(Hindi) How to handle unsolicited advice? | अवांछित सलाह | Jnana Param

(Hindi) How to handle unsolicited advice? | अवांछित सलाह


In this Hindi video Jnana Param conducts a session on “How to handle unsolicited advice”.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Who is suffering from unsolicited advice?
24:44 Meditation to heal unsolicited advice
48:15 Post meditation sharing of insights
49:50 – How you will not advice or suggest?
50:30 – 360 Degree Power Routine
51:49 – Maya Experience of 360 Degree Power Routine
53:30 – If we are already married
56:00 – Participant question regarding Twin Flame
58:21 – Free Twin Flame Journey Tools
1:00:00 – Next Birth
1:02:45 – How to heal ancestral karma


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