What is love vs attachment? – Top 3 difference

love vs attachment


Love vs Attachment

Are Love and Attachment the Same or what is love vs attachment, especially in Twin flame Journey?

Generally, we hear people using these words “I Love You”, “I am in love with that person”, “People fall in Love”, and “I Love you and cannot live without you”.

So is it really LOVE that they are referring to Or they are referring to something else?

To understand this, let’s first understand the difference between Love vs Attachment.

1 Love vs Attachment – Selfless vs selfish

When you’re in love, you are happy in the happiness of your partner.

You’re are happy to make your partner feel loved and fulfilled.

You aren’t keeping score, arguing over who helps more, or fighting over who is supposed to wash the dishes.

You don’t emotionally blackmail your partner, try to manipulate them, or seek to dominate the relationship.

When you’re merely attached to someone, you’re focused on the ways in which they can make you happy.

You become heavily dependent upon your partner and may even try to control them to avoid abandonment. For e.g. When Your partner does not call you for a day then it creates a fear that they might abandon you.

Instead of confronting your own issues, you use your partner to improve your self-esteem and fill a void within you. For e.g. You feel the need for pampering or appreciation from your partner and if you don’t get it then it upsets you.

You believe that they are responsible for your happiness and become frustrated and angry if they fail to bring you contentment. For e.g. you ask them to do a certain task or to be with you and if they are unable to do so then it upsets you.

2. Love vs Attachment – Liberating vs controlling

Mutual love allows you to be your true self i.e. you don’t have to create a fake image of yourself.

Your partner encourages you to be who you genuinely are and you won’t be afraid to expose your weaknesses. Instead, they will assist you in healing your weaknesses.

Mutual trust develops and becomes a powerful catalyst for personal growth for both of you i.e. as you trust each other, so you are not afraid that if you expose your weakness then your partner will run away.

Love is never controlling. In actuality, love transcends control.

Your partner’s ability to accept you for who you are and encourage you to pursue your dreams allows you to let go of the need to control your life.

Attachment, on the other hand, tends to fuel controlling behavior.

You may discourage your partner from spending time with their friends, play mind games, or put an unhealthy level of focus on pleasing them.

You may even try to manipulate them into staying with you regardless of their feelings.

For e.g. you are keeping track that if your partner is talking to other girls/boys and then feel upset about it or worse, you fight with your partner regarding it,
or in order to keep your partner near, you spend your entire time with them, even if it means ignoring your other responsibilities.

Manipulation and blackmailing include creating distance between your partner and his interests by any means, like hiding facts or lying, or twisting facts.

3. Love vs Attachment – Mutual growth vs restricting

If you’re in love, you and your partner will grow together.

When both of you work to become the best versions of yourselves, you’ll become better than you could have been on your own.

In short, your partner stimulates your growth, and you do the same for them i.e. As you are not afraid of showing your weakness, both of you help each other in healing these weaknesses.

Here growth doesn’t mean material growth only. Growth means that you heal the upsets that are caused by others’ behavior or unpleasant situations and thus you stay more in divine attributes like peace, joy, and acceptance.

In cases of attachment, your urge to control and your inability to solve your own problems restricts your growth as well as your partner’s.

Your unresolved issues cause unnecessary dependence upon your significant other.

Not surprisingly, this restricts the growth of both parties and makes it difficult to love in a healthy way.

For e.g. You may feel uneasy if your partner is unable to give you time. And instead of accepting it as divine will and learning to be on your own, you may ask them to give time. This demand of yours pushes your partner away energetically.

4. Love vs Attachment – Everlasting vs transient

Love survives the passage of time.

You and your partner may break up, be it temporarily or permanently.

If you were truly in love, however, that person will always have a place in your heart and you will continue to wish them well for the rest of their life.

If, on the other hand, you were merely attached to them, you will likely hold resentment after a breakup.
You may even experience feelings of betrayal.

These feelings stem from the assumption that your partner had an obligation to make you happy that, in your eyes, was not fulfilled.

5. Love vs Attachment – Ego-reducing vs ego-boosting

When in love, you become less self-centered.

Your relationship serves to reduce your ego, fosters your growth, and encourages you to become less selfish and more loving.

The relationship you have with your partner fuels positive changes for both of you.

More importantly, you’ll both have the courage to share your weaknesses, expose your vulnerabilities, and communicate from the heart.

Alternatively, relationships based on attachment are typically dominated by the ego.

This is why many people repeatedly fall into a continuous stream of unsatisfying relationships, each of which involves the same, recurrent problems.

You find it difficult to look within and resolve your issues.

This generates dependency within your relationship, which triggers the feeling that you can’t be happy without your partner.

You rely on your significant other to solve your problems or, at the very least, help you forget them.


After understanding the difference between Love and attachment, we can say that most of us confuse Attachment to be Love.

So if we replace the word ‘love’ with the word ‘attachment’ in the most popular quotes then they will become something like this:

“I love You” will become “I am Attached to You”,
“I am in love with that person” will become “I am attached to that person”,
“People fall in Love” will become “People fall due to attachment”,
“I Love you and cannot live without you” will become “I am attached to you and cannot live without you”.

Remember, the opposite of Love is not Hatred! The opposite of Love is Attachment.

How to accelerate Harmony with a twin flame?

So what is pushing away your union with your twin flame?

Setting an idea of marriage or togetherness as a goal in itself is the main reason that is pushing unions away.

It is LOVE that should be the goal, not togetherness as a “situation”.

Many Twins trip themselves up by trying to manifest togetherness as a goal in ITSELF, rather than manifest LOVE.

Ironically, when you are in a state of Love, it becomes a powerful magnetic state that pulls the togetherness to you.

In fact, we’re being asked by our spirit guides repeatedly to release the “obsession” with physical togetherness, as it is complicating and blocking things for so many Twin flame couples.

Instead, imagine the following cases.

– What if LOVE was the answer? The feeling, experience and state, and enjoyment of LOVE?
i.e. following our HEART? Following our BLISS?

– What if we focused on LOVE? Not the “Ego concept” of togetherness.

So, In essence, you can Focus on LOVE by Following your HEART, instead of focusing on the outer “picture” i.e. the mind’s abstract ideas of attainment and conditions such as “WHEN we are physically together, THEN I will feel content”.

This is because the idea of togetherness will only push togetherness away from you.

Have You Shut Off Your Heart’s Guidance?

To experience unity, you have to feel and dwell in and experience love RIGHT NOW.

You have to Tap into it.

You have to Feel the immense immaculate love that always exists between you and your Twin Flame.

If you are unable to feel it right now then it’s because you’re operating with your mind.

