(HINDI) Inner Work Program Experience

hindi inner work program

(HINDI) Inner Work Program Experience

(HINDI) Inner Work Program Experience

Students share Inner Work Program Experience in Hindi.

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(HINDI) Inner Work Program Experience

hindi inner work program

(HINDI) Inner Work Program Experience

Inner Work Program Experience | HINDI

How To Do Inner Work – Top 2 Authentic Steps

How To Do Inner Work

How To Do Inner Work?

What are the steps to inner work? Let’s try to answer this question How To Do Inner Work? in this post.

How To Do Inner Work? | Are you doing inner work yourself? | HINDI

Importance of Inner Work

Before we explain How To Do Inner Work, Let us first briefly discuss that what is the importance of inner work?

Inner work helps you remember your divine attributes like acceptance, Love, Joy & Peace.

These are the attributes that help you get back into your true role of a master soul or ascended master.

Until you work to regain your dormant knowledge and wisdom, you are just a normal human soul.

And this is when you face separation from your twin.

What is Inner Work?

Before moving on to How To Do Inner Work, it seems logical to first understand ‘What is inner work?’

Inner Work is that in which,

  • You Learn How to Rely on the Divine (Higher Power, Source, Spirit, Universe, or whatever you want to call it).
  • You Learn How to Feel worthy.
  • You Learn How to End the need to doubt, worry, or be afraid.
  • You Learn How to Use your intuition or inner guide.
  • You Learn How to Release control of what happens.
  • You Learn How to Not cast blame, even towards yourself.
  • You Learn How to Be honest and tell the truth.
  • You Learn How to Communicate telepathically.
  • You Learn that how you feel is more important than what’s happening.
  • You Learn How to Forgive others and yourself.
  • You Learn How to Enjoy change.
  • You Learn How to End the habit of people pleasing.
  • You Learn How to Be grateful, even for unpleasant situations.
  • You Learn How to Be aware of your thoughts, taking yourself off the auto-pilot.

When you look at this list it can seem exhausting and overwhelming.

But the good news is that the more inner work you do, the better you will feel about yourself and your twin flame journey.

Inner work is something that will help you to stay in higher vibrations.

Guru-Disciple Relation

So, Do you think all of this can be taught by some videos on YouTube?


Until you are very trained to listen to your intuition, the only other way to accomplish this is by following guidelines from a teacher i.e. a Guru-Disciple relationship.

Even a simple Mantra Sadhna should not be started without proper Diksha and guidance from a teacher/guru.

A teacher is someone, who infuses the vibration of that mantra or any spiritual practice in your being.

Why Teacher is needed?

So Why a teacher is needed, when we all have heard that the real guru is inside you?

If you have to go from Chandigarh to Delhi, then a road map or a GPS will help you in finding the fastest way to your destination.

Similarly, when you are on this journey of going inside yourself, which is an unknown territory, then a teacher or a Guru can act as a GPS, who can help you find the shortest route.

The primary task of a teacher is to teach you how to differentiate between intuition and Ego, and thus how you can become more receptive and thus listen and trust your intuition more.

So a teacher will bring you closer to the Guru inside you.

Recorded videos

Some people ask us to provide a video recording of our classes.

If you had seen the details of the Basic inner work 1 program that we teach, then you must have noticed that we take around six months to teach various tools and techniques.

Just think for a moment Why do we take online live classes for six months?

It would have been easy for us to record all videos and just sell them, but instead, we are taking live online classes.

Why Live Classes?

We take live classes so that

  • We can see if you are doing practices in the correct way.
  • We can keep in touch with you and provide answers to your ongoing questions about the process you are going through.

With each class and with each learning, you will begin to transform and your view about your journey will start to change.

You will face so many challenges while you are transforming.

Live vs Recorded

Will it be easier to have a teacher or guide by your side to answer your questions to guide you in the right direction? OR

Will it be easier to find these answers in a recorded video?

A recorded video can never replace an interactive live session with a teacher.

When you are interacting with a teacher, even if it is online, you are tapping into the energy of your teacher.

These energetic interactions are the major source of our transformation.

For E.g. Lord Buddha used to have around 30,000 students with him at all times.

He was an enlightened being and did not require any disciple, but he still had so many students with him.

The reason was so that these students help each other on the path of enlightenment.

Those who are ahead of others will pull them up with their energy.

Nobody is going to physically grab your arm, instead, their energy will pull you up when you need it the most.

Kundalini Awakening

Does our inner work program lead to kundalini awakening?

First, we would like to highlight that we are experienced Kriya Kundalini Yoga teachers.

In our online Basic inner work 1 program, we only teach the basics or preparatory steps of this science, which are very practical and safe to follow.

It is a stepping stone that triggers the transformation inside you, and with transformation, you start to stay in higher vibration or higher dimensions.

If you are only interested in transformation, then this program is enough for you.

If you are a dedicated disciple then after completing this course, you can proceed ahead in advanced kriyas or can also become a teacher yourself.

In short, there is nothing to be worried about.

Effect on your life

Now, Will it affect your ongoing life?

If you have issues between you and your twin flame or you are in separation, then it means that your current Mental, Emotional and Physical state is not in alignment with your twin flame journey.

So joining this program means that you want to change yourself.

Being afraid of change is of no use as change is inevitable.

Highest Good of All

You are taking steps to become your higher self, and it will always be for the highest good of all involved i.e. families of both of you, which means your partner, your twin’s partner, you or your twins’ children, or your colleagues, or anyone associated with you.

You might not be able to understand the effects right now, but in time it will be all clear.

How to do inner work?

So again coming back to the question that ‘how to do inner work?’

The answer is that it cannot be taught by a few videos.

It needs constant practice and dedication from your side.

It can be beautifully summarized by these three words,

Abhyaas, Varagya, Ishwar pranidhaan i.e.

Abhyaas – Constant practice,
Varagya – Non-attachment to the results that you are seeking,
Ishwar pranidhaan – Surrender to god

Remember, if you take one step towards the divine by doing your inner work, then the divine takes 1000 steps toward you.

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(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance?

(HINDI) What Is Inner Work Importance? | Jnana Param

Lord Krishna says that god does not need that man should recite his name or do any kind of spiritual practices.

By doing spiritual practices(inner work), a person is able to access its subconscious mind and thus is able to access his dormant memories, knowledge and wisdom.

So if you do spiritual practice, it is not for anyone else i.e. neither for your twin nor for god, instead you are doing it for yourself.

It will bring your dormant knowledge and wisdom out of subconscious and then you will be able to know that what is the true purpose of your life and in which direction you have to go.

So, Inner work, which can be any kind of spiritual practices, helps you stay in higher vibrations and help you to recall your dormant knowledge and wisdom, and thus you are able to do the work for which you have taken this birth.

If you don’t do it then it’s OK, this life will go waste and you can come again in next birth, experience everything that you experienced in this birth and then try to awaken again.

An so the story goes on…

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