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having multiple partners


In this article, we will talk about what happens when we are having multiple partners.

By the end of this article you will know a free tool that can clear physical attraction toward others.

Why we feel attracted to someone?

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In our video on past lovers, we mentioned that Past lovers are all those souls with whom we had intense relation, most probably sexual relation, in this life or in some previous lifetime.

These are the people to whom we get attracted automatically. Their presence around us gets our attention in a positive way.

We may feel physical attraction for such a person whenever they appear in your life.

What is need of having multiple partners?

Let’s understand this with some examples from a holy book named Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam.

A living being takes many births in the process of evolution. It may be born as a female in some births, and as a male in some other births. It may also be born as an animal or a bird instead of a human.

Our First case is that, “If a man have physical relation with four or five females in a lifetime, then he will be born as a female in the next birth.

If the physical desires and urges of those four or five females are not destroyed, they will take birth as males and have physical indulgence with that female.”

Another case is of Mandodari from Ramayana, who was born as a male in one of her past births.

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“As a male in that life, he had three wives. First one was fickle-minded wife, second was a cruel wife and third was a gentle-natured wife.

During Ramayana, Mandodari was born as female and The fickle-minded wife was born as a monkey under the name Vali, The cruel wife took birth as Ravana and the gentle-natured wife was born as Vibhishana.

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First, Mandodari became a wife to Vali and gave birth to Angada.

Afterwards, she became the wife of Ravana.

After the death of Ravana, she became the royal wife of Vibhishana.

She was just exhausting her previous karmas with these three souls.

The prana at different stages when she was the wife of Vali, of Ravana and of Vibhishana were different and varied. Therefore, Mandodari is also a Maha pativrata.”

Note here that Mandodari did not had different husband in same time period, instead she had these partners one after another.

Having multiple partners at same time

So does it mean that is it ok when we are having multiple partners?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

Physical union is a process in which lots of energy is exchanged between both partners.

Lets take a case where a person named Mr. A is having physical relation with Miss B, Miss C & Miss D.

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He is having physical relation with these partners at different times i.e. all these partners don’t know each others.

But, as Mr. A is having multiple physical partner, this will result in the energy of all these people getting intermingled with each other.

These people will be able to sense energy of each other, without knowing that where this energy is coming from. When energy of other people gets mixed with our energy, it creates confusion in our mind.

Also if these partners somehow come to know about each other, then obviously they will feel cheated.

So its not a very good idea to have multiple physical partner at same time.

But if you have been at physical distance from your current partner for around 1.5 month to 3 month, then their energy decrease considerably in you and thus you will share very less of these energies between these partners.

If you know the higher energy clearing techniques as we teach in our inner work program, then it further clears energies of all past lovers from your energetic system.

What to do if you feel attracted to someone?

Then what should be done if you are attracted to someone other than your current partner.

First of all let us make clear that we are neither promoting physical relation outside your current relationship, nor are we against it.

We are only trying to educate about the optimal way to deal with this attraction.

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Physical desire is the most powerful desire in this universe.

So in case you are having this attraction for someone outside your committed relationship then you can try to surrender this attraction and desire to divine, by saying a prayer similar to “O, Lord, I surrender this energy of attraction to you, please clear it.”

This prayer might clear this energy of attraction and you may feel relieved.

If this attraction comes again then you can repeat the same prayer each time.

You can also learn advanced techniques in our inner work program that help you channel your energy.

But in case the attraction is becoming unbearable then its up to you to decide how to proceed next.

Is it ok to have sex with twin flame?

So lets come to the most asked question that is it ok if you get physical with your twin flame?

Once again, The answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends from case to case.

Can You Fall In Love With Someone Youre Not Physically Attracted To

If you or your twin flame have active physical partners then its not a very good idea to get physically involved with your twin flame as it will result in exchange of energy and it will also hurt feelings of all people involved.

Its better to sort your partner commitment with the help of inner work first.

If both you and your twin flame are not in active physical relation with any partners then it is an ideal situation.

Still its better to do inner work to clear energy of all past lovers from both of you, across lifetimes.

Last but not the least, If you had already been physically involved with your twin flame or the desire to get physically close to your twin flame is unbearable, then all we can say is that its better to not take any guilt, and instead its time to start doing inner work to sort out your relationship commitments with any existing partners.

Whatever may be the case, Inner work is still necessary to sort everything out for highest good of all.


So, in short, having multiple partners is not a very optimal way energetically, but if you already are having multiple partners then its time to get started on the path of inner work to get more clarity for your ongoing life.

References: Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam

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