You’ve shut out your heart’s guidance. The heart always knows. Love is right there, once you choose to tap in.

If you are unable to feel that love right now then don’t be disheartened.

Lots of inner work needs to be done to feel this love, which includes the constant practice of higher meditative kriyas, plus energy clearing, plus constant support from your teacher/guide that will eventually help you to step up into your role as a Lightworker.

If you need our help and support, then you can see details of our inner work program.


So Are you in love with your partner or are you just attached to them?

Love can be complicated, but this video explains a few of the differences between attachment and real love.

We hope that these explanations will aid you in nurturing your current relationship or creating one based on genuine love in the future.

If you aren’t in love right now, we sincerely hope that you will find your twin flame and build a magnificent relationship with that person.

Until then, why not work on becoming a better and more loving version of yourself?

As the saying goes “Like attracts like”. If that’s the case, it’s wise to become the person that you wish to attract!

Reference Blogs:
lifehack, Author: Thibaut Meurisse &
Twinflame1111, Author Cassady Cayne

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Are you running away from twin flame marriage? – Top 3 Solution

twin flame marriage


Twin Flame Marriage

In this video, we are going to talk about twin flame marriage and we try to answer this question that Can twin flames get married? OR Should twin flames get married? OR Are you running away from twin flame marriage?

There can be multiple cases here.

The first case is that both twin flames are single.

The second is when one of the twin flames from a pair is married to another partner and the other is single.

The third case is when both twin flames are married to other partners.

Another case can be that both twin flames are married to each other but currently, they are in the separation phase.

Before we explain each of these scenarios and talk about twin flame marriage, let us first understand the meaning of marriage.

What is marriage?

What is marriage

Marriage as we see around us in this 3D world is a legal contract between two people and it establishes rights and obligations between them.

Marriage in the traditional sense is an arrangement that puts conditions on two people and makes it difficult for them to separate.

It is a kind of assurance that your spouse will not leave you on whom you are mentally, physically, or emotionally dependent.

It gives a sense of security.

Some expectations from marriage are that:

  • your spouse will be loyal to you by not engaging in any sexual activity with any other person,
  • they are expected to provide you with mental, physical, emotional, or financial support, etc.

Does 3D twin flame marriage mean anything for twin flames?

cosmic marriage

As said in our previous videos, twin flames get separated, so that they can work on themself and can clear all hurts, fears, and traumas that exist in their subconscious and which affect personality and behavior.

Once you are able to clear all these fears, you reach a state where you don’t feel the need to bind yourself in another contract like marriage.

And now, if twin flame marriage happens, it will be a marriage of two free souls, who do not bind each other due to their own fears or insecurities.

To know more about twin flame separation, see the below-mentioned post

Is twin flame marriage wise decision?

Twin flame marriage depends on case to case basis.

1 Both Twin flames are single

The first case is when both twin flames in a pair are single.

This is an ideal scenario where twin flame marriage makes the most sense.

Of course, twin flame marriage will only happen once they have cleared all their blockages.

Twin flame marriage will be very beneficial for them and for the rest of the people around them.

When both these awakened souls have a child, then that child will also be a highly awakened soul which will further help in raising the vibration of the planet.

So, They can aim for twin flame marriage by asking the Divine to do what is for the highest good of both of them.

2 One of the twin flames is married to another partner

one partner is married

The second case is when one of the twin flames is single and the other is married.

Divine chooses to keep one of them single, so that once the married twin flame gets free from their marriage commitment, then both twin flames can marry on this earthly plane.

The married twin flame can come out of his marriage commitments, by doing their inner work.

He can then help transform his karmic partner as well, and further he might help/guide his karmic partner to unite with their twin flame.

In short, if both twin flames follow divine guidance obtained during inner work and follow it, then things will turn out for the highest good of all.

3 Both twin flames are married to other partners


The third case is when both twin flames already are married to other partners.

We want to say here that Don’t lose hope if you and your twin flame are both married to other partners.

Inner work will help you to get clarity and to find the right way to deal with this situation.

By doing inner work and by following divine guidance, it is possible to get out of marriage commitments with current partners.

And once both of you are free then you can choose what you want to do next.

You can see the following video about how Tinku and Tina were able to get out of commitment with their current relations for the highest good of all involved.

What happens to kids that twin flame has with other partners?

If you or your twin flame have kids with existing partners, these factors might need to be considered when you plan to marry your twin flame.

Remember that it will take some time, let’s say 2 years before you reach a higher vibration state by doing inner work.

Sooner or later your twin flame will also start inner work and it will take them some time, let’s say 2 years before they reach a stable state as well.

By that time, your kids will not be the same as they are now. They will be older and will have a different life.

You can not get all the answers right now about how this will happen.

The only option is to take the next step in your inner work and see how things unfold.

If your marriage with your twin flame is as per the Divine’s will, then it will definitely happen.

You will find a way, things will be sorted.

Are you running away from twin flame marriage?

running from marriage

It has come to our knowledge that when some twin flames reach a higher state by doing inner work, they don’t feel the need to get married to their twin flame.

When you do your inner work, you reach a stage where marriage is not really necessary for either one of you.

Then some twin flames stop doing inner work and keep themself busy with other non-spiritual pursuits.

Their thinking is that they don’t need their twin flame anymore.

Note that most of the time, there is an unresolved hurt behind such cases.

All we have to say is that your twin flame is the one who became a catalyst and pushed you in direction of inner work.

If you have reached a stable state then it is your part to help in his awakening as well, by following the divine guidance.

It’s perfectly alright if you don’t want to get married, but it’s not alright if you are not seeking divine guidance and have stopped following any guidance that you have received or are currently receiving.

You are an instrument of God and you are here to full fill divine mission.

So it’s not a good sign if you are running away from twin flame marriage by getting yourself busy and by not following divine guidance.

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1111 portal – Top Myths & Hidden Meaning

1111 portal


Does the 1111 portal mean the twin flame reunion is near OR what is the meaning of the 1111 portal?

Let’s take the example of a real twin flame couple Tinku and Tina to understand this mystery of 1111.

Does the 1111 portal mean a twin flame reunion is near?

When Tinku was going through a separation from his twin flame, he used to read about these special dates like the 1111 portal, 1212 portal, 1010 portal, 88 lions gate, etc. and he used to think that now as this special date has arrived, so his reunion is very near.

After witnessing these special dates for a couple of years, Tinku realized that days like the 1111 portal are just an indication to keep on moving ahead even if there are some tough decisions to be made.

He used to check his progress on these special dates, from the day he started his journey.

