(HINDI) Meditation For Deep Inner Healing

(HINDI) Meditation For Deep Inner Healing

Meditation for deep inner healing.

Most people think that mediation brings peace.
Not only, it brings peace but it improves every aspect of your life, whether it is relationships, business, job, creativity, satisfaction, finances, physical well being, mental well being, etc.


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(HINDI) Why one Twin Flame have to do all work?

(HINDI) Why one Twin Flame have to do all work?

Thousands of Twin Souls and Light workers out in the world wondering about and being frustrated about this very question –
Why is it all on me?

Some time one of the twin fall behind in spiritual journey and other twin takes birth to help their counterpart OR

Spiritually evolved twins take birth to help and uplift others.
And now your twin is acting in a way to hurt you.

The intention behind their actions is that with this pain, you will start your inner work, So that you can remember all your wisdom and then help your twin to awaken.

Try to see the bigger picture.
You and your twin got separated in spirit world.
Both of you have come on earth now.
You are the one who got awakened first.
So probably you are here to help you twin in awakening and spiritual progress, so that you two can be together eternally.

You have such a grand opportunity at hand and all you are concerned is with these small issues like “How will we get married to my twin?”

Which option is better
1 wait for thousands of years in spirit world to get united with your twin OR
2 Help you twin to resolve some karma by first working on your awakening. Please note that Awakening is always painful.

The Universe Seeks To Balance Everything – By releasing the feelings of frustration in this situation, you allow your “return on investment” to show up from the universe.



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(Some Reference taken from blog: TwinFlames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

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(HINDI) Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Twin Flame

(HINDI) Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Twin Flame

I am not saying that a soul have a gender, instead it have dominant characteristics which gives it a polarity that makes it either masculine or feminine polarity soul.

There is nothing dictating that the Twin Flame pair must be a woman and a man.

So twin flames can choose bodies in any combination.

A general misconception is that women are more emotional then man. A famous quote is “Mard Ko Dard Nahi hota”(i.e. Males are less emotional and don’t feel pain).

When we do inner work, our dormant characteristics starts to increase.

This will make you independent physically, mentally and emotionally.

And thus you will be able to take better decisions and your life will become complete in itself.

When this happens then there is no desperation left to find someone who can complete you. And you must have experienced that when there is no desperation then our desires manifests more easily at super fast speed.

So as we do our inner work and balance our characteristics, our life becomes a balanced and healthy life and our twin also find way back to us.

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(Some References taken from Blog: TwinFlames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

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(HINDI) Why Do I Feel Alone?

(HINDI) Why Do I Feel Alone?

If you cannot sit alone in one place for lets say 30 mins to an hour while doing nothing then it means that you are afraid of being lonely.

There are two reasons for this feeling.
* As we discussed in previous videos about the concept of twin souls, you will realize that you are only half of a soul, and the loneliness you feel is a longing for your other half.

* Secondly, your subconscious mind knows that Earth is not your real home.

But, This should not be an excuse for you to feel discontent; to feel content is one of the greatest tests on Earth and that test must not be failed.

Inner work will take you in direction of your soul mission and then you will always have a sense of completion.

What is your mission on Earth?
Each human being has three missions.
1. To improve spiritually.
2. To selflessly serve others.
3. To use individual gifts and talents for the growth of others. It is to be discovered.

How to discover your soul mission?
1. You have to be on a good spiritual level to know your mission.
2. Your subconscious mind has to be open so that you will be able to recognize your mission.
3. Your mission will be revealed to you only if you are ready for it.
4. Your level of commitment is vital. How dedicated are you to the inner work?

Once you discover that purpose and begin fulfilling your mission, you will be truly happy and at peace and there will be no loneliness.

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(Reference Book: Laws of the Spirit World)

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(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance? | इनर वर्क की क्या जरूरत है? | Jnana Param

(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance?

Lord Krishna says that god does not need that man should recite his name or do any kind of spiritual practices.

By doing spiritual practices(inner work), a person is able to access its subconscious mind and thus is able to access his dormant memories, knowledge and wisdom.

So if you do spiritual practice, it is not for anyone else i.e. neither for your twin nor for god, instead you are doing it for yourself.

It will bring your dormant knowledge and wisdom out of subconscious and then you will be able to know that what is the true purpose of your life and in which direction you have to go.

