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A Spiritual Man – My Journey

I met someone 2 years back. That person told me that their was a prediction by a Tarot reader that a Spiritual Man will enter his/her life.

At that time I had no idea what was meaning of spirituality. I thought that gathering knowledge from here and there, reading nice quotes, going to Gurudawara/temple and similar activities are considered as spirituality.

Later, I came to know that there is whole science that helps in expansion of consciousness. Following the scientific practices to raise consciousness is the motive of spirituality.

Today, With the grace of Lord and under guidance of my guru ji, Yogi BuddhaDeva, I had completed one full year of following those spiritual practices(Kriya Kundalini Yoga).

Time and situations converted a hardcore gym-er and a software engineer(me 🙂 ), to a spiritual man, who now even finds it hard to go to gym(but is managing the routine somehow).

The prediction became true.