(Hindi) Is it ok to contact my twin flame? | Jnana Param1 min read

(Hindi) Is it ok to contact my twin flame? | Jnana Param


In this Hindi video, Jnana Param answers this question that “Is it ok to contact my twin flame?”, even if he is married or he has blocked you.


The answer to this question depends on the guidance that you receive from time to time from the soul of your Twin Flame.

You can use our free Meditation Session ‘meet your twin’, to connect with soul of your Twin Flame and receive day to day guidance for your journey. See link of it in description of this video.

So if soul of your twin flame provides guidance and ask you to send love or kind words to your physical twin flame, then you can go ahead and message or talk to him .

Otherwise if you are not getting any answer right now then may be its not right time to contact him.

Instead you can use this time wisely to grow yourself by doing your inner work.

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