From overcoming obsession to Wedding

From overcoming obsession to Wedding

I started dating my boyfriend in 2015 and it was the most beautiful relationship that I knew of.

It turned into a long distance in 2018 and became more and more difficult when we couldn’t meet till this year.

Meanwhile my feelings for a colleague grew so strong that I started feeling guilty.

When I spoke to someone about it, I felt they didn’t understand what I was going through.

Even though I had hardly talked to this colleague, I used to get his dreams that felt so realistic and I didn’t understand how to get over the powerful attraction.

After denying it for a year, I accepted it, opened up to my boyfriend. We continued to make our relationship work but, having strong opposition from parents, long distance and my guilt made it hard for me to continue the relationship and I started believing that I am meant to be with my colleague and that’s why I am unable to overcome the attraction.

Last year, I gave inner work a try and within three months, I stopped feeling any connection to this colleague. I felt powerful and overcame my guilt as I became more accepting towards myself.

After finishing 6 months of inner work and guidance from Yogi Buddhadeva, I realized how strong my love with my former boyfriend has been and how secure I felt with him.

Without making any special efforts, I got a job in his country and we connected again. As I had overcome my self-hating nature and I felt sure about this relationship, I have my best to this renewed opportunity of being with my boyfriend.

My parents turned from disowning me to coming to our wedding two weeks back. The friends who I had lost complete contact with because of misunderstandings, somehow came back and expressed how much they value me.

I am not able to express how grateful I am that I gave this inner work a try. Here I was not judged. Every feeling was acknowledged and I was supported throughout.

They didn’t advice me what I should do and but have me tools to help myself and blessed me because of which I overcame so many of my shadows.

Thanks to Param Sir and Ritu mam.

Note from Admin

This student started her Inner work for Twin Flame journey with Basic Inner Work 1 program.

She has successfully learned higher kriyas from Basic Inner work 2 and she also became a certified Chakra Healer.

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  1. Heartiest congratulations and God bless u both for coming futue.
    Ur story is an inspiration for all students who are doing inner work. What we need is only trust. And u do that and divine had helped u.
    God bless u

  2. Many many congratulations to both of you. May God bless you both with all happiness and prosperity. Your story is very inspiring and has given us hope and confidence to move ahead with our inner work.


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