It’s obvious that when each year the 1111 portal appears, you have moved one more year in your inner work journey and thus you are moving ahead towards reunion, but it does not mean that union is going to happen tomorrow or next week or next month, or next year.

Myths about the 1111 portal

If you search YouTube for 1111 then you will see many videos with these titles like

  • 1111 Portal for Manifestation, every desire will be fulfilled for love, money, success, etc.
  • 1111 portal technique law of attraction, you will get so much that you will not be able to handle
  • 1111 portal, good news for twin flames, your union will happen.
  • 1111 portal, expect miracles
  • 1111 portal, powerful manifestation

Understand that these video titles are written to grab your attention.

Think about this: are you able to clear an exam by preparing for the whole year, or can you clear it just by studying on the last day of the exam?

How can everything get resolved on this special day if you have not done your inner work?

How can days like the 1111 portal have the same meaning for everyone?

And why would you do inner work, if the reunion or manifestation is so simple?

No doubt these days carry special energy, but still, the meaning of days like the 1111 portal, depends on where you are in your inner work journey.

Instead of doing something special on days like the 1111 portal, it’s more critical to keep on doing your daily inner work.

Examples of seeing 1111

Let’s take some more examples of how Tinku witnessed 1111.

  • When Tinku was starting a spiritual center he saw 1111
  • When Tinku was struggling with the flow of clients to sustain this spiritual center, then again he saw 1111.
  • When Tinku was closing this spiritual center due to a shortage of clients, he again saw 1111.
  • When Tinku was thinking about joining a new job that was not related to spiritual healing, he saw 1111.
  • After a month in this job when he was thinking to quit that job, then he saw 1111.
  • He wanted to learn and do mass healing, he saw 1111.
  • He was thinking about meeting his twin flame after separation of a couple of years and he saw 1111.

This list is endless of the cases when Tinku witnessed 1111.

In all these cases, the common meaning of 1111 was an indication for Tinku to keep on moving ahead.

The hidden meaning of 1111

Let’s understand what was hidden meaning of 1111 was in all the cases discussed before.

Tinku had to start a spiritual center so that he can learn some finer points about healing modalities from his spiritual master, who was also a part of this spiritual center. Here 1111 indicated him to move ahead with this step of the opening of the spiritual center.

Seeing 1111, When they were not getting any clients meant that the business is going as intended by the universe and he should keep on moving ahead and choose the next wise option when the time comes.

Seeing 1111 when closing this spiritual center meant that the purpose of his spiritual center was complete and its time for him to move ahead.

Seeing 1111 when he was thinking about joining a job, indicted him to go ahead and join it. By doing that job, he understood that he can not get satisfaction from non-spiritual work. Further, he also learned that he was not able to focus on his spiritual teaching work and his inner work was also getting affected.

Seeing 1111 when he was quitting his job indicated him to move ahead from this job, as this job has served its purpose.

Seeing 1111 when he wanted to learn mass healing, gave him an indication to move ahead, as he is going to specialize in healing modalities.

When he was thinking about meeting his twin flame after separation of a couple of years and he saw 1111, it indicated that he can move ahead in calling his twin flame as the right time has come.

So the meaning of 1111 is situational, as shown in the above examples.

What is the importance of inner work?

So how inner work helps here?

There are many tough decisions that you have to take on this journey, in order to get into the flow of the universe.

First and foremost is to shed your fears and trust the universe.

These decisions become easier if you are doing your inner work.

And with each such decision, that is aligned with your higher self, you move ahead towards union with your twin flame.

So the 1111 portal does not mean that you are going to unite with your twin flame either today or tomorrow or in the next month or next year.

It means that if you keep on doing your inner work, the reunion is inevitable.

Bigger meaning of the 1111 portal

Depending on where you are on your inner work journey, the meaning of 1111 could be any one of the following.

  • the 1111 portal is asking you to release your old beliefs and move in direction of true life purpose.
  • It’s trying to remind you to rise beyond fear and trauma by healing it i.e.unresolved karma.
  • 1111 portal asks you to realize that you are the boss in your life. So can you take responsibility for your own path?
  • 1111 portal is pushing you to break out of this victim mentality that someone will save you.
  • 1111 portal also recommends that you may cut people out of your life, make major commitments to passion projects or undertake major life choices such as deciding to go for your dreams.
  • 1111 portal suggests that now is the time to be brave and to listen to your SOUL, not society or other people.

For a more detailed video explaining all these points, you can see the following video.



To summarize, the meaning of 1111 is situational.

Instead of doing something special on days like the 1111 portal, it’s more critical to keep on doing your daily inner work.

Always remember this quote, “slow and steady, wins the race.”

Or we can rephrase it as “By Slow and steady inner work, you can manifest and win your twin flame”.

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Twin flame dream Intimacy – Top 2 Accurate Reasons

Twin flame dream intimacy


Twin flame dream intimacy

Twin flame dream intimacy is a way with which, the soul of your twin flame shows you that how Twin Flame Sex can lead to divine bliss and pleasure.

Their soul is showing you that this divine bliss is only possible when both of you get intimate in complete surrender to each other.

And Twin flame dream intimacy also provides you with some healing energy and clearing of old heavy energy and downloading of new light codes, as you progress on your inner work journey.

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Twin Flame Sex – Top 4 Aspects

Twin Flame Sex


Twin Flame Sex

How Twin Flame Sex is different from sex between soulmates?

Twin Flame Signs

In our video on Twin Flame signs, we have discussed about how Your first kiss or intimate encounter with Twin Flame is something that you have never experienced before in this life.

This is because Most Twin Flames couples who are romantically involved, also share a connection which has irresistible pull.

Twin flame sex goes beyond from physical levels to spiritual levels as well.

Aspects of intimacy

Twin Flame Sex is not just a physical act, in fact most of the sexual pleasure is a cerebral act i.e. it occurs in the brain.

To understand Twin Flame Sex, lets briefly understand about four aspect of intimacy and how we experience intimacy with different type of partners.

The Animal Way of Intimacy

Person who are engaged in animal way of intimacy can be rough and violent.

For them, it is not an emotional need but a pure biological need.

They are not concerned with your feelings.

This type of person can sleep with any partner.

They make this Relationship for only sexual gratification.

And such person can hurt other partner physically or emotionally.

Note here that most but not all men participate in The Animal Way of Intimacy.

The Human Way of Intimacy

Here you need to feel love for the other person and you need to feel loved back.

Fulfillment depends on feelings and sentiments including love, bonding, attachment and a sense of belonging.

You yearn for their attention. You wish to be loved back.

You want to be everything to them and vice-versa too.

Note here that Most but not all women participate in The Human Way of Intimacy.

