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Angel’s Guidance Tool

How to use this Tool?
Free Twin Flames Angel Guidance Tool | | Hindi
  1. Prepare:
    • Write a simple YES or NO question about the present moment in your diary.
  2. Guidelines:
    • Focus on the present; avoid asking about the future as the future is not fixed and can be changed.
    • Focus on yourself; avoid asking questions about others.
  3. Click the “See Answer” button and get a random score from your Angels.
  4. Interpret Score:
    • Consider it NO (Score 0-33): Suggests a negative response.
    • You may take it as YES but it’s not recommended (Score 34-63): Leans towards positive, but not entirely.
    • You can take it as YES! (Score 64-85): Indicates a positive response.
    • Absolutely YES! (Score 86-100): Strong affirmation for a positive answer.
  5. You can note down your score in your diary along with the question.
  6. If the response doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you can try again by crafting a more detailed question after a short interval, perhaps 30 minutes later.

NOTE: Remember, this tool is designed to offer intuitive guidance, and your interpretation plays a role. Use it with an open mind and trust your instincts.

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