(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance? | इनर वर्क की क्या जरूरत है? | Jnana Param1 min read

(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance?

(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance? | Jnana Param

Lord Krishna says that god does not need that man should recite his name or do any kind of spiritual practices.

By doing spiritual practices(inner work), a person is able to access its subconscious mind and thus is able to access his dormant memories, knowledge and wisdom.

So if you do spiritual practice, it is not for anyone else i.e. neither for your twin nor for god, instead you are doing it for yourself.

It will bring your dormant knowledge and wisdom out of subconscious and then you will be able to know that what is the true purpose of your life and in which direction you have to go.

So, Inner work, which can be any kind of spiritual practices, helps you stay in higher vibrations and help you to recall your dormant knowledge and wisdom, and thus you are able to do the work for which you have taken this birth.

If you don’t do it then it’s OK, this life will go waste and you can come again in next birth, experience everything that you experienced in this birth and then try to awaken again.

An so the story goes on…

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