The Warrior Way of Intimacy

In Warrior Way of Intimacy, one of the two partners is always dominant

It involves greater sense of detachment

They like to be Protective for you, but not possessive.

They like to continue this type of intimacy for Long Duration.

They likes to be your strength and support.

The Divine Way of Intimacy

And finally the divine way of intimacy is the ultimate stage in the evolution of sexual consciousness.

Here sexual act is only an extension, an expression of love.

Here partners are Givers with no demands.

Both partners offer their body, mind and soul and they Unite in love at all levels.

Twin Flame Sex

The Divine Way of Intimacy can be experienced during Twin Flame Sex when both of them reach their Divine selves i.e. when they become true Divine Feminine and true Devine Masculine.

And when this happens then you can experience following during Twin Flame Sex:

  • Shared climaxes where you feel your twin flame’s pleasure as your own, as well as non physical climaxes.
  • A feeling that your chakras are talking to their chakras
  • A feeling that its not just physical pleasure but its happening on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  • A feeling of exchange of energy, thoughts and feelings with your twin flame.
  • A connection with source when you climax.

Twin flames intimate dreams

Except for The Divine Way of Intimacy, we need a physical partner to experience the pleasure in other ways of intimacy.

But Divine way of intimacy can happen even without a physical partner.

Twin flames intimate dreams are a way with which, the soul of your twin flame shows you that how Twin Flame Sex can lead to divine bliss and pleasure.

Their soul is showing you that this divine bliss is only possible when both of you get intimate in complete surrender to each other.

And these Twin flames intimate dreams also provides you with some healing energy and clearing of old heavy energy and downloading of new light codes, as you progress on your inner work journey.



To summarize,

Twin Flame Sex is something out of this world experience when both the partners reach their divine self and participate in Divine way of Intimacy.

If you are having Twin flames intimate/sexual dreams then it means that the soul of your twin flame is reaching out to you, confirming that yes they are your twin flame.

And they are also showing you a glimpse of what divine bliss awaits you, if you move ahead on the path of twin flame union by doing your inner work.

Some times a past lover can also try to connect you on dream plane, but that experience of intimacy will not be same as the one that you have with your twin flame on dream plane.

You can clear energy of such past lover from you, who try to connect you on dream plane. If they are your true twin flame then their energy will not disconnect, and if they are just a past lover then clearing their energy will completely free you from them.

You can subscribe our free email list to get free tools to clear energy of past lovers.

We talk more about it in our workshop on how to use Twin Flame sexual energy for ascension.

(Reference Book: Kundalini – An untold story, Book by Om Swami)

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Twin Flame Reunion After Separation – 100% Authentic Story

Twin Flame Reunion After Separation


Twin Flame Reunion After Separation

Many people who are facing separation with their twin flame or their twin flame has got married, generally ask this question that “will my twin flame contact me again?” i.e. Twin Flame Reunion After Separation.

We will try to answer this question in this video and stay tuned to know about a free tool to connect with the soul aspect of your twin flame.

Tinku & Tina

Lets take example of a real twin flame couple Tinku and Tina who achieved Twin Flame Reunion After Separation.

If you want to know more about this couple then you can see video series whose link is given in cards above.

As mentioned in previous videos, Tinku and Tina got separated due to stress that was being caused by their existing partners.

Both of them wanted to meet each other, but the situation was not allowing for it.

Tinku wanted to know that will Tina contact him again or will he be able to see or talk to Tina again? i.e. when Twin Flame Reunion After Separation happens?

When all of this was going on, Tinku took a reading from Tarot card reader and he came to know that Tinku and Tina will reunite after 10 years..

This was further shocking for him.

Guidance from Spiritual Master

Tinku had already started his inner work, but the duration of 10 years for Twin Flame Reunion After Separation seemed too much to him.

Tinku told his master about the tarot reading.

His master, who is a spiritual mystic, just smiled and told Tinku that any thing is possible with inner work.

Master asked him to continue on the path of inner work and with his change in vibration, Tinku will be able to attract Tina much faster.

Tinku kept on doing inner work and his awareness shifted into higher state.

While getting separated, Tinku thought that he will not be able to see Tina anymore.

But it turned out that as he kept on doing inner work and healing himself, Tina used to appear before him, accidently.

First encounter after separation

One day Tinku was going to withdraw some money from let’s say X bank.

On his way to X bank, there was another bank named Y bank. When he reached near Y bank, he felt like stopping there and go to Y bank.

So he stopped and went inside Y bank.

When he was entering Bank, he saw Tina inside bank who was just getting ready to leave the bank.

They both talked to each other like nothing unpleasant has happened between them before.

They spoke for a few minutes and then they went their own ways.

When Tina left, Tinku thought about his master’s word and realized that universe made him visit this Y bank, where as his original plan was to go to X bank.

Although it was a brief meeting but it made him realize that this separation period does not means a totally no contact period.

This realization felt like a big relief and he felt that his inner work is working and he can achieve Twin Flame Reunion After Separation much faster.

Second meeting

Tinku felt motivated and healed, with this development.

Universe showed him some higher energy clearing techniques, that can further speed up inner work process.

He started the practice of these tools regularly and on the 10th day of practicing these tools, he saw that Tina has joined same GYM as him.

This was their second meeting and they met briefly.

Note here that Tina’s partner was also their at the gym, so Tinku kept her distance from Tina.

Tina hoped to see same old loving Tinku, but Tinku kept distance from her as their existing partner situation was not resolved yet.

Although Tinku wanted to talk to her, but he realized that its better to keep on doing inner work, instead of creating further stress cause of existing partners.

Tinku understood that his inner work and energy clearing is working as he can clearly see the results, but he also needs to do more inner work to get himself and Tina free from their existing partners and to achieve complete Twin Flame Reunion After Separation.

This meeting was a great realization and Tinku got motivated to try further higher inner work techniques and Energy clearing techniques.

Third Meeting

Tinku was doing healings for both himself and Tina.

Tina was shedding old energy very fast.

So, After couple of more months of inner work and higher energy clearing, Tina had a vision about their past birth life together.

She messaged Tinku on social media about the experience and Tinku received guidance to meet Tina and let her know about what is going on.

So they met at a café where Tinku told Tina about inner work and energy clearing, but he also told her that he will not come back to her until the existing partner issue is completely resolved on both sides.

Note here that Although Tinku wanted to get back with Tina, but Tinku knew that he have to do inner work to such a point that all external factors that are opposing them, are neutralized completely.

This news was devastating for Tina, but it also propelled her in journey to learn higher inner work.

She took a big step and went ahead to become a Yoga Teacher, which is also a form of inner work.

Divine’s plan needed that she becomes a Yoga Teacher and thus guide others to balance their life styles.

