of a real twin flame couple Tinku & Tina, and how they managed their finances while going through a twin flame journey transformation.

You can watch the video series to learn more about Tinku and Tina.

Financial condition before meeting

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Tinku belonged to a middle-class family who had seen limited funds throughout his studies. Then Tinku started working as a consultant and started earning handsomely. He provided his services to overseas, clients.

Tina has also faced a shortage of money throughout her upbringing. She faced some tight financial situations and slowly established herself. Tina was getting enough funds to manage her expenses. We can say that there was some uncertainty in her monthly income.

After separation

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After separation, Tinku started learning and practicing Inner work techniques. He learned new spiritual sciences like reiki healing, past life regression, and meditation teacher training.

Tina also invested in learning yogic sciences.

End of Income sources

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As we awaken, we slowly start to lose the old way of living and financial changes start to happen.

Tinku’s consultant work started to decrease and so his income also decreased considerably.

Although he was not earning the same amount as he was earning before, still despite financial changes, he was never short of funds to pay fees for his inner work learnings or to pay for his family’s monthly expenses.

So he focused on learning higher inner work techniques as he wished to become an inner work teacher.

Slowly due to financial changes, his income from his consultant work became completely zero.

Similar financial changes were happening with Tina, as her previous work closed down completely.

Final attempts for job

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When the consultation work of Tinku closed completely, he got into a panic and tried to contact all his previous clients for some work.

He got a job in his line of work, but he could not do the job for more than one month, as this old way of working was not aligned with his higher purpose of teaching spiritual sciences.

He noticed that he is unable to get time for his spiritual practices and he is not able to concentrate on his inner work teaching work.

So he followed divine guidance and left the job and focused on his inner work.

Family opposition

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Tinku and Tina already had their own families and these families opposed when Tinku and Tina started to lose their existing work resulting in financial changes.

But Both of them followed their inner calling and the divine guidance that they received and they faced the opposition of others in a graceful manner by healing the triggers that were caused by this opposition.

New work

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Tinku and Tina, although separate, slowly moved towards the teaching of yogic sciences.

Tinku started to practice his Past life regression skills by taking free sessions.

He also started to take paid personal Past life regression sessions and also started teaching meditation.

Similar was the case for tina her previous work closed down and she also started teaching yogic sciences.

Divine grace

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The divine always takes care of those souls who invest themselves in divine teaching.

One such example is that Tinku needed around 40,000 rupees to pay the school fee for his kids.

He had no idea how he will get this money.

He received divine guidance to check one of his bank accounts which he had not checked for a very long time. He went to the bank to check the account and to his surprise, he found that there were exactly 40000 rupees in that account which he then used to pay the fee for his kids.

Similarly, the funds were arranged month after month for both Tinku and Tina for all their genuine expenses and they were able to continue learning inner work and they transitioned smoothly to their new life as inner work teachers.

Divine Grace was happening every month and funds were being arranged in one way or another.

For example, some new students will come to make enough payments so Tinku and Tina can pay their bills, and so on.

After Reunion


After the physical world reunion, Tinku started teaching all inner work techniques to Tina.

And soon they both started working together and teaching inner work to the other twin flames.

During the separation, when they were working separately, they were earning enough to manage their expenses.

When they reunited and worked together, they started earning more than enough to pay for their expenses and to pay for any other Divinely guided donations or expenses.

Do all twin flames leave their existing work and move to become teachers?

Someone asked this question that

Do all twin flames have to do work related to spiritual jobs?

Can Twinflames become politicians, officers, or business people or can they do Acting, Teaching?

The answer was given by our spiritual teacher Maha Guru Yogi BuddhaDeva.

Not every twin flame doing Inner work will leave their jobs.

  • Some of these will completely shift to become teachers of Inner work,
  • Some of them will continue their current jobs,
  • And some will shift to new jobs wherever their soul contracts take them.

No matter what work they do, they will help others around them in healing by using their inner work techniques.

You can keep on doing your current jobs or studies to get a job in your desired field.

Is your work aligned with your soul’s purpose?

So how to confirm that your work is aligned with your soul’s purpose?

The only way to know this is to regularly do your inner work and follow any divine guidance that you receive from time to time.

These lines from Japji Sahib are very useful here.

Hukum Rajai chalna, Nanak likhya naal.

Here “Hukum Rajai chalna”, means to move ahead by following the Divine’s will.

And where is that Divine WILL written or how do we know divine WILL?

Here “Nanak likhya naal” say that the Divine WILL is written in you or we can say that the Divine will is written in your soul. All you have to do is read your soul with the help of inner work and tools like the “Meet your twin” meditation.


We can see here that Tinku went from abundant income to limited income and then back to abundant income again.

Tina went from uncertain income to abundant income.

So we can see that at the end when both twin flames started working on the divine path, they became work partners and are now earning handsomely and equally.

They trusted the divine guidance and followed it, even if it lead to the closing of their existing income sources.

And the result is that they found a satisfactory way of living with divine blessings.

If you have divine blessings, then how can you be short on worldly possessions?

These lines from Bhagwad Gita fit here.

Yogakshemam Vahamyaham

This means you connect yourself with me through Yoga, and then I will take care of all your worldly needs.

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