Past Life Regression of Mr J1 min read



Mr J had fear of insecurity in every new work he started and in every decision that he made.

So I took him back into current lifetime.

We started review of this life time and found something amazing when he reached the time when he was in his mother’s womb. He could feel the pain of his mother and was able to see the nurses and doctors taking her to delivery room.

Immediately after delivery he got very sick and so he was kept in a glass box for his treatment.He could recognize the roof of the hospital and could see his elder sisters, doctors, nurses, but could not see his mother. He was separated from her mother for 15 days. This pain of separation from his mother created feeling of insecurity in him.

When he saw that scene, he started crying like a baby and was calling for her mother like mama mama mama. After few minutes of crying he calmed down.

Then I progressed him to the around 15 days ahead where he was able to be with his mother. Meeting his mother made him calm, relax and he was in the state of bliss. I left him there as he wanted to stay with his mother. He stayed there for few minutes and then I guided him back into current time.


It seems that the separation from his mother at birth time created an insecurity in the child that was being carried on till date. It is healed now as he gave me his review that the insecurity does not exist anymore.

God bless him.