Workshop – Gym Meditation Training2 min read

About Program

Aim of program:

The program aims at making participants aware of the science behind efficient, minimal and sustainable weight training.

It then integrates the importance and value of Meditation in dealing with mental/emotional issues that weakens their discipline and can can also help them in becoming stress free, calm, energetic and lead a fearless, blissful and wisdomful life.

Opportunity to Learn:

  • The science behind weight training and muscle building
  • How to burn fat with minimal cardio?
  • How lifting minimal weights can result in massive fat burn?
  • Efficient and sustainable weight training methods.
  • How to adjust your diet and build muscle with the home-diet that is available to you easily(Vegetarian diet).
  • How Meditation can be a part of gym routine?
  • How Meditations can help in learning these concepts in five-times lesser time?
  • How Meditations can heal any self discipline issues?

Expected audience:

  • You are a layman who want to understand the science behind weight training so that you can train yourself and at the same time know that what you are doing with yourself.
  • You are a working professional having very less time for exercise.
  • Your age is 30+, 40+ or 50+ and lifting heavy weights or doing longer workouts is no longer feasible.
  • You want to know which Indian home diet(e.g. Parantha, dals, milk) can help in building muscles.
  • You are a women who think weight training is only for men.
  • You travel most of the time and thus can not have a personal trainer.
  • You want a workout routine that you can sustain for years to come.
  • You want to get out of the mental blocks that make you lazy, for e.g.:
    • Poor Self discipline.
    • Can’t exercise alone.
    • Low Self Esteem.
    • Overwhelming day to day commitments.
    • People eating up your time.
    • OR Any other psychological issues(i.e. Issues related to the mental and emotional state) that stops you from being a regular gym person.

A two hour workshop.

Date: Sunday, 4th June 2017
Time: Morning 11:00 A.M.  – 1:00 P.M.

Note: Please book your seat in advance(subject to availability)

Energy Exchange:  Rs 1000/person