‘A Second Chance Therapy Session’ – Miss R

Past Life Regression Session at Yogasth

How she released seven years of mental and emotional stress.

Miss R had a very stressful life for around 7 years.
She was being forced by her parents and by her relatives to get married but as she had seen the failed marriages of her parent and her elder sister, so she was not very keen to get married.So the stressful process begun. She was stressed by her parents and by her relatives everyday. She belonged to a small village in Punjab where it is a normal thing to force Women to get married.
She used to work but she was abused daily by her parents as they did not liked her working outside. Even her mother doubted that she has some intimate relation with her brother(her brother is a ‘special’ child).
So over all, she was very stressed out during her stay with her parents. This long term stress caused severe damage to her brain in the form that she is now not able to think much and stays always in confused state.

She finally surrendered to the pressure and got married. But there happened a miracle that to her surprise the man to whom she got married was very supportive. He was the one who supported her and helped her to get out of all the misery that she has been going through. With his help she was out of the stressful situation, but the stress that she had seen for last 7 years had left a mark on her brain. She is now afraid of talking in public as she is afraid that she is unable to understand ongoing conversations and a small amount of stress Triggers anxiety and much more.

So one day she decided to talk with me and it came out that she should go through ‘A Second Chance Therapy’. I took her deep into meditation and then we started to review her current life.

She looked at the instances that happened again and again in her life and then we tried to find the source of these instances. The first message that she got was

**Don’t take life too seriously**

She also had this pattern that she liked this when some guests come to her place but soon she started to feel irritated. We looked into her Memories and found out that she was carrying this pattern from her older sister. Her older sister used to hide in closet when someone used to come to their place. As Miss R was very young at that time so she inherited this trait from her elder sister unknowingly. So the next message that she got was:

**Don’t follow others blindly**

Next we looked into other issues in her life and we got this answer that:

**Don’t listen to others so seriously, it’s their opinion not yours, live your life your way**

She remembered an incident that at the age of 5 she had a swear attack, that while crying she was unable to get back to her senses and thus she collapsed. She was hospitalized and she was nearly dead. So I asked that what is the purpose of her coming back to this world and we got this message:

**Moksha, Meditation, Dhayana**

It was a wonderful session. It took us around 3 hours to finish this but the results were amazing. A lot of trauma healed that day.

After session:
After the session, now she is in a state that she starts crying any time in a day. You may ask WHY?

Let me Explain with an example. If we have frozen water in pipes, and then we start melting it, the water starts to come out of pipe, similarly its the frozen suppressed emotions in her brain that were touched and melted by the therapy session. These emotions are coming out now.

After crying, she feels relaxed, because her brain is getting lighter and lighter with every crying session.

She had joined our Meditation group to heal everything faster.

May God bless her.

Thank you WaheGuru ji.

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