A Second Chance Therapy – Miss M3 min read

Past Life Regression

Miss M finds freedom.

She lives in semi joint family. Her kids are friendly but her husband is not emotionally connected. In fact he is verbally abusive. In-laws are also not very supportive.
Her life pattern is such that there is an emptiness with no bonding with anyone, very less friends and even lesser understanding with anyone. She remains in anxiety, tension and could not sleep.

So her focus was that how can she change her situation in positive manner?
How can She satisfy other people in her life?

We started with the session and soon she was deeply relaxed.

She saw that a person with white robe, asking her to come with her. She felt love from him.

But suddenly she jumped into another scene where she saw herself as a girl holding a small home made of mud and waiting for someone. She was singing the song of God. People in her surrounding were gathering near her. It seemed that she is waiting for someone to complete her.(Symbolizes: Emptiness)

Then next scene came where it was night time and bombs were being throne over her village. She was scared and felt alone here.(Symbolizes: Fear)

Next she moved into another scene where she saw a Trident and hand bracelet of gold. There was a snake and one man was sitting in front of that Snake was sitting alone and then the man was doing Meditation(Sadhana)(Symbolizes: Need to meditate and go into spiritual practices)

Next, I took her to meet her inner child but something strange happened there. She saw darkness and it took her inner child and ran away. She tried to run after her but the darkness was too fast and it took her inner child away.(Symbolizes: Suppressed inner child)

Then she moved into another scene where she saw her self being pushed out of her current home. Her family was abandoning her. She took her kids with her. She saw herself wearing orange(yogi) clothes. She felt like she is free finally and is leaving for the mountains with her kids. Then she saw herself in white gown, with white flowers. Her kids were happy, she was happy and there was happiness all over. (Symbolizes: Freedom and happiness)

Finally we tried to find the reason that is blocking her happiness. She found herself in a closed room where it felt like she was captured. She used to bang her head against the wall and finally managed to get out of the room. But soon after the escape, she died.
Then she went into a light and was welcomed on the other side as a soul. Her father showed up and he greeted her. There was someone else who was sitting on horse and that person came near to her. She was a little bit afraid so she tried to hide behind his father. The person on the horse asked her to come with her. She took his hand and went with him. Both of them created a separate world. There was a small house and she was very happy. But one day the man left and did not come back.
A Darkness started to sit outside the door of her home and her husband was on the other side of the darkness. She waited and waited there. In the wait, she became old but still she could not get out and Darkness was laughing at her. So finally she decided to fight the darkness. She fought and won and then she went and got united with her husband on the other side.(Symbolizes: Fight with the weakness in yourself)

This was a wonderful session with so many scenes that came one after another. She again and again saw the same pattern that she is being suppressed by some force in all the scenes.

And how did happiness came to her life?
Happiness came when she decided to fight the darkness, suppression.