Other synchronicities

There were other synchronicities that were happening as Tinku was progressing in his inner work.

Universe was keeping them in touch by one way or another.

In some cases, someone would refer about Tina in front of Tinku and thus Tinku will get a chance to know that whether he has resolved all uneasiness or is there any uneasiness still left regarding Tina and her partner.

Sometimes Tinku will see Tina’s name on some advertisement board or in Television programs.

Sometimes Tinku will see a dream of Tina that will indicate that she is also rising higher in her inner work.

Sometimes her picture will popup in some social media post or a reference to her may popup somewhere.

One final shock

After doing inner work for couple of years, Tinku sought master spirits guidance to know the date and time of reunion.

And he came to know that it will take 4 more years.

This was another shock that he had already done inner work for couple of years and now, divine guidance is saying that it will still take 4 more years for Twin Flame Reunion After Separation.

When he told this to his master, then his master recommended him to better focus on his higher purpose than to seek answer for reunion time.

The more Tinku was focusing on reunion day, the more he was sending this signal in universe that he is currently not with Tina, or he is missing Tina.

First Tinku have to reach a spiritual state where he can feel Tina always with him energetically.

This was his last test and he learned his lesson.

He completely removed his focus back from reunion date and instead focused on his higher purpose.

And the good news is that soon after he passed this test, universe started to increase their frequency of chance meetings.

Fourth Meeting

Tinku’s relation with his partner had changed from partners to friends.

Same happened with Tina and her partner that their relation changed from being partners to friends.

And one day Tinku accidently met Tina when she was walking alone on a road side.

It was a brief meeting and Tinku told her that he has started teaching inner work to any willing students.

Tina asked Tinku that how will his partner respond if Tina comes to learn inner work from Tinku?

Tinku had no answer to this question at that time.

He asked asked this same question from his partner and to his surprise his partner said that she don’t have any objection if Tinku is teaching inner work to Tina or to any one else.

Call with Tina

In couple of weeks that day came when Tinku got this guidance during meditation that he can call Tina today.

He was surprised that it came out of nowhere. He was a little nervous too.

But he took the step and called Tina. As per Divine’s will, Tina came to meet Tinku with in 10 minutes of the call.

And then they spoke their heart out and it was a great healing day for both of them. We can say that this was the day when actual Twin Flame Reunion After Separation started.

With this new development, Tinku offered to teach inner work to Tina, as he knew that Tina had some inner work that needs to be done, before they can be in complete harmony and free from other attachments.

Tina was happy to see Tinku and learning inner work was her only option to see Tinku again.

Tina started learning inner work taught by Tinku and Slowly she raised her vibration to much higher level.

Harmonious Reunion

This is called harmonious reunion or Twin Flame Reunion After Separation, when Tina was also able to understand that the whole purpose of separation phase was to prepare both of them for higher teachings.

Now she takes responsibility for all painful or unpleasant events that happens in her life, instead of looking out for solution or support from others.

Obviously, Tinku is helping her in healing any triggers, because he has more experience in dealing with them.

They practically learned about the pain that other twin flames are going through and they started to guide other twin flames in the process of reunion.

Many of our students have united in a similar way to their twin flames.

They are now helping their counterpart in inner work and soon these twin flame couples will be guiding other twin flames all across the planet.


So the summary is that although when separation process was happening, it seemed to Tinku and Tina that they might not meet again soon and thus they were feeling helpless.

But with proper guidance from spiritual master and with discipline and firm resolve, universe supported this twin flame couple in meeting many times by accident and finally they were able to get back to each other in harmony and thus achieve real Twin Flame Reunion After Separation.

So if you ask this question that “Will my twin flame contact me again?” then the answer is that it depends on your inner work.

But yes, sooner or later you will get connected to your twin flame in a way that either they will contact you or you will get guidance to contact them again.

You can stay in touch with soul of your Twin Flame by using following session.

How to connect with twin flame soul for Love – 100% Free


If you have any questions or comments about this topic then leave them in the comment section of this video.

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Thank you so much for watching and we see you next time.

Top 1 Reason To Clear Past relationships

Past relationships


In this article we will understand the role of Past relationships in your Journey and the reason that why a “Third Party” is involved between you and your twin flame.

By the end of this article, you can get a free tool to clear energy of past relationships or past lovers.

What are past relationships?

First, lets understand What are Past relationships or Past Lovers?

All those people with whom we had intense relations in this life or in any of previous life times can be known as Past relationships or past love relation or past Lovers.

These relations can be sexual or non-sexual as well.

Non-sexual intense relations are generally with our family members like mother, father, brother, sister, grand mother, grand father OR other close relatives or friends.

But, generally, the most intense relation in our life involve romance and sex.

Some of these Past relationships or past lovers are those people whom we dont even know, but those people are romantically attached to us, even without us knowing about it.

So, Here are few cases of Past relationships or past lovers:

  • First, in which Only you were attracted towards them without them knowing about it,
  • Second, in which only they were attracted towards you without you knowing about it,
  • and Third, the case in which you both had attraction towards each other but you may or maybe not end up in a relation.

When we are mentally, physically or emotionally attracted to someone, we can call it a Love relation, even though it may or may not be romantic or sexual.

Does our past relationship exist across life times?

Across Lifetimes

Now, Let us consider our previous lifetimes.

In few regression session we came to know that some souls had up to 500 births.

So Suppose that you had about 500 births and in each birth you were involved in an average of two romantic relationships.

So in total you had about 1000 relations till now or we can say that you have about pending 1000 energetic connections that have not been released yet.

If we take into account the infatuations or crushes or one sided attractions then there can be an average of about 5 to 10 relationships in each birth, which totals up to 10,000 or more pending energetic connections.

These cords are energetic, so they dont end with our death and thus they are carried on with us in every birth.

So we are tiring to say that those people, towards whom you are attracted in this lifetime, may have been romantically involved with you in one way or another in your previous lifetimes.

How to recognize a past relationship?


Whenever they will come in your life, you will feel a sense of belongingness or some sort of attraction towards them.

You will feel like you have some strong magnetic bond with them i.e. you may like looking at them or
your body react positively in their presence.

You feel like you should live around them or they should live around you.

You will have these sorts of pleasant feelings so that you can move into a relationship with them to learn lessons.

So, Any person to whom you are feeling any kind of attraction, can be known as Past relationships or past lovers .

These are the people to whom we get attracted automatically.

Their presence around us gets our attention in a positive way.

Why past relationship appear in present life?

past relationships

There can be multiple reasons.