So, Inner work, which can be any kind of spiritual practices, helps you stay in higher vibrations and help you to recall your dormant knowledge and wisdom, and thus you are able to do the work for which you have taken this birth.

If you don’t do it then it’s OK, this life will go waste and you can come again in next birth, experience everything that you experienced in this birth and then try to awaken again.

An so the story goes on…

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(Hindi) Why twin flames face separation? | Twin Flame Separation क्यों होता है? | Jnana Param

(Hindi) Why twin flames face separation?

First understand that every soul has a twin soul.

So, twin souls take birth on earth at the same time to facilitate the cosmic plan to cleanse the whole earth from the inside out to uplift the collective energies to a higher vibration of love, peace, unity.

Let’s assume first situation where both you and your twin are have taken birth on earth and both of you are
of same age,
belong to families with similar status and caste,
similar religion,
one of you is male and one of you is female,
both are single,
doing good jobs.

This is the ideal situation and with very high probability that twin flames can get married.

Let’s say that you get married and have a home on this planet.

As you feel complete with your twin flame, so you are happy and content to be together and wont bother for others.

And so you will live this life with each other and finally die.

Now Let’s assume second situation where before birth, both you and your twin flame’s soul choose a setting in which
You or your Twin Flame are already Married to other partners

OR You or your Twin Flame have Children with other partner

OR You belong to families with different status, caste or religion

OR You and you Twin Flame have big Age Difference of 5, 10, 20 or 40 years

OR Male is much younger and female is much older

OR You and your Twin Flame have Same Gender means either both are male or both are female

OR Your families doesn’t Understand Twin Flames

OR Your Twin Flame is Unawakened

OR Your Twin Flame is Running from you OR Ignoring you

OR Your twin flame is in another country

Or May be some more

As you had met your twin soul so there is an irresistible pull and desire to unite with your twin soul, but these issues will not let you two unite.

Which of these situations will make you do your inner work?

First situation in which everything is favorable or second situation in which there are issues to union which leads to twin flame separation?

Understand this that twin souls are highly evolved souls i.e. master souls.

Divine wants you to unite but only when you are fully awakened and step into your role as master soul and
not as a regular human being or a regular soul.

If you unite as a regular human being, then you will be only interested in getting married, having kids, growing kids and finally die.

Animals also do something like this.

So if twin flames are also coming to live in a similar way as a regular human being who lives like an animal, then what is the difference between master souls and regular souls.

We are not saying that you cannot get married with your twin soul. We are trying to say that until you awaken fully, it’s not easy to end twin flame separation OR it may be impossible to end twin flame separation.

You might force your way to end twin flame separation into union by hurting so many others and creating more karma and this is how twin flames fall spiritually.

Some twin flames succeed in rising spiritually while many fall down spiritually and this way the cycle between earth and spirit world keeps on going.

When you force your way to end twin flame separation and into union with your twin, it brings stress, anxiety and spiritual fall happens.

As we come on earth by forgetting everything, so in order to be forced to do inner work, twin flames take birth on earth and choose such social, religious, geographical, family and other situations so that twin flame separation happens and then there is no other way to unite, but to do the inner work.

This is why twin flame separation happens so that you do your inner work first and step into your role as master spirit.

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(HINDI) What happens if twin flames have different levels?

(HINDI) What happens if twin flames have different levels?

Very few twins are on the same level, so the twin on the higher level has to wait – not 2 or 3, nor 20 or 30, not even 200 or 300 years, but in some cases 500 or 600 years.

All twins want to be together, whether their other half is a good or bad soul.

Bringing a fallen twin on Earth to a higher level and trying to improve him or her is a very difficult job for the twin in the spirit world.

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(Reference Book – The Laws of the Spirit World, By: Khorshed Bhavnagri)

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Why I Have To Do All Inner Work for my Twin Flame?

Why Do I Have To Do All The Inner Work for Harmonious Relationship with my Lover or Twin Flame?


Although you may be doing all the work in one situation, you will receive your “payback” in another situation – in some way at some point.

This is how the universe works.

(Reference Blog: TwinFlames1111, Author: Cassady Cayne)

Can Twin flames forget each other, accept their separation, and just move on?

Can Twin flames forget each other, accept their separation, and just move on?

How can I avoid hurting my non twin partner?

How can I avoid hurting my non twin partner?