Past Life Regression of Mr. D – Guilt and Hurt2 min read


Healing Guilt.

Generally people have a tendency to make an em-path feel guilty. By making you feel guilty they can get all those tasks done, which otherwise you will never do.

So, he was suffering from similar guilt and hurt. People used o take advantage of him by making him feel guilty.

So I took him back in time.

A few years back he saw one of his friends with whom he was breaking his relation as the relation was not very pleasant one. – Feeling of Guilt.

Then I took him to his time of marriage. He was confused. His wife seemed happy but he was not ready for the marriage. – Feeling of Guilt.

Took him to school time where he had hit a boy in self defense. The boy started crying. – Feeling of Guilt.

Another movement came where he was standing on the rooftop and his mother asked him to drop the keys. He threw the keys and the keys hit the head of another woman who was standing near his mother. She fainted due to the impact. – Feeling of Guilt and Fear.

While playing with his father, he accidentally burnt his father clothes a little bit due to firecrackers. His father said that there is nothing to worry but he felt – Feeling of Guilt.

Then we moved on further back when he was around 8 years old and was going to market with his elder sister. A man followed them and passed lewd comment to his sister. At that moment he felt scared and so did his sister. Both of them ran toward home. – Feeling of Guilt, Hurt, Anger.

Then we went back to the age of 5. While playing with kids he accidentally hit the kid near his eyes. The kids got saved but he had – Feeling of Guilt and Fear.


Repeatedly he had felt Guilt and Anger through out his life. And the pattern was still going on. People were still making him feel guilty and were making him to do things that he never wanted to do.

In this Past Life Regression Session, he reviewed this life time and realized that that he has been following  this pattern for very long. Understanding his behavior gave him wisdom and strength to break this pattern.

Follow up:

After few days from session, he reported that he is finally free from the Guilt from which he was suffering for so long 🙂

God Bless Him.