  • You might have ever wished to be in relation with someone in this or any previous lifetime OR
  • Someone might have wished to be with you in this or any previous lifetime

Then these wish is being fulfilled now.

Another reason behind this attraction is that these souls have some contracts to be completed with you or have some lessons to teach you.

So first there will be attraction involved, then both souls will learn from each other during the relation.

Energetic match

These people are those, whose energies are a match to your energy.

In our previous video we explained the difference between Twin Flames, Twin Rays and Soulmates.

Lets see this image of leaves of tree.

Each leaf on this tree represents a complete soul i.e. you and your twin’s combined soul.

If we split a leaf in two half, then one half will be you and other half will be your twin flame.

The leaves that are closest to your leaf represents Twin Rays.

Means that the closest souls to you after your twin flame are called Twin Rays.

In this image, the leaves that are farther away, represents Soulmates.

Soul Mates are All others souls who come into your life to help you to learn lessons.

Your energy matches with your Twin Flame, your Twin Rays and all other Soulmates.

Due to this energetic match you feel attracted to some people and not all people around you.

For Eg:- Lets say that there are One Lakh Boys or One Lakh Girls in your city.

This doesn’t mean you are attracted towards all of them.

Maybe you are attracted to only 100 or 400 out of these One Lakh Boys.

These are the ones with whom you had any past connection or you had ever wished to be with them or they wished to be you, which resulted in an energetic connection between you and them.

Now in this present lifetime, all these people will come one by one.

Once you are finished your lessons with one, other one will come and then when you have finished with them then Next one will come and so on.

With this speed, If you finish two or three relations in this lifetime and then next past lover will meet you in next lifetime, so that you can finish your pending cords and learn lessons with them.

What is significance of past relationships?


So What is significance of Past relationships or past lovers in Twin Flame Journey?

When your Twin Flame come into your life and after initial bubble love phase beings the separation phase or as we call it the preparation phase.

To move further into Union with Harmony, it is necessary to clear all the Past relationships or past lovers energetic connections i.e. if you have pending lessons or desires with any of Past relationships or past lovers, then they need to be completed.

You cannot reach into Harmonious union with your twin till you or your twin have open relations with others.

How to deal with past relationships?

So now you understand that you had some past lovers.

Similar is the case for your Twin flame. He/she must be having Past relationships or past lovers too.

Till the time the energy of Past relationships or past lovers is intermingled with you or your twin flame’s energy, you and your Twin flame cannot be in harmonious union, as there is outside energy involved.

This outside energy is generally referred to as third party situation.

Mixing of energy with outsiders means you or your twin are either physically, mentally or emotionally dependent on them.

Now there are two ways to deal with these Past relationships or past lovers who appears from time to time in you or your twin flame’s life.

A longer way is to start a relation with them i.e. to live with them for sometime and when all Karmas associated with them gets cleared then you get free from them.

A shorter way is that you can clear their energy from you.

What happens after clearing past relationships?

So lets say you clear your Past relationships or past lovers connections today.

In case your twin flame is married or they have a girlfriend or you are married or you are in a relationship, then clearing Past relationships or past lovers connection doesn’t mean that all these relations will end up instantly.

What will happen now is equation of your present relations will start to change.

Its like now relation with your partner will become like Friends and same will happen with your Twin flame regarding his Past relationships or past lovers.

This doesn’t mean you did healing today and everything will change today.

The level of healing depends on your spiritual growth.

If you are on beginning level then only those Past relationships or past lovers, who match your current energy frequency till today, will get cleared.

How inner work program helps?

We teach some kriyas to our students in Basic Inner Work Program.

By practicing these, your spiritual and energetic system will grow and open up and thus more deeper Past relationships or past lovers will come to surface i.e. new people will start to appear in your life as you are growing spiritually. E.g.

  • Some old romantic friend or lover will appear.
  • Or someone totally new person appear in your life, whom you feel extremely attracted to.

Now you have choice whether you clear this connection or to get involved in a romantic relation with them.

If you clear these Past relationships or past lovers then you move ahead closer to union with your twin flame.

If you choose to get into a relationship with any of these past lovers then it will delay your harmony & union with your twin flame.

How sexual energy exchange effect us?

All those people in this or past life with which you had sexual connections, have a very deep level of energy exchange with you.

To understand this, Lets say that one of your Past relationships or past lovers had apples and you had oranges.

When you both get sexually involved with each other then some of these apples and oranges gets exchanged with each other.

This exchange made between you two will stay with you across the lifetimes.

So if you had 1000 partners till this now in all your lifetimes then You are carrying energetic residue of all of them.

Why third party is involved between twin flames?

So, Why a “Third Party” is involved between you and your twin flame?

If your twin flame is with some partner or you are with some partner, which is popularly known as “third party” then it means that there is some pending energetic connection that needs to be cleared by you or your twin flame.

You can clear your twin’s Past relationships or past lovers, if their soul is ready to do so.

When this pending energetic connection is cleared completely, then this “third party” situation will also resolve for highest good of all.

How to clear past relationships?

As said earlier, We teach some kriyas to our students in Basic Inner Work Program.

By practicing these, your spiritual and energetic system grows and opens up and thus more deeper Past relationships or past lovers start to come to surface.

In addition to these kriya, we teach some higher energy clearing tools. These tools helps to clear the energy of Past relationships or past lovers for both you and your twin flame.

Please note that, It takes a student around 5 months of practice of these kriyas, before we can teach these higher energy clearing tools to them.

In our experience, people are not able to handle these tools if they have not practiced the kriyas enough.

So we can say that lots of inner work practice needs to be done.

In twin flame journey, it is very important to clear Past relationships or past lovers energy.

If you want to learn these kriyas and higher energy clearing techniques then you can join our Basic Inner Work Program.

Free Energy Clearing session

If you are unable to join our inner work program for any reasons at this time then you can still clear some of these Past relationships or past lovers.

You can use the free healing session that we created to clear the surface level energy of Past relationships or past lovers. To get free tools, please subscribe below.

Whenever someone attractive person appears into your life or you feel that someone is attracted to you then you can use this session to clear them.

As a general rule, Keep on using this session periodically, like may be once in a month or whenever you feel like.


So if we Summarize this article then,

Past relationships or past lovers are all those souls with whom we had intense relation in this life or in some previous lifetime.

These are the people to whom we get attracted automatically.

Their presence around us gets our attention in a positive way.

If these people comes in your life then there are two ways to deal with them.

  • One is that you can get involved in relation with them which is quite a long process.
  • Second is to clear their energy from you and your twin flame.

For deeper and faster clearing, you can join our Basic Inner Work Program which involve practicing some higher kriyas to widely open your energetic system so that deep Past relationships or past lovers comes on surface faster and thus you can clear them with higher energy clearing techniques for both you and your twin flame.

