Twin Mr. K***L Awakens1 min read

Twin Soul Awakening

Mr. K***L meet his twin soul

He tried the ‘Meet your twin’ meditation and asked following questions from his twin and got these answers.

He: Where are you located?

She: In your home town.

He: How old are you?

She: 26-27(I should mention that he is around 38 years old)

He: When will you meet me?

She: In 3-4 years.

After this meditation, he came to our center another day. I was in a mood of taking a guided meditation session. So I asked him to join the group and go through the meditation. I asked everyone to think of a question and we will try to find an answer.

His question was that even though he his married and have a family, still,  why he feels incomplete. When will he be satisfied?

During the meditation, he received following items: A clock, A Mirror and a Tie.

My interpretation is following:

  • Clock represents that his time is arriving,
  • Mirror represents that he will meet his mirror soul(i.e. twin soul),
  • and Tie represents that there will be celebration.

So, his time is coming soon to meet his twin soul and have celebration.

God bless him and give him the strength to go through the twin soul process.