As harmonious union is not possible till energies of these Past relationships or past lovers is involved between you and your twin flame, so clearing these energies becomes very important, so that you can move forward into harmonious Union with your Twin.

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Angel number 1616 – Reignited love

Angel number 1616


Jnana Param explains angel number 1616 meaning especially for twin flame journey 👇

For detailed info, you can also video series on most common Angelic Numbers here 👇

What is meaning of angel number 1616?

Angel number 1616 is suggesting that a new relationship is imminent, either with a newcomer or through reignited love in your existing relationship i.e. if you have not met your twin flame yet, then they might be ready to appear in your life.

If you have already met your twin, but you are right now separate from them, then they might be ready to reappear in your life.

You can meet your twin flame on astral plan. To meet your twin flame on astral plane, you can try our “Meet your Twin Flame” meditation 👇

Be open to giving and receiving

Angel number 1616 is asking to be open to giving and receiving love and do not fear the new entering your life. Lets understand it with example.

A lady who helped everyone through out her whole life, had to suffer paralysis for last couple of years of her life. When she asked divine about her paralysis then she was given an answer that her whole life she only focused on giving, but never accepted or asked for anything in return.

Now she is going through this situation, so that she can receive love back through her family members and thus she can balance out her karma of giving and receiving. If she could not balance her karma in this birth, then it will take her many more births to balance this karma.

So its important that you are open to both giving and receiving love.

Asking for assistance

You can ask for assistance in repairing or readjusting to something that may be hindering or bothering you and causing anxiety i.e. This may be an unresolved debt, a purchase or the attainment of something of importance that you are unable to afford at present.

For example, If you are unable to join Inner work for financial reasons then angel number 1616 signifies that you can ask your angels to readjusting your energy and provide support, so that you have enough finance to join inner work.

Why we see Repeated Numbers?

Your spirit guides show these repeated numbers to you, in order to catch your attention and send you messages related to your journey.

Signs like these are meant to provide a guidepost on the journey, to show continued support, nudges and assistance, and to above all reassure you.

To make best use of this article, please take notes from it.

You can also log repeated numbers in your phone, whenever you see them, so that at the end of day you can get an idea that which numbers are repeating more frequently.

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Having multiple partners? | Top 2 eye-opening examples

having multiple partners


In this article, we will talk about what happens when we are having multiple partners.

By the end of this article you will know a free tool that can clear physical attraction toward others.

Why we feel attracted to someone?

In our video on past lovers, we mentioned that Past lovers are all those souls with whom we had intense relation, most probably sexual relation, in this life or in some previous lifetime.

These are the people to whom we get attracted automatically. Their presence around us gets our attention in a positive way.

We may feel physical attraction for such a person whenever they appear in your life.

What is need of having multiple partners?

Let’s understand this with some examples from a holy book named “Sripada srivallabha charitramrutam“.

A living being takes many births in the process of evolution. It may be born as a female in some births, and as a male in some other births. It may also be born as an animal or a bird instead of a human.

Our First case is that, “If a man have physical relation with four or five females in a lifetime, then he will be born as a female in the next birth.

If the physical desires and urges of those four or five females are not destroyed, they will take birth as males and have physical indulgence with that female.”

Another case is of Mandodari from Ramayana, who was born as a male in one of her past births.

“As a male in that life, he had three wives. First one was fickle-minded wife, second was a cruel wife and third was a gentle-natured wife.

During Ramayana, Mandodari was born as female and The fickle-minded wife was born as a monkey under the name Vali, The cruel wife took birth as Ravana and the gentle-natured wife was born as Vibhishana.

First, Mandodari became a wife to Vali and gave birth to Angada.

Afterwards, she became the wife of Ravana.

After the death of Ravana, she became the royal wife of Vibhishana.

She was just exhausting her previous karmas with these three souls.

The prana at different stages when she was the wife of Vali, of Ravana and of Vibhishana were different and varied. Therefore, Mandodari is also a Maha pativrata.”

Note here that Mandodari did not had different husband in same time period, instead she had these partners one after another.

Having multiple partners at same time

So does it mean that is it ok when we are having multiple partners?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

Physical union is a process in which lots of energy is exchanged between both partners.

Lets take a case where a person named Mr. A is having physical relation with Miss B, Miss C & Miss D.

He is having physical relation with these partners at different times i.e. all these partners don’t know each others.

But, as Mr. A is having multiple physical partner, this will result in the energy of all these people getting intermingled with each other.

These people will be able to sense energy of each other, without knowing that where this energy is coming from. When energy of other people gets mixed with our energy, it creates confusion in our mind.

Also if these partners somehow come to know about each other, then obviously they will feel cheated.

So its not a very good idea to have multiple physical partner at same time.

But if you have been at physical distance from your current partner for around 1.5 month to 3 month, then their energy decrease considerably in you and thus you will share very less of these energies between these partners.

If you know the higher energy clearing techniques as we teach in our inner work program, then it further clears energies of all past lovers from your energetic system.

What to do if you feel attracted to someone?

Then what should be done if you are attracted to someone other than your current partner.

First of all let us make clear that we are neither promoting physical relation outside your current relationship, nor are we against it.

We are only trying to educate about the optimal way to deal with this attraction.

Physical desire is the most powerful desire in this universe.

So in case you are having this attraction for someone outside your committed relationship then you can try to surrender this attraction and desire to divine, by saying a prayer similar to “O, Lord, I surrender this energy of attraction to you, please clear it.”

This prayer might clear this energy of attraction and you may feel relieved.

If this attraction comes again then you can repeat the same prayer each time.

You can also learn advanced techniques in our inner work program that help you channel your energy.

But in case the attraction is becoming unbearable then its up to you to decide how to proceed next.

Is it ok to have sex with twin flame?

So lets come to the most asked question that is it ok if you get physical with your twin flame?

Once again, The answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends from case to case.

If you or your twin flame have active physical partners then its not a very good idea to get physically involved with your twin flame as it will result in exchange of energy and it will also hurt feelings of all people involved.

Its better to sort your partner commitment with the help of inner work first.

If both you and your twin flame are not in active physical relation with any partners then it is an ideal situation.

Still its better to do inner work to clear energy of all past lovers from both of you, across lifetimes.

Last but not the least, If you had already been physically involved with your twin flame or the desire to get physically close to your twin flame is unbearable, then all we can say is that its better to not take any guilt, and instead its time to start doing inner work to sort out your relationship commitments with any existing partners.

Whatever may be the case, Inner work is still necessary to sort everything out for highest good of all.


So, in short, having multiple partners is not a very optimal way energetically, but if you already are having multiple partners then its time to get started on the path of inner work to get more clarity for your ongoing life.

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What are inner work components? | 100% Tested

inner work components


What are inner work components?

Is meditation known as inner work, or is there more to it? Let’s talk more about this in and try to understand what are inner work components.

By the end of this post, you will know all the major tools that help in speeding up the union process of twin flames.

Tinku & Tina

Lets take example of a real twin flame couple Tinku and Tina to understand this.

If you want to know more about this couple then you can see video series below.

Reiki healing attunement

If you have seen our last few posts then you already know a lot about Tinku and Tina.

Tinku was totally unaware of the spirituality, while Tina had few experiences with Yoga, Past life Regression, healings, Mantra chanting and meditation.

Tina was suffering due to her past experiences in this life and due to ancestral karma and she wanted to learn higher spiritual sciences. Tinku knew a spiritual master who can attune Tina for these spiritual sciences.

So both Tinku & Tina went to meet this Spiritual master.

By divine grace some confusion happened and master thought that Tinku and Tina have come to learn Reiki healing.

And So master initiated both of them in Reiki healings.

This was the first of the inner work components.

Past Life Regression

Tinku was new to energy healing and through Reiki and he was able to help Tina by sending her these healing.

At first Tinku felt that he can solve all problems of Tina by sending her healing, but soon he realized that only sending her healing is not solving all issues.

There were patterns from past births of Tina that need to be healed as well.

So he consulted spiritual master again and it came up that Tinku can learn Past Life Regression, which will enable him to heal Tina more deeply by healing hurtful patterns and relationships from past births.

This was the second of the inner work components.

Note: We are not saying that inner work components like Reiki or any energy healing are not useful. They are useful, but they have there own limits and they have to be supplemented with other healing methods.

Also note that harmony between twin flames is only possible when all major karma from past births are healed as well.

All people in your present life who are hurting you, were also some how related to in your previous births.

All these relations needs to be neutralized in order to get into harmony with your twin flame.

Higher Meditative practices

By using past life regression sessions, Tinku was able to heal many patterns and behaviors of Tina.

He was healing others, but his own spiritual progress was not happening.

Tina was also not able to follow all guidance that she was receiving from regression sessions, because these guidance required Tina to take some decisions which were only possible when she reaches a higher spiritual state.

As all of this was going on, stress increased for Tinku and Tina due to their existing partners and they both had to separate.

Tinku was shocked that despite all his effort, he could not stay in touch with Tina.

Tinku asked his master following question-

Tinku: “Master, why do I have to face separation from Tina?”

Master: “Tinku, the karmic baggage of Tina is very heavy.

You have to raise your level of spiritual progress, so that you can also get Tina out of her karmic entanglements with her current partner and life situations.”

Tinku: “Master, is it possible that I can make spiritual progress while staying in touch with Tina?”

Master: “Tinku, yes its possible, but then your progress will be slow.

If you stay in touch with her then due to repeated happening stressful events, it will take you around 10 years to achieve same results, which you could otherwise achieve in 2 years by staying at a distance from her.

Plus continuous stress will deteriorate her well being as stress is not good for her mental health.

It is time for Tapa for you.”

Tinku was able to understand situation that he is not abandoning Tina, but he is just staying at a distance from her, so that he can raise his spiritual level and help her energetically.

And to handle his own emotional state, Tinku got initiated in higher meditative practices from his spiritual master.

It is said that a soul takes 10,000 years to attain Krishna Consciousness, but by using these higher meditative practices in a systematic and disciplined way, a soul can attain same results very fast, and sometimes in just one life time.

This was the third and major one of the inner work components.

Energy Clearing Techniques

Higher meditative practices were changing his consciousness at very fast speed.

And with divine grace, he also discovered few tools that helped in connecting with the soul aspect of Tina and to clear her energy as well.

These tools are know as energy clearing tools.

With higher meditative practices, Tinku came to realize that he too have a lot of ancestral karmic baggage to release.

These energy clearing tools helped him to clear this baggage that was coming to surface as a result of following higher meditative practices.

It became like a perfect combination.

Practice of Higher kriyas helped him in getting karmic baggage to surface and energy clearing tools cleared that baggage in similar way like we clear dirt from the surface of our floor by wiping it with broom.

With this discovery, he went ahead and experimented with lots of energy clearing tools and understood the usage of them.

It helped in healing certain wounds magically in an instant, and it accelerated his spiritual progress at a much faster pace.

In addition, these energy clearing tools also helped him to clear baggage of Tina and also Trigger her awakening, even without getting in contact with her.

This was the fourth of the inner work components.

Diplomacy by Life coaching

Tinku was progressing spiritually due to higher meditative practices.

Tina and his family members were not able to follow same meditative practices as there time had not come yet to learn these tools.

As Tinku was rising in consciousness, his next challenge was to learn to handle people who are not on his same level of understanding.

So his master taught him the art of Life Coaching.

With Life Coaching, Tinku was able to guide a person through their current life situations without even advising or suggesting, or without even getting effected by the energy of others.

Shielding yourself from energy of others is very important, as otherwise we get entangled in their karma, which ultimately delays our own karma clearing and thus delays harmony with our twin flame.

Tinku understood that when he will meet Tina after this separation period is over, then it will take some time for Tina to rise to same level of spiritual progress as Tinku.

He knew that, Tina will think of him as the same old Tinku, but in reality Tinku had changed very much due to his inner work.

So to handle Tina and other people around him in a tactful manner, Tinku equipped himself with the art of life coaching.

This was the final inner work components.


Tinku learned inner work components like Reiki Healing, Past Life Regression, Higher meditative practices & Life coaching and he was finally able to get in contact with Tina by practicing these tools for around couple of years.

Note here that the inner work he did was specific to twin flame journey.

There were many other tools that Tinku kept on learning even after their reunion, because learning never stops.

Even Tina started to follow Inner work routine taught by Tinku and with the help of higher meditative practices and other tools, she was able to raise higher in her understanding and thus finally she was able to get out of her attachments.

What is Twin Flame inner work?

As for tooth problem, you go to a Dentist & for skin problem, you go to a skin specialist, similarly for twin flame journey, its better to do a inner work that is specifically designed for twin flame journey.

If you want to accelerate your journey of harmony with your twin flame, then you can see details of our online twin flame inner work program, which is specific to twin flame journey.

Link of program can be found in description of this video.


If you have any questions or comments about this topic then leave them in the comment section of this video.

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The link to the telegram channel and link to our programs can be found in the description below.

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Thank you so much for watching and we see